Zip HydroTaps now deliver water at all temperatures

Zip Heaters

Zip Heaters has added two new models to its HydroTap range. The 4-in-1 can supply instant boiling, chilled, hot and cold water from a single source. The 3-in-1 can supply instant boiling hot and cold water.

The 4-in-one is a compact under-sink system and can supply filtered instant boiling and chilled water to the Zip HydroTap and also hot and cold water to the Zip mixer tap. A venturi device on the unit under the sink blends mains cold water with stored boiling water to produce hot water at about 50°C.

Both models are typically designed for use in workplace kitchens where a dishwasher is the main means of washing dishes. There are two capacities to deliver 150 or 100 cups of boiling water per hour. Chilled-water capacities are 125 and 175 glasses per hour.

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