Multi-boiler controller delivers fuel savings

Kanmor Control System
Sophisticated and energy-saving control of up to four boilers is provided by this Kanmor controller from Radiant Control.

Kanmor Control Systems’ 264e boiler controller incorporates weather compensation and other features to reduce fuel consumption by 10 to 18% compared with systems using just thermostats.

This device can control water temperature into heating systems with up to four boilers. During the heating season the system target water temperature can often be satisfied by firing just one or two of the four boilers. It also rotates firing to equalise wear and tear on the boilers.

The temperature of the water to the heating circuit is controlled according to outdoor temperature, improving efficiency.

The circuit for domestic hot water is given priority, with its water delivered at a higher temperature than for heating.

Boiler efficiency is further improved by automatic adjustment of the boiler differential. As the load increases, the differential is reduced to minimise temperature swings. As the load falls, the differential is increased to prevent short cycling.

During periods of warm weather when boilers are shut down, key components are automatically exercised.

Other energy-saving features include fixed first and fixed last, PID staging and boiler post purge.

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