Up to 1,000 litres of precise temp-controlled water per hour from Rinnai.


Rinnai continuous flow hot water heating units, with precision temperature control for either thermal disinfection or safe use on those users more vulnerable to scalding, can now deliver almost 1,000 litres per hour per unit

Rinnai continuous flow hot water heating units, with precision temperature control for either thermal disinfection or safe use on those users more vulnerable to scalding, can now deliver almost 1,000 litres per hour per unit. On top of this the whole range of units – from the A series to the N Series - can be installed rapidly due their light weight, ease of handling and inherent design engineering.

“Any site needing our products urgently can have instant access to them – we deliver direct to site for as long as it takes a courier to travel from our distribution centre to the chosen site. All orders are despatched within 24hours on a next-day service basis.“ says Chris Goggin for Rinnai.

“The units can be installed - and working - in just hours.  We have seen multiple instances during the recent months where continuous flow units and systems have been able to provide uninterrupted flows of hot water to some sites which previously had stored systems that were continuously running out of supplies.  Ease and speed of installation and precision temperature control, whatever the specific or unique requirements have proven critically important to several sites”, he adds. 

The four models in the N Series Sensei range: the N1600i giving 954 litres per hour; the N1600e (external) also giving 954 litres per hour (at 50 degrees); the N1300i giving 775 litres per hour and the N1300e also giving 775 litres per hours of temperature controlled water at 50 degrees.

The two 1600s have load profiles of XXL and are efficiency class A rated under ERP (96% gross efficiency), while the 1300s are load profile XL with a gross efficiency of 96%.

Other features include:

  • flue up to 30+ metres for concentric
  • Turbo Fan
  • Built-in controller as standard on both internal and external models
  • Cascade Cable assembly allows multiple water heaters to be connected and function as one total and complete system.
  • Built in flue damper
  • Air inlet filter
  • Frost Protection – minus 15°C on the internal versions and minus 20°C on the external versions
  • Easy convert manifold
  • Controller as standard – Lockable, set up of appliance, Temperature set up to 75°C
  • Easy connect BMS controls
  • Ultra-low NOx - Less than 28mg/kWh

Other Rinnai hot water heating units and systems include:

  • High efficiency commercial water heaters
  • Infinity plus storage solutions
  • Infinity Cascade – multiple water heater and controls for large hot water demands.
  • A Series of lightweight high efficiency water heaters

Backed with extensive warranties and fully qualified technical service and training Rinnai’s range also includes:

  • Nexus electrolytic limescale inhibitor systems for lifetime efficiency and system protection.
  • BMS controls and remote monitoring solutions for onsite and remote system monitoring.
  • Flexible flue configurations including - Common header flues to streamline installation and multiple flueing systems
  • Valve packs and unvented systems to support secondary return systems for G3 compliance and ACOP L8 best practice.
  • Multiple “in direct” storage vessels to support peak hour applications. 
  • Full application design service.
  • Comprehensive training courses and CPDs
  • Energy and carbon footprint analysis of systems comparisons

Rinnai is the world’s leading manufacturer of continuous flow hot water systems - it makes and sells 2 million units each year. The range of units can be manifolded to supply, limitless hot water to any site of any size. This means fast, efficient, temperature-controlled water on demand at the point of delivery – kitchens, showers, accommodation blocks, bathrooms, washrooms. It also means far less space spent on plant rooms and no or little maintenance as all units are proven to be robust with a long, long working life.

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