Ener-g tackles major issues of building- management systems

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Ener-g’s E-magine BEMS tackles major system flaws that prevent systems achieving their potential cost and carbon savings and a range of power analysis and reporting capabilities.

Ener-G has launched a tamper-proof building energy management system. Called E-magine, it is pre-engineered to provide fast installation and commission and ensure energy costs and carbon emissions for the life of an installation. The company reckons that E-magine can reduce energy consumption by up to 25% and save costs on capital purchase, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

Dr Cedric Rodigues, managing director of Ener-g Controls, explains, ‘We have tackled two major system flaws that prevent many building energy management syst­ems from delivering their projects cost and carbon savings over their entire lifetime.

‘E-magine is preconfigured to recognised standards for controls strategies without compromising flexibility, so it avoids the usual deviations in system performance caused by inconsistent programming. By defining the system prior to installation, customers benefit from control strategies that are repeatable and not reliant on an individual engineer’s programming skills. This also generates faster and lower-cost commissioning.

‘A second classic flaw in BEMS is that over time various users adjust the settings and gradually erode the energy-efficiency benefits that the BEMS was designed for in the first place. E-magine locks in optimal settings, so that the BEMS achieves peak performance throughout its lifetime.’

E-magine uses IT and Internet technology to provide a fully scalable, integrated control system that can be customised for optimum control and management of all HVAC and lighting applications. Using open protocols enables it to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and third-party control systems and equipment.

A key component is the integrated front-end energy-management tool E-vision. This online tool enables designers, installers and end users to design, commission, control, analyse and manage energy usage remotely. Its advanced analysis and reporting capabilities enable building owners and operators to optimise a building’s energy performance to reduce CO2 emissions and lifetime costs and also comply with various energy legislation and standards.

The E-magine system can measure and control energy use for single and multiple buildings or an entire property portfolio. It is available via accredited e-partners or directly from Ener-g Controls.

An E-magine system is built up from various modules such as the E-vision online energy-management tool, E-serve communications hub, e-gate router/network expander, E-touch room/zone controller, E-control universal controller, E-expand I/O expansion module and E-power power-supply unit.

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