Product showcase: U-Tube Radiant Heater

Combat U-Tube radiant heater

Combat Heating Solutions, Europe’s leading developer and manufacturer of energy efficient radiant and warm air heating systems,  introduce you to U-Tube radiant heat configuration as part of their radiant tube heating range.

The U-Tube radiant heater has reduced wiring costs due to the proximity of the fan to the burner.

Additional heater features include effective deep-dish aluminium reflectors (stainless steel optional) and durable, heat-treated aluminised tube. This negative pressure unitary heater offers adaptable designs with linear, double linear or u-tube configurations. These radiant heaters can be designed with multiple burners per pump to help reduce installation time and cost. The U-tube radiant heater has reduced wiring costs due to the proximity of the fan to the burner. The double linear radiant heater has reduced building penetrations due to a single fan.

With a wide range of burner inputs and tube lengths, complete low-intensity, unitary radiant heaters can be ideal for vehicle service centres, auto body repair shops, manufacturing facilities and offer flexibility for hot spot hating applications where only small areas of a building require direct heat.

The combination is gentle even heat results in one of the most efficient and effective gas-fired, low intensity, Radiant Heating systems in the industry today.

The main benefits include, longer life provided by durable components such as heat-treated aluminised tubing, easy installation with quick fix coupling and suitability for most applications due to a wide range of burner inputs and tube lengths, as well as no wasted heat, high efficiency aluminium reflector, fast response times and longer life heat treated tubing.

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