The Ideal heating for a care home

Ideal Boilers, space heating, LST radiators
The heating requirements of this care centre for the elderly are provided by Ideal Commercial Heating’s Imax condensing boilers.

The heating requirements of a care centre in Cavendish, Suffolk, are met by six Imax condensing boilers from Ideal Boilers serving LST radiators and underfloor heating. They were installed by KP Evans & Co. of Colchester, which secured the design-and-build refurbishment for the heating, DHW services and above-ground drainage.

Nick Green of KP Evans says, ‘The decision to purchase the Ideal Imax was based on the quality of the boiler, the cost of ancillary components and the country of manufacture. We like to buy British wherever possible. Not only were the Imax boilers the overall best price, but they were also from a UK-based manufacturer. Our project manager Nathan Reay was so impressed with the boilers that we are purchasing two more for a separate development of 28 flats.’

Four Imax W100 wall-hung boilers have been installed in a central plant room serving the main building of Devonshire House and listed suites. The main building is heated by LST radiators.

The Cheshire Suites have standalone heating in a separate plant room, comprising two W45 wall-mounted boilers linked to an underfloor heating system.

KP Evans built a header arrangement for the main building, but installed Ideal’s multiple boiler frame and header kit in the Cheshire Suites as a faster and more cost-effective solution.

The contractor also built a bespoke control system for the main building, including weather compensation and night setback. In the Cheshire Suites, Ideal’s sequencing controller carries out the main control functions, complementing the underfloor heating systems programmable room thermostats and maximising boiler efficiency.

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