Evaporative cooling takes the heat out of working in the laundry

When uncomfortably high temperatures in this laundry in London became a pressing problem, evaporative cooling was installed to reduce them by up to 15 K.
Unpleasantly high temperatures of around 38°C in a London laundry have been reduced by 10 to 15 K following the installation of a Breezair evaporative cooling system. The system for Bates Laundry in Leyton was specified and installed by Cosaf Environments, exclusive UK distributor for the system. Recently renamed from Royal Jersey Laundry to the Bates Group in memory of the company’s founder Martha Bates, who began the laundry in 1886, the 2800 m2 site employs 180 people, who handle over half a million pieces a week. Although the laundry was fitted with shuttered air vents and large roof fans, the lack of air movement, high temperatures and high humidity made some parts of the laundry uncomfortably hot — especially during the summer. Following a site assessment, Cosaf calculated that seven Breezair coolers from Seeley International would be needed to provide evaporative cooling to the main laundry and ironing area, two coolers for the towel area and one for the separate press room. The units are mounted on the roof, with cooled air distributed via ductwork to grilles in the three areas to expel and replace hot air. The coolers are controlled in groups by the Breezair industrial wall control unit. It has a smart temperature-control algorithm that maintains the indoor temperature to within 0.5 K of setpoint. It also has humidity control, 7-day time clock and comprehensive fault diagnostics to enable the installation to be quickly services. Matthew Pantilin, managing director of Bates Laundry, says, ‘Breezair is an excellent system for a number of reasons. First of all , it uses very little power and water, which is particularly important in a laundry. Secondly, the Breezair coolers are very cost effective to buy. All in all, it is an excellent system.’
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