2014 December

M for Maintenance

05 December, 2014

Ken Sharpe considers the new CIBSE Maintenance guide. 

CA Group, transpired solar collector, renewable energy

Just 55 m2 of SolarWall transpired solar collector on the Energy Centre at South Devon College will deliver annual heating savings of over 15 MWH and 3 t of CO2. This installation by CA Group works by preheating outside air before it passes to the building’s heating and ventilation system.

Dimplex, heat pump, renewable energy

Energy-efficient space heating and hot water for 10 eco-friendly log houses at the 5-star Celtic Manor Resort near Newport in Wales are provided by Dimplex air-source heat pumps. Each lodge has four bedrooms and five bathrooms and can accommodate up to eight guests. They also have a sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi. Heating is by underfloor heating.

Kensa Heat Pumps, community heating, renewable energy

How can you bring commercial RHI and other incentives to domestic heating using heat pumps? Chris Davis of Kensa Heat Pumps describes an approach.

Trina Solar, solar PV, renewable energy

This 1 MW solarPV system will power Hitachi Rail Europe’s first train-manufacturing facility in Europe. It is at Newton Aycliffe in County Durham and will comprise 3800 mono-crystalline solar modules from Trina Solar and 28 PowerOne Trio27 inverters. It is being installed by Photon Energy.

Star Renewable Energy, district heating, heat pump, renewable energy

Thinking big about heat pumps

04 December, 2014

Is the belief that heat pumps can only deliver low flow temperatures holding back their use? Dave Pearson of Star Renewable Energy certainly thinks so.

A monastery in West Sussex has installed a 60 kW wood-pellet boiler to supply heating and hot water for the various properties in the complex. The Windhager BioWin Excel boiler has been installed in the plant room of the community building of The Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Crawley Down.

Mitsubishi, heat pump, renewable energy

These Indian rhinos at Edinburgh now benefit from renewable heating for their swimming pool following the replacement of a gas-fired boiler that was coming to the end of its life. The new heating system is based on four Mitsubishi Ecodan air-source heat pumps which will help reduce running costs and emissions by about 30%. This Ecodan cascade system qualifies for the non-domestic RHI, which could see the zoo receiving about £4000 a year for the next 20 years.

Gilberts, natural ventilation, renewable energy

A comfortable environment in a new £44 million school campus will be provided by an innovative ventilation strategy delivered by Gilberts of Blackpool. Inverclyde Council’s Port Glasgow Community Campus has an area of around 1700 m2 and combines two 3-storey high schools and a single-storey school for additional support needs on the one site. The project is expected to achieve a ‘Very good’ BREEAM rating, largely due to the use of natural ventilation provided in a turnkey package by Gilberts.

LG, heat pump, renewable energy

LG’s Therma V monobloc range of air-to-water heat pumps is designed to be installed next to a building. Single-phase units have a heat output from 3 to 16 kW, with a maximum COP of 4.49. There are also three 3-phase units with heat outputs from 12 to 16 kW, again with a maximum COP of 4.49.

Berkshire Agricultural College, wood Chip, biomass, renewable energy

Berkshire Agricultural College has maximised the potential of biomass boilers by growing its own fuel. Tom Woods describes the college’s experiences.

Basepoint Business Centres, renewable energy

Basepoint Business Centres, which has managed business facilities at 30 locations in England and Wales, has agreed a 100% green and renewable electricity supply contract through SSE and Hudson Energy. A number of Basepoint’s buildings include biomass boilers and solar panels.

Priva, BMS, biomass, solar, heat pump, renewable energy

BMS technology from Priva UK plays a central role in overseeing a host of renewable-energy sources at Bicton EaRTH, a specialist training academy in East Budleigh, Devon. The academy delivers plumbing, heating and electrical training and specialises in industry-standard training in renewable technology for installers. Technologies include biomass, solarPV, solar thermal, air-source heat pumps and rainwater harvesting.

CBx, RHI, Renewable Heat Incentive, renewable heat

How effective is the Renewable Heat Incentive? Sophie Chisholm of CBx shares some thoughts.

Smith's Fan Convectors, Hydroflame, maintenance, refurbishment

Focal-point heating for homes with back boilers being replaced in Wandsworth Council’s Edgecombe Hill portfolio of houses is provided by Hydroflame units from Smith’s Fan Convectors. These units can plumb into the existing central heating or provide heat using electricity when the central heating is not on.

Stokvis, DHW, Liverpool University, maintenance, refurbishment

Liverpool University has completed a long-term M&E upgrade that has seen Stokvis plate heat exchangers replace nearly all existing calorifiers used to provide hot water to its buildings. Over the past 10 years, the university has removed old calorifiers, one as big as 3000 l, before they reach the end of their service lives or become uneconomical.

Imtech Inviron, planned maintenance, preventive maintenance, maintenance, refurbishment

Lee Podger of Imtech Inviron assesses best practice in keeping buildings operating at peak energy efficiency through a planned programme of maintenance and refurbishment.

Toshiba Air Conditioning, R22, air conditioning, maintenance, refurbishment

The phase-out of R22 in the EU has been a long time coming. The date should be in the diary of every facilities manager, building owner and contractor, and plans should be laid to ensure continuity of cooling for affected buildings, says David Dunn of Toshiba Air Conditioning.

Rodin, water treatment, legionella, titanium, maintenance, refurbishment

Following testing for the NHS on the mains water supply to a community hospital, Rodin’s titanium advanced oxidation process (AOP) for preventing legionella and other bacteria entering the water system of a building has been installed on several other projects by Skanska. They include the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, a prison and an MoD establishment.

S&S, gas ventilation and interlock system, maintenance, refurbishment

Claridges, the iconic luxury hotel in Mayfair, London, has installed S&S Northern’s gas ventilation and interlock systems in the kitchens of the Banqueting Suite and Pause Restaurant. They were recommended and installed by Gazelle Ventures.

Luxonic, LED lighting, maintenance, refurbishment

In just a few short years LED lighting has transformed the potential for refurbishment projects. Martyn Wherry gives a manufacturer’s perspective.

AHU, leisure centre, maintenance, refurbishment, swimming pool, Weger

Weger Air Solutions has supplied new air-handling and dehumidification equipment for Kennet Leisure Centre in Berkshire The replacement was made necessary by the high levels of moisture and chemicals in the air taking their inevitable toll on the previous equipment.

Honeywell, maintenance, refurbishment

Honeywell’s collaboration with Peterborough City Council to create a framework for cutting energy use while maintaining municipal facilities has won the 2014 award for the best renewable-energy and energy-efficiency initiative from the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE). The council’s energy-efficiency framework enables public authorities, social landlords and educational establishments to take advantage of energy-performance contracting (EPC) — a fast and effective procurement route for projects to help cut utility consumption and costs.

Ideal, boiler, space heating, maintenance, refurbishment

The compact size and uniform width and height of Evomax wall-hung boilers from Ideal Commercial Boilers enabled an existing plant room to be used in the refurbishment of the heating system of the head office of New Forest District Council in Lyndhurst, saving over £30 000 in capital costs by not needing to build a new plant room.

Delmatic, lighting, control, maintenance, refurbishment

Delmatic has upgraded its lighting-managed system at Kew House School in London by expanding, reprogramming and reconfiguring the system to provide differing lighting levels and controls more suited to an educational application. The building was formerly a headquarters office and has been converted to a school for up to 600 pupils aged 11 to 18.

Airmec, water quality monitoring, maintenance, refurbishment

Airmec has won a 3-year contract to monitor the quality of water for domestic use at 25 sites for Avon Fire & Rescue. The company will also be reviewing risks assessments for each site in line with legislation for the control of legionella and pseudomonas and other hazards.

Amazon Filters, side-stream filtration, maintenance, refurbishment

Clean and in working order

04 December, 2014

Side-stream filtration is an effective way of keeping heating and chilled-water systems clean. Keith Wickert of Amazon Filters explains how it works and answers some frequently asked questions.

Bosch, commercial, DHW, water heating, domestic hot water

Continuous-flow water heaters from Bosch Commercial & Industrial Heating are now included on the Energy Technology List, making them eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances. The approval applies to the CWi47 model.

Sontay, controls, sensor, wireless, BMS

Sontay launches an academy

04 December, 2014

Sontay, which specialises in field-control devices, has launched a training initiative called the Sontay Academy.

LG, air conditioning, VRF, training, CPD

LG offers free air-conditioning training courses aimed at contractors They give the opportunity to develop practical and theoretical knowledge of the company’s products. LG can also arrange CIBSE-accredited CPD courses at a specifier’s or architect’s place or work or other chosen location.

CP Electronics, lighting control

Lighting-controls specialist CP Electronics has prepared a comprehensive brochure for its Vitesse Modular range. The modular design of this range enables users to extend a system, adding modules as and when they are needed — for 4- way to 16-way — so that the system provides an extremely cost-effective solution for controlling lighting in commercial, retail and industrial environments.

WF Senatate, electrical accessories, security, LED lighitng

WF Senate, a distributor of electrical supplies and services, has published a new catalogue. Its front cover features the company’s eye-catching Sector 25th anniversary logo.

CIBSE, AM15, biomass, boiler, renewable energy, wood chips, wood pellets

Biomass boilers

04 December, 2014

CIBSE’s guide to biomass heating (AM15) is available as a free download to members and non-members of the institution. It is also available as a optimised edition for Android and Applet tablets through the CIBSE app.

Sentinel water treatment

To help installers pick the most effective water treatment for a particular application, Sentinel has added a product-selector tool to its web site. The tool provides a complete, tailored solution in a matter of seconds.

Airedale Air Conditioning. adiabatic cooling, AHU, air-handling unit

Airedale International’s Aireflow air-handling unit is designed to provide adiabatic cooling for data centres. It is an indirect system, eliminating the risk of contaminated air entering the data centre. The use of fresh air as the main cooling source significantly reduces operational costs.

Rinnai, fan convection radiator, powered flue, space heating, church

Two models in Rinnai’s range of Energysaver fan-convection powered-flue gas-fired space heaters are specifically designed for schools, community centres, libraries, conservatories and churches. The Energysaver 559T and 1004T models deliver energy-efficient and consistent warm air without the use of central ductwork or running heating circuits for radiators. They are quick and easy to install.

Hitachi, air conditioning, VRF

Hitachi has extended its VRF range of 2-pipe heat-pump and 3-pipe heat-recovery systems with the Set Free FSXN1E outdoor units. These units are available in ratings from 8to 54 hp and are fully compatible with the whole range of System Free indoor units, including the recently introduced 0.6 hp units.

Thermocold dpac, water chiller heat pump, space heating, chilled water, air conditioning

Themocold dpac’s Multitube System is a multi-purpose 4- and 6-pipe water-chiller heat pump. It is suitable for applications such as shopping centres, management centres, hotels, offices and leisure projects with simultaneous need for heating and cooling through the year, whilst producing optional DHW.

Monodraught, RAL, phase change, air conditioning,

Monodraught’s Cool-phase low-energy ventilation and coolign system has had its phase-change material awarded a certificate by RAL, the German institute for quality assurance and certification. The certification follows two years of testing that involved heating and cooling the material to capacity during 10 000 cycles — equivalent to 28 years of life in service.

Sensing Precision, Airflow S P, duct leakage test, DW143, DW144, DW/143, DW/144

Duct-leakage testing

04 December, 2014

This ductwork leakage tester for the HVAC market can test ductwork in accordance with DW/143 and DW/144 for pressure classes A to D. called Air Leakage Finder 150 (ALF150) it has been developed by Sensing Precision (formerly Airflow S P).

Grundfos Pumps, circulator, space heating, DHW

Grundfos has added two models to its UPS2 circulator family of British-built pumps. They are the UPS2 25-80 and 32-80. They have been designed to augment the current range and provide 8 metre options.

Vortice, ventilation fan, commercial

Vortice’s QBK range of ventilation fans is described as ‘ultra-quiet’ and suitable for commercial and industrial applications. These compact fans, there are six in the range, can be used in false ceilings or ducted. They are designed for continuous running.

Marshall-Tufflex, Sinergy, digital sub-meter, digital submeter

Marshall-Tufflex’s Sinergy Klik 3 digital sub-meter provides a fast, accurate and cost-effective way to permanently measure energy usage across a broad range of installations — from entire buildings to electrical circuits and even floors/departments.

IES’s Ergon Cloud serviced enables users of its Virtual Environment (VE) technology to import, manage and interrogate real building profiles or schedules and use them in VE simulations. They can use measured data from the actual building they are investigating to create profiles that enhance model calibration or use normalised benchmark data from other buildings of the same type.

Delta Cooling Towers, heat rejection, air conditioning

Delta Cooling Towers offers a range of cooling towers with a shell composed of HDPE ‘engineered’ plastic, which has a high resistance to corrosive elements in the environment such as salt and industrial pollutants. The shell material is also resistant to cooling-system water and chemical water treatments.

Siemens, Desigo, control, BMS, building management system, energy, BEMS

Siemens Building Technologies offers two intuitive touch panels to provide interaction with its Desigo building-management system. There are two Design Touch & Web panels (10 and 15 in sizes) offering an easy way to access information on building plant, The newly developed web interface adds browser-controlled plant operation.

Torin-Sifan, Torin sifan, fan, centrifugal

Torin-Sifan has launched a range of forward-curved centrifugal fans powered by its latest generation of electronically commutated (EC) motors. These fans are directly driven and comply with the European Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive for 2015 and also exceed the required fan-motor efficiency grades (FMEG) by nearly 50% (65 compared to a requirement of 44). These fans significantly outperform the minimum efficiency levels required by the January 2015 ErP regulations.

Powrmatic, space heating, control, warm air heater

Multiple numbers of Powrmatic warm-air heaters, both unit heaters and cabinet heaters, can be controlled by the MC300 Multi digital controller. Standard features include optimum start/stop, weather compensation, adjustable frost protection, remote burner reset and summer fan-only operation.

Ex-Or, Lightspot, lighting, control

Ex-Or’s LightSpot HD range of lighting-control sensors is designed to provide a versatile and customisable system that can stand alone or interact with a BMS. The shape and area of the zone covered can be adjusted using clip-on lens masks that do not detract from the aesthetics of the sensors and by tilting the sensors. There are various approaches to presence and absence detection to address operational issues — about which more below. Artificial lighting can also be controlled according to available daylight.

Omron, building automation, people recognition, BMS, control

Building-automation systems can respond to gestures or visually identify individuals using Omron’s human vision component (HVC) module. The module can verify the presence of people more accurately than other systems and has the potential to enable basic access-control functions to be integrated with the HVAC system.

Mikrofill, boiler, DHW, space heating, domestic hot water

Mikrofill has added two floorstanding boilers to its Ethos range. They have outputs of 350 and 550 kW and a modulation ratio of 20:1. They use stainless-steel condensing technology and incorporate controls well in excess of industry standards.

modbs tv logo

Manufacturer helps equip skills centre

Ideal Heating has helped to equip a new £500,000 green energy centre in Merseyside which is seeking to attract fresh talent into the heating industry.

Acoustic solutions suite with easy access to services at University of Birmingham

A suite of ceiling and wall acoustic solutions have been specified for The University of Birmingham’s new landmark Molecular Sciences building, which will provide a hub for research and academic work.