Pre-school nurseries enjoy the benefits of underfloor heating

school building
Dame Janet School in Ramsgate is one of five pre-school nurseries on the Isle of Thanet for which Robbens is supplying underfloor heating systems.
Underfloor heating systems in five new pre-school nurseries in the Isle of Thanet are providing safe heating without the use of cumbersome and costly LT radiators and without taking up wall space. All the buildings are single-storey construction with areas of about 80 m2. They generally comprise a large playroom and a range of support facilities, including kitchen, staff room and toilets. The systems were installed by Grummant HPS of Ramsgate, whose Lee Grummant says, ‘Safety is a paramount concern with a school building, particularly for nursery and reception classes and their tiny occupants. Robbens underfloor heating meets the DSE standards for low surface temperatures without the need for cumbersome and costly LST radiators and also takes up no wall space , which is always at a premium in school classrooms. ‘There is completely unimpeded access to all areas, and any wet areas in the toilets or changing room will dry out much more quickly.’ A concrete floor is used throughout all buildings. Each system is divided into two zones — one serving the main playroom and the other the rest of the building. Each zone has its own thermostat to control the temperature of water from the manifold into the pipework loops in the floor. Out of school hours, a set-back thermostat reduces the temperature by 2 to 3 K.
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