Ability Projects supplies energy-efficient FCUs for Middle East project

Ability Projects
Part of a major international order for Ability Projects’ Matrix EC fan-coil units reaches final assembly.

Ability Projects is supplying nearly 600 Matrix EC fan-coil units for the initial phase of the Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi. The units will have demand- and occupancy-dependent fan-speed control to regulate air volume in response to thermal demand. The upper limit is what would, in the past, have been the design fan speed, and the lower limit is determined by the designer.

The 2-pipe units are being installed in laboratories and accommodation blocks and have capacities up to 7 kW. The institute is part of Masdar City, a prestigious 6 km2 development designed by Foster & Partners that seeks to use 100% renewable energy, generate zero waste and be carbon neutral.

Matrix EC fan-coil units can independently adjust the air value to each duct off the same unit.

With occupancy control, the fan-coil set points are allowed to move apart and adopt a holding strategy while the space is unoccupied. On this project, many units will also receive control signals from window switches, enthalpy sensors, time clocks and key cards.

Peter Lowther, managing director of Ability projects says, ‘I am absolutely delighted that all the hard work we have put into advancing EC fan-coil technology has been recognised as worthy for use on such an internationally ground-breaking project. Our products have been used on many BREAM ‘Excellent’ projects in the UK, but this project takes Ability and Matrix onto the worldwide stage.’

Many traditional design features have been incorporated into Masdar City to reduce energy consumption. Shaded walkways and narrow streets reduce glare and solar gain. The diagonal orientation of the urban layout makes the best use of cooling night breezes and lessens the effect of hot daytime winds. Other traditional features such as wind towers and solar shades also help improve comfort levels.

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