Albion Valves ready for what the future holds

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Albion Valves says that it is ready to deliver products to its customers whatever problems might be caused by Brexit.

The company boasts a comprehensive product range featuring over 5000 lines of commercial valves, suitable for applications predominantly within the building services, process, hydraulic, pneumatic and water industries, which are available to users exclusively from their distribution network.

Stock is held in large quantities in Albion’s UK-based warehouse to enable it to fulfil the company’s promise of next-day delivery to customers. This will also serve them well in the event of a fall out from Brexit when there could be potential delays getting stock to the UK through issues at ports, that could affect the whole supply chain and ultimately lead to costly project delays. The company prides itself on excellent customer service and ability to deliver, so taking these precautions means that Albion can continue business as usual throughout this period of uncertainty.

Albion Valves has proved itself a long-term success. Formed three decades ago employing five people, Albion Valves (UK) Ltd has gone from strength to strength. Founded in Barnsley, South Yorkshire team of five, the company now employs over 40 people, including four of the original members.

Albion attributes its success to its reputation throughout the industry for providing quality products and excellent customer service, this has enabled the company to build strong relationships with their distribution base. The business also credits its loyal and highly skilled workforce as another contributing factor of its achievements.

Albion has been keen to recruit new talent and to pass on skills to the next generation by offering apprenticeship schemes. The company has a 100% track record of turning apprenticeships into full-time employment. As an example of this, Albion recently appointed a third director Darren Baxter, who joined the company at 20-years-old as a trainee commercial manager, he then became commercial manager for a number of years, before being promoted to commercial director.

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