KNX brings sophisticated control to Sussex home

KNX intelligent building technology controls heating, lighting, blinds and curtains — and the music system — in this Sussex home.
The upgrade and refurbishment of a large home in Sussex includes a substantial extension and the integration of KNX-controlled building-services. products. GES Digital, a systems integrator and a member of KNX UK, was approached by the architect to provide a design proposal for the property, Hidden Streams, using KNX products throughout the property. The brief was to provide control for internal and external lighting, heating, blinds and curtains. The brief also included a multi-room music system. Heating is con­trolled in 12 separate zones. In the older part of the house, traditional radiators are fitted with KNX valve actuators that open and close according to the requirement for heat. In the newer part, the same valve actuators are fittied to the underfloor heating manifold. By measuring the temperature at the switch plate in a room, the valves in it can be opened and closed or partly opened according to the temperature differential measured. Roller blinds and curtains are shut automatically at dusk and opened again under timer control in the morning. The installation includes four pre-set lighting scenes for each room. Touching a button recalls a scene on a gradual fade in. Scenes are easily adjusted via the switch plate in the room and can be permanently stored. Local control of individual lights in some rooms is provided — at the desk in the study, for example, or at the bedside. At exit door and in the master bedroom, there are buttons to shut off all lighting in the house to prevent unnecessary energy use. A music system has been installed to all rooms, with KNX products providing full control of source, volume and tone. Hi-fi speakers in ceilings have an amplifier on their support frame. A simple input device allows the connection of up to eight input sources, including satellite TV and MP3 player docks.
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