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James Cooper, Product Manager at ebm-papst UK looks at how to improve BMS Solutions

Energy utilities make up about 70% of an average building’s operating cost. Commercial buildings with a traditional BMS can waste up to 50% of total energy consumed due to outdated systems with limited capabilities.

One of the main issues is how to improve BMS solutions without spending vast sums of time and money on updating the front ends. Traditional systems are becoming outdated considering today’s technological advances. They quickly reach their limits for providing the information to run and maintain a building’s ever-changing demands. Apart from monitoring basic HVAC assets, traditional BMS lack the ability to accommodate feedback from modern sensors which could extend the BMS functionality. 

Making your existing BMS future proof is an option that has become more achievable with the advent of IOT. New battery powered sensors can be installed without the need for intrusive cabling and can be connected to the BMS or straight into the cloud. Combining your building’s system with the world of usable data opens the door to more added value, increased productivity, smart energy usage, better occupancy health and new business models.

ebm-papst neo, can help commercial building managers create value from data with their data-driven, complete building management platform – Building Connect.  Building Connect is a platform that can securely integrate existing and new equipment with ease, standardising and translating between various protocols and systems.

In principle, almost any control system can be connected to the cloud through the Building Connect platform. This vendor agnostic cloud-native solution gathers data from existing assets, such as lighting, HVAC and building controls, analyses them and turns the findings into value-creating actions. Algorithms learn from user behaviour, building characteristics and environmental conditions to create an optimised indoor ecosystem.

Room plans are used to create a digital twin of the building on the platform providing a holistic picture of how the building operates and the energy it uses. Furthermore, it provides the ability to view multiple buildings in a portfolio and benchmark them without hours and hours of interrogation, even if they run on different operating systems.

If the Building Connect platform is linked to an existing BMS you are effectively providing the system with a new, Internet-capable brain. It can optimise data and offers the capability to turn a rigid system into an intelligent real-time control system. Customers receive direct access to their data, so they can keep an eye on what is happening – in real-time!

ebm-papst neo’s Building Connect platform break the chains of your existing BMS whilst future proofing the Buildings IOT capabilities, ensuring a Smart future for Building Management.

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James Cooper is Product Manager at ebm-papst UK

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