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Carl Turbitt
Carl Turbitt

ABB’s Carl Turbitt explains how it’s never been easier to quickly and cost-effectively plug the knowledge gaps in your organisation – all it needs is an hour of your time.

Every day is a school day, right? Except when it’s a data centre day, a retail space day, an office day, or even a tunnel ventilation day. In fact, anywhere you’ll find HVAC systems with pumps, fans and motors that drive them.

Plugging knowledge gaps and levelling up skills within an organisation is important but finding the time to do this is not always easy. In response, ABB has developed a suite of HVAC Lunch ‘n’ Learn training courses to help engineers, consultants and energy/facility managers and operators to better understand how the use of variable speed drives (VSDs) can transform the efficiency of HVAC services in buildings. All that is required is a laptop/tablet, an internet connection, and an hour of your time.

The courses cover a broad range of subjects, from introductory courses providing a fundamental understanding of VSDs and how they cut energy consumption in buildings, to more specialised courses dealing with applications such as data centres and tunnel ventilation. Each course can be undertaken at a customer facility, an ABB facility, or remotely.

Courses available include:

Introduction to HVAC drives: A beginner’s guide to VSDs, the benefits including their energy saving potential, how to spot suitable applications and the implications for building regulations. More advanced courses are also available.

Demystifying EC motors: An exploration of the pros and cons of EC fans vs VSDs in HVAC applications, explaining what to look for when specifying or choosing the right solution.

Harmonics in drive systems: An introduction to harmonics – what they are, how they are caused, and how they can be mitigated when using HVAC drives.

Improving data centre cooling efficiency with HVAC drives: An exploration of how drives can be used to save energy in cooling applications, taking into account various issues unique to data centres, e.g. legislation, infrastructure, power quality, etc.

Specifying variable speed solutions for tunnel ventilation: An introduction to tunnel ventilation, covering the applicable industry standards and challenges commonly encountered on projects, and how HVAC drive features can support tunnel ventilation requirements.

In addition to the Lunch ‘n’ Learn courses, hands-on training is available covering a wide range of subjects relating to VSDs and electric motors. Bespoke courses, tailored to the specific needs of a particular group, company, industry or application, are also available on request.

For more information about ABB’s HVAC training courses, including bespoke training for consultants, contact me at carl.turbitt@gb.abb.com, or visit https://bit.ly/3k1IKcp.

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