Gas-fired steam humidifiers


The Condair GS gas-fired humidifier from Walter Meier (Climate UK) has a capacity of up to 240 kg/h of steam and the potential for up to 10 units to be linked together. They can be fuelled with natural gas or propane and have a 360° full-circle burner to achieve a thermal efficiency of over 90%.

These units are said to provide cost-effective humidification with fast payback for a wide range of demanding applications, including large offices and manufacturing/processing facilities. They can be used with potable, demineralised or softened water and include intelligent water management and descaling features.

The incorporated controls handle all operational factors such as water level and combustions status, as well as fail-safe functions. Operating parameters are displayed on a touch-and-read screen. There are drill-down capabilities for access to detailed information.

Units can be interfaced with Modbus, BACnet or LonWorks protocols and will accept all common control signals. They are certified by British Gas.

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