BSRIA, BG66, outsourced, maintenance, refurbishment
Dependent on business needs — Clair Prosser.

The what, why and when of procuring maintenance contracts

Guidance from BSRIA is aimed at helping clients, facilities managers and their organisations to understand better the key success factors in procuring maintenance contracts. It promotes ‘cutting-edge’ tender processes and procedures, and supports the development of contract documentation — as Clair Prosser explains

Riello, burners, space heating, DHW, maintenance, refurbishment

Riello replacement burners help drive efficiency for Telereal Trillium

These boilers at a high-profile Government site in Swansea have been given a new lease of life and brought up to the standard of any new boiler on the market with the replacement of their burners with dual-fuel burners from Riello. The site is managed on behalf of Telereal Trillium by Arthur Portelli of Oakbury Building Services Consultants..

ThermOzone, ReChill, chilled water, chiller, maintenance, refurbishment

Chiller refurbishment was quicker and cheaper than installing new plant

ThermOzone’s ReChill service has restored an 85 kW chiller (pictured) serving an office building in the west end of London to full working order for less than 40% of the cost of a new chiller and in a third of the time, just four weeks. Funding from the Carbon Trust contributed £7000 to the cost of the project at Woolverstone House in Berners Street.

Watkins, boiler, hire, space heating, maintenance, refurbishment

Watkins ensure continuity of heating for hospital

In readiness for any failure of its primary boiler system, a major UK hospital has implemented an emergency contingency plan to ensure continuity of heating and hot water to wards, operating theatres and offices. The FM company responsible for the building services on this large site has contracted Watkins Hire to provide a standby system to replace the main boiler in the event of a failure, under the company’s TCEPS (temperature control emergency planning services) scheme.

Dimplex, space heating, electric, maintenance, refurbishment

New electric heating boosts EPC rating

Dimplex’s Quantum off-peak electric heating system has replaced outdated electric storage heaters in an industrial unit on a business park in Ashford, Kent, to improve efficiency and reduce running costs. The new heating system in the headquarters of Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce has raised the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) from F to E, making it compliant with the upcoming 2018 regulations on minimum energy performance standards for commercial buildings.

Albion Valves, space heating, PICV, maintenance, refurbishment
Achieving and maintaining system performance — Paul Wightman.

Enjoying the benefits of retrofit projects

Paul Wightman of Albion Valves shares his enthusiasm for the benefits of a phased approach to upgrading building-services systems such as space heating.

Rinnai, DHW, domestic hot water, maintenance, refurbishment

O’Neil enjoys the Rinnai experience

Heating for St Mary’s Church in Saltcoats is more efficient and effective since the previous system was replaced with Rinnai 1004T gas-fired wall space heaters. Six heaters were installed, and Ross McWhirter, installation manager for O’Neil Gas Services, which installed them, says, ‘The biggest part of the job was lifting the floors and running gas and electricity supplies to the units.’

ICOM Energy Association, commercial water treatment, maintenance, refurbishment
Improved performance for commercial heating systems — Ross Anderson.

Applying best-practice water treatment to commercial heating systems

Historically, commercial heating systems have not received the same level of water treatment as domestic installations. Ross Anderson of the ICOM Energy Association explains why a new best-practice guide should help remedy this situation

Stokvis, domestic hot water, space heating, boiler, maintenance, refurbishment

Stokvis upgrades school heating and domestic hot water

The plant room of a school in Suffolk has been upgraded with the installation of a pair of Stokvis R605 boilers, an Econoplate plate heat exchanger and a 500 l buffer vessel to provide the school with all its heating and domestic hot water for washrooms, showers and catering. Westley Middle School in Bury St Edmunds has 468 pupils aged nine to 13 and hosts some 60 clubs each week, both at lunchtime and after school. Activities include basketball, soccer and badminton.

Remeha, boiler, space heating, maintenance, refurbishment

Remeha replaces 43-year-old boilers

Energy savings of 20 to 25% are expected following the installation of five Remeha boilers as part of a major refurbishment of the heating plant serving the Civic Centre complex of Oldham Council. The key requirements for the council when replacing the 43-year-old failing boilers were to improve the reliability of the heating service and reduce operating costs.

Remeha, boiler, space heating, NOx, maintenance, refurbishment
Responding to the ErP challenge — Adrian Morris.

Why it pays to plan ahead

With tighter regulations relating to space heating coming into force in 2018, implementing a proactive boiler replacement programme is more important now than ever, says Adrian Morris of Remeha.

Trilux, lighting, LEDs, maintenance factor, maintenance, refurbishment
Avoiding the over-specification of lighting — Jamie Yates.

Tackling LED lighting maintenance factors head on

Not only is LED lighting much more efficient than other types of lighting, but its maintenance factor is also very different, which affects how LED lighting specifications should be calculated, as Jamie Yates of Trilux explains.

Ideal Commercial Boilers, space heating, maintenance, refurbishment

Ideal Commercial Boilers warns about forthcoming legislation

With less than 12 months to go before the Government’s new energy bill comes into effect, Ideal Commercial Boilers is urging property investors and landlords to act now to get their properties up to standard and avoid lost revenues.

Waterloo, Waterloo Air Products, air conditioning, air distribution, grilles, diffusers, maintenance, refurbishment

Waterloo delivers the air for City refurbishment

A high-end office refurbishment in the City of London is using air terminal devices from Waterloo Air Products to deliver exceptional air flow and enhance the building’s overall style. The Cat A fit-out of 108 Cannon street delivers 3250 m2 of office space over nine floors, complete with a communal roof terrace with panoramic views over London.

Mikrofill, DHW, boilers, space heating, maintenance, refurbishment

Mikrofill upgrades school plantroom

A dilapidation survey at Leasowes High School by Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council led to the upgrading of the inefficient LPHW and HWS equipment. The existing atmospheric heating boilers were replaced with six Mikrofill Ethos 130 kW wall-mounted condensing boilers with an overall 60:1 modulation ratio right down to 13 kW.

CIBSE, refurbishment, Listed building, Cambridge, maintenance

Gothic revival

The energy-efficient upgrade of a Grade I-listed 200-year-old hall of residence at the University of Cambridge sets a new standard for the energy efficient upgrade of the UK’s historic buildings, as Hywel Davies of CIBSE explains.

Zumtobel, LED, lighting, maintenance, refurbishment

Zumtobel illuminates Aberdeen refurbishment

A variety of LED luminaires from Zumtobel form part of a major refurbishment opt the 19 000 m2 H1 office facility, formerly known as Seafield House, in Aberdeen. Lighting controls and emergency lighting from Zumtobel have also been installed.

Hoval, boiler, space heating, replace, maintenance, refurbishment

To refurbish or replace?

When boilers are no longer meeting performance or efficiency requirements, building owners have the choice to refurbish or replace. Kevin Stones of Hoval highlights the key considerations

Andrews Water Heaters, DHW, domestic hot water, maintenance, refurbishment
Prevention is the best treatment — Chris Meir

Get off to the right start with water treatment

With over half of the UK’s mains water supply classed as hard, effective treatment plays an important role in the maintenance regime of any water heating system. Chris Meir of Andrews Water Heaters, explains why investing in water treatment from installation makes financial sense in the long run, and discusses the solutions available.

Panasonic helps create new life for IKEA store

Panasonic’s gas-fired ECO G heat pumps have been used to help provide a new lease of life for a building in Birmingham that was approaching the end of its practical life. It is expected to be demolished in the next four years, but in the meantime has been refurbished to trial IKEA’s ‘Click and Collect’ store concept that is being rolled out across the country.

Electrical Waste, maintenance, refurbishment, WEEE
Finding an effective solution to waste management — Shaun Donaghey.

Taking care of your waste management

Within the building services industry, awareness of, and compliance with the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive is crucial. Many companies deal with their electrical waste effectively, however, there are still a significant number who are either unaware of their obligation, or fail to comply with the law. Shaun Donaghey of Electrical Waste explains the key issues for effective and compliant WEEE management.

Rinnai, DHW, domestic hot water, maintenance, refurbishment

Caravan Club members enjoy the benefits of Rinnai water heaters

The supply of hot water for the Malvern Hills Caravan Club site is now plentiful and consistent following the installation of four Rinnai continuous-flow water heaters to replace two storage water heaters. The site has 210 pitches and is especially busy from Easter right through to October.

Maintenance software can import SFG20 data

The capabilities of the SFG20 standard for building maintenance have been extended with the capability of pulling through the SFG20 data and schedules directly into CAFM (computer-aided facilities management) or CMMS (computerised maintenance management system). Many contractors, building owners and FM managers use such third-party software to schedule and track work.

SCS Group, smoke control, maintenance, refurbishment
Avoiding the smoke-control system failing when you need it most — Olly Lucas.

Controlling the perils of smoke

Fires in buildings can be big news, especially if people die. Smoke control systems can save lives — but only if they are functioning correctly, as Olly Lucas of SCS Group explains.

Mikrofill, boiler, space heating, maintenance, refurbishment

Mikrofill replaces boilers in CHP plant at Bedford Hospital

The replacement of existing CHP plant at Bedford Hospital includes boilers supplied by Mikrofill. The three Ethos boilers each have an output of 130 kW and will primarily serve the hospital’s HWS demand. They are configured to provide heat into the main system when hot-water requirements are at a minimum.

ECEX, Access, rooftop plant, maintenance, refurbishment

Access all areas

Access is critical to the safety of building-services engineers installing and maintaining plant on roofs. But what does this mean in practice? John Grenville of ECEX explains.

EOGB, burner, space heating, maintenance, refurbishment

EOGB supplies burners to update heating system at Ashford International

The latest heating system at Ashford International Railway Station in Kent has Baltur gas burners powering three Remeha sectional boilers to give a total output capability of 3 MW. The burners were supplied by EOGB Energy Products.

Grundfos Pumps, maintenance, refurbishment

Grundfos delivers energy savings that can be banked on

New pumps installed in a large bank in Denmark following an energy audit undertaken by Grundfos have achieved energy savings of 60% in operation. This performance has doubled the return on the required investment and reduced CO2 emissions, making it a sound investment opportunity.

ABM, time based maintenance, condition based maintenance, maintenance, refurbishment
Maintenance when needed — Stuart Marsh.

A new schedule for maintenance — right not regular

Time-based maintenance schedules will almost certainly see equipment over-maintained or, perhaps worse, under-maintained. Stuart Marsh of ABM UK looks at a different approach.

Harvard Technology, LED lighting, control, daylight dimming, maintenance, refurbishment

Making efficient lighting even more efficient

LED lighting offers a highly-efficient alternative to traditional light sources for a range of building types — but without an effective control strategy, energy savings are typically only limited to the short term. Andy Davies of Harvard Technology explains how wireless lighting control systems can pay dividends for facilities managers willing to invest.

NG Bailey, maintenance, refurbishment

Meeting the list of objectives for a listed building

The energy- and carbon-reduction targets for refurbishing two listed buildings in Manchester were very demanding. Andy Bones of NG Bailey gives an insight into how they were achieved.

Smith's, water treatment, limescale, maintenance, refurbishment

Smith’s addresses limescale issues

The OneStop water-conditioning product from Smith’s is designed to tackle the problem of limescale that affects 16 million homes in the UK, particularly in England and Wales. OneStop conditions mains water at the point it enters the home, preventing scale deposits and working on removing existing limescale.

ICS Cool Energy, chiller, air conditioning, maintenance, refurbishment
The key to efficient cooling — Phil Philippou.

Chillers that continue to perform

Applying planned preventative to chillers not only ensure reliable cooling but also energy-efficient cooling, as Phil Philippou of ICS Cool Energy argues.

AET Flexible Space, air conditioning, maintenance, refurbishment, underfloor

London refurbishment features underfloor air conditioning

As part of the full structural reconfiguration and refurbishment of 33 Glasshouse Street in central London, AET Flexible Space supplied underfloor air conditioning. The building has a Grade 2-listed facade and was refurbished to form larger, open-plan floor plates and Cat A office accommodation on floors three to seven.

Salix, LED lighting, maintenance, refurbishment

Salix finances LED lighting upgrade

With the help of a Salix funding agreement, Coleg Cambria (College Of North East Wales) has improved over 490 light fittings, with an expected reduction in electricity consumption of 56% — worth over £11 000 a year. The new LED lighting will also reduce annual maintenance costs by about £6500.

LG, Sugoi, R22, maintenance, refurbishment

LG and Sugoi replace R22 for B&Q stores

Air-conditioning manufacturer LG has worked with contractor Sugoi Solutions on a £1.4 million project for a B&Q R22 refrigerant replacement programme. Air-conditioning equipment in over 250 stores was replaced with new equipment that meets the F gas regulations.

The inside story of clean ductwork

In response to the BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) ‘TR19 Guide to good practice — internal cleanliness of ventilation systems’ Interduct has developed a specialist chemical cleaning method for vertical risers. The method and product have been modified over the last four years, and the team now cleans over 500 risers a year.

Thorn Lighting, LED lighting, maintenance, refurbishment

Thorn provides the ingredients for Papa John’s lighting upgrade

Thorn Lighting has provided a one-stop shop for upgrading the lighting at Papa John’s new headquarters in Milton Keynes. Thorn’s brief was to achieve the upgrade to energy-efficient low-maintenance LED lighting while improving the overall illumination with the required maintained illuminance and 80% uniformity. The target was to providing an overall lighting efficiency for the building of not less than 60 luminaire lumens per circuit watt and provide various lux levels for different areas.

Airdale International Air Conditioning, EC Motors, fan, variable speed control, maintenance, refurbishment
An enthusiast for fans with EC motors — Adrian Trevelyan.

Think EC for easy energy savings

As a simple and cost-effective retrofit with a short payback, replacing fans having AC motors with fans having EC motors is hard to beat — As Adrian Trevelyan explains.

BSRIA, maintenance, business focused maintenance
Directing maintenance resources — Jo Harris.

Prioritising maintenance

With BSRIA recently having updated its guidance to business-focused maintenance, Jo Harris gives an insight into where the concept is now, 12 years on from the original guidance, and how it can be used to prioritise maintenance requirements.

Belimo, actuator, globe valve

Retrofit actuators for almost any globe valve

Belimo’s replacement actuator for globe valves have customisable parameters and are equipped with a universal valve neck and stem adapter. They can be installed quickly and easily on virtually all valves from manufacturers worldwide.

Martindale Electric, electrical testing, voltage test lamp

High-intensity LEDs transform the voltage test lamp

The latest generation of Drummond test lamps from Martindale Electric use high-intensity LEDs for live-voltage indication. Using high-intensity LEDs is said to transform the test lamp by enabling the display of discrete voltages over a 360° viewing angle, even in bright light. Four distinctive bands of LED illumination indicate voltages above 50, 100, 200 and 400 V — rather than trying to judge voltage by lamp brightness.

Energys Group, refurbishment, LED lighting, boiler
Think retrofit for boosting energy efficiency — Kevin Cox.

Enjoying the benefits of energy-efficient retro-fitting

The increasing abundance of retrofit solutions for lighting, heating and other key building systems offers the potential to improve energy efficiency — but without incurring the sometimes intimidating costs associated with entirely new installations, says Kevin Cox of Energys Group.

Airmec, legionella, Legionnaires' Disease
A proper understanding of the risks of legionella — Andrew Steel

The need to know about legionella

The approved code of practice relating to Legionnaires’ Disease is quite specific about the need for training. Andrew Steel of Airmec looks at how much and what kind of training is appropriate.

Keston, boiler, space heating

Independent school enrols more boilers from Keston

Three Keston boilers with a combined output of 165 kW have been installed at Lancing College in West Sussex as part of a refurbishment project to separate an accommodation block from the central boiler room over 50 m away. This independent boarding and day school provides education for boys and girls aged 13 to 18.

Andrews Chiller Hire, chiller

Andrews will keep data centre operational during refurbishment

Andrews Chiller Hire will maintain cooling capability for a telecommunications provider by supplying 1.4 MW of cooling while the in-house chillers are taken off line during a major refurbishment programme. The two chillers will run in series for direct connection to the existing flow and return connections.

Oventrop, DHW, hot water

Oventrop modular HWS generation installed for hotel refurbishment

The refurbishment of the Holiday Inn Express hotel at Edinburgh Airport has its hot-water requirements met by Oventrop Regumaq Cascade units. There are four wall-hung units that heat cold water as required by drawing heat from thermal stores — in this case two electrically heated buffer tanks — through a plate heat exchanger.

Belimo, control valve, pressure independent

Belimo EPIVs help keep leisure centre open during renovation

As part of major renovation of the heating-distribution and complex ventilation system of the Happyland leisure centre in Klosterneuburg, Austria, 45 Belimo EPIVs (electronic pressure-independent control valves, the orange units in the picture) were installed on eight distribution circuits during operation to avoid loss of revenue.

Lochinvar, DHWm hot water

Lochinvar goes Aloft to meet peak DHW demand

Lochinvar has supplied three EcoShield high-efficiency water heaters as part of the refurbishment of one of Liverpool’s most iconic buildings to create the Aloft Hotel. The Grade 2 listed Royal Insurance Building had been disused for over 20 years; The original neo-baroque building dates back to 1896.

Martindale Electric, electrical test kit, boiler, Worcester

Martindale supplies boiler service engineers with testing kits for electrical safety

Martindale Electric has supplied Worcester, Bosch Group with kits to enable its service engineers to prove that installation they are working on in the field are electrically isolated and avoid potentially hazard live voltages. The company has over 300 service engineers across the UK. The VIPD138 safe-isolation kits include a voltage indicate and proving unit.



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