2023 July

Electric heating in place

Scott Conor, Technical Director at Trust Electric Heating, looks at sustainable, efficient heating solutions for commercial retrofit applications.


Hamworthy Heating, a trusted British manufacturer and supplier of commercial heating and hot water products, is pleased to announce the introduction of its new Dorchester DR-SG range of stainless-steel condensing water heaters with enhanced durability and large continuous outputs.

EnergiVault® from Organic Heat Exchangers Ltd (O-HX)

A unique and innovative energy storage solution is ready to deliver cost savings for customers and support the global decarbonisation of cooling for industrial processes and commercial buildings.


Domus Ventilation, manufacturer of market-leading ventilation systems that save energy and improve indoor air quality, has expanded its HRXE range of Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) units with the launch of HRXE-ZEUS.  

Build offsite, assemble onsite

Adam Cafer, Advantage Manager at Polypipe Building Services, discusses how projects are realising greater benefits from working with suppliers who are focussing on modern methods of construction.

Cable management

Barry Roberts, National Specification Manager at Marshall-Tufflex looks at the properties of different cable management system materials and the applications for which these products are most suitable.

The right time to buy a property?

Entering the property market can be a daunting endeavor, especially when faced with fluctuating house prices and rising mortgage rates.

Choose the right boiler

Your boiler is the beating heart of your home and without it, there is no central heating or hot water for you and your family. Whilst gas boilers are the standard for most of Britain, there are a number of alternatives today which might suit you and your needs.

Fernox Heat Pump Filter

Leading manufacturer Fernox has extended its portfolio with the new TF1 Sigma HP Filter, which has been specifically designed to protect air and ground source heat pumps. 

Fernox Lifestyle

Fernox has confirmed its market leading water treatment products will now be packed in 265ml and 500ml bottles manufactured from 30% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This is an important milestone for the company, which has long been committed to product innovation and energy efficiency of heating systems. To expand on these innovations, it is now also focusing on the environmental impact of product packaging.


The LIA (Lighting Industry Association) and CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) have joined forces to introduce an innovative product verification scheme aimed at promoting circular economy practices within the lighting industry. 

CArl Turbitt

In HVAC applications, integrated pumps are promoted as an efficient and low cost alternative to VSD/ motor configurations, however there’s more to the debate than there might seem, according to Carl Turbitt, HVAC Drives – UK Sales Manager, ABB.

Cold rooms

From price inflation of the average shopping basket to supply chain issues which have led to shortages of cucumbers and other salad items on the shelves, it is abundantly clear that these businesses are far from straightforward to run.

It's in the air we breathe

Keeping commercial and industrial environments running safely and efficiently means navigating a range of issues and dealing with threats on all scales to ‘business as usual’. Even those threats that are smaller in stature can have just as great an impact on productivity and staff wellbeing – and it doesn’t get much smaller than dust.

Natural Ventilation

Alex Hill, Managing Director at international building services design consultancy, Whitecode Consulting, looks at new government regulation to reduce overheating and the best solutions to prevent overheating in our homes, hospitals offices and schools.

Phasing out F-Gas

The European Union wants to lead the world in the transition to low global warming potential (GWP) substances, but it cannot ignore other factors – not least safety, according to Graeme Fox of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA).

Ideal heating R&D facility

Ideal Heating has submitted plans for a new £10m research and development facility at its UK headquarters in Hull. The UK Technology Centre will play a key role in developing and testing low carbon heating solutions, such as air source heat pumps.

Helen Yeulet of BESA

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has welcomed a £12 million injection of government funding to increase the uptake of T Levels including grants of up to £25,000 for employers who take students on work placements.

Measuring Indoor Air.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are crucial in maintaining indoor air quality in commercial buildings. Until recently, however, little thought has been given to monitoring the presence of airborne microbes that can profoundly impact our wellbeing. 

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Manufacturer helps equip skills centre

Ideal Heating has helped to equip a new £500,000 green energy centre in Merseyside which is seeking to attract fresh talent into the heating industry.

Acoustic solutions suite with easy access to services at University of Birmingham

A suite of ceiling and wall acoustic solutions have been specified for The University of Birmingham’s new landmark Molecular Sciences building, which will provide a hub for research and academic work.