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One of the most topical areas currently for VRF installations is the specification of Hydro Kits, which extract heat from a VRF Heat Pump or Heat Recovery system, air-cooled or water-cooled; for the production of domestic hot water.

Seeing waste heat escape to atmosphere is becoming a thing of the past. The capacity to recover heat and use it sensibly elsewhere in the building is part of today’s thinking when designing a building and heat recovery has reached a level of sophistication where there is always a way of re-using the heat you have already paid for, in another application. Allowing the heat energy being removed from within a building through air conditioning cooling operations to be used to provide hot water generation for storage or water applications. Taking advantage of this, the Hydro Kit recovers and reuses the heat, which ensures less energy wastage resulting in greater energy efficiency, reduced running costs and a reduction in carbon emissions.

Hydro kits provide domestic hot water and floor heating with far less energy consumption than a traditional fossil fuel boiler driven wet system. In addition, a Hydro Kit requires no exhaust to the outside of the building as a boiler does. It works on a closed circuit basis.

Caption: The above diagram shows indoor fan coil units in cooling and the hydro kit in heating. However if the indoor fan coil units provide only heating you can omit the HR unit with LG HVAC systems

The Hydro Kit is compact and easy to install and can connect to multiple heat pumps for additional savings if required. As well as supplying hot water to a hot water storage tank within the home or commercial property, it can work alongside an underfloor heating system, as part of a system that incorporates solar PV, in a preheat and reheat application or with fan coil units.

Impressively these systems benefit from cutting edge controls technology. Controls ensure precise temperature and no wastage. In addition, HVAC controllers have been developed to reduce the VRF systems overall energy load.

With LG’s pedigree in electronic controls, this aspect of the equipment offered has huge positive implications for those specifying HVAC equipment.

LG’s Hydro Kits are available as

mid temperature - up to 50oC leaving water temperature and

high temperature - up to 80oC leaving water temperature


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