A-Gas offers solution for flushing refrigerant pipes

A-Gas, air conditioning, refrigerant
A-Gas’s solution for flushing air-conditioning and refrigeration pipework.

A-Gas has developed a solution for flushing air-conditioning and refrigeration systems that is non-toxic and not ozone depleting — and which is also easy to use. Called AK Flush, it provides a complete environmental solution when replacing refrigerants.

AK Flush is based on a range of polar solvents that dissolve and remove oil — along with other particulates, sludge, acids, carbon residues and moisture to prevent compressor damage. It is essential to remove unwanted contaminants inside air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, including oils, to reduce the risk of poor performance or system failure.

If an HCFC refrigerant is being replaced with an HFC, it is particularly important that all traces of previous residues are removed to prevent the new refrigerant becoming contaminated or bringing older contaminants back into the compressor.

A carbon-dioxide propellant pushes the solvent into the system, and the dissolved carbon dioxide boils out of the solvent — causing a fizzing effect to aid cleaning. The blend of solvents has a low boiling point so it is easy to remove after cleaning using a nitrogen purge and subsequent system evacuation.

One 5 kg pack is sufficient for systems up to 50 kW. Systems with long pipe runs and wide-diameter pipes may require a larger pack size.

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