Advertorial - Eliminating non-compliance in ventilations systems with Elta's prefabricated solutions

Elta Prefabrication

Following a rising demand for prefabricated building services to reduce issues associated with system compliance and compatibility, Elta is now leading the charge in the ventilation sector with its innovative ‘Prefabricated Solutions’. The new service enables decision makers for ventilation services to create bespoke ventilation units from Elta’s wide range of fans and ancillaries, including its certified smoke range.

Tackling age old challenges in construction

For many years, project managers and decision makers for construction projects have elected to purchase fans and ancillaries to form the building’s ventilation system well ahead of the actual installation. While it is a common and traditional approach, many have faced repeated issues, however.

This includes problems arising from ordering components from multiple suppliers, and miscommunication between team members during the product ordering process resulting in the fan, the fan’s controls, and other ancillaries not matching or being compatible with each other. As a result, decision makers may find themselves in the position where they need to re-order parts and wait for its delivery to ensure that their ventilation system is compatible, compliant and ultimately, legal. It was due to this that the industry looked to create a more innovative solution to mitigate this issue.

Modern methods of construction using an offsite approach to building services is gaining significant momentum across the UK, with its multiple benefits including ensuring compliance with the building’s standards and any pre-agreed specifications. Having the components constructed and readily available means that the team is aware of any compliance requirements ahead of the installation of fans and entire ventilation systems, reducing the potential for costly delays.

With the construction industry now starting to recognise that prefabricated building methods could be the future, Elta chose to bring this to the world of fans.

The rise of Elta’s ‘Prefabricated Solutions’

Perfect for specifiers and contractors working on commercial building projects of any size, Prefabricated Solutions offers those interested a full range of products and a host of benefits. This includes a vast selection

of up to 150,000 customisations of fans and ancillaries such as acoustic equipment, mounts, panels, flexible connections, fan controls and more.

As well as fans serving as ventilation units for the building, Elta’s Prefabricated Solutions is applicable to its smoke range which are all tested and compliant in the prefabricated arrangement. These solutions have a significant size range starting as small as 250mm and increase all the way up to 2m in diameter.

Within a controlled factory environment at Elta’s UK manufacturing sites in Kingswinford, Fareham, and Colchester, units and components can be built by industry professionals who understand the technology within a fan system. What’s more, Elta is ISO 9001 accredited, meaning that even bespoke prefabricated units will in turn receive this certification. This includes all smoke fans with the ancillaries and mounting base.

Elta’s ‘Prefabricated Solutions’ range, which was launched last year, led the sector with a wide range of fan types including standard duty as well as tested and compliant smoke prefab solutions. It has been pioneered by its in-house team led by Colin Moss, Car Park and Smoke Control Manager.

Elta Prefabrication

Commenting on the latest addition, Colin says: “The uptake by the market, from design stages through specification and project supply, has kept the company busy with a growing catalogue of design solutions. Manufactured in our West Midlands factory, we have seen strong interest and ownership by team members to continue to excel in providing more and more solutions for our growing customer base. Prefabricated Solutions enables us to work much closer with our customers at critical stages of the project process.

“With one wrong misstep, decision makers can find themselves in the position where they must deal with costly delays due to products not being constructed on time or in the right way, or damaged from site activity.

Thanks to services like Elta’s ‘Prefabricated Solutions’, site safety and efficiency is enhanced, with reduced expenses and better quality control being at the fingertips of building services engineers and managers.”

The benefits of embracing modern methods of construction

A key benefit of ‘Prefabricated Solutions’ is the Elta team being able to provide both acoustic and airflow performance data when engineering a solution. To help simplify the process for specifiers and contractors, Elta’s selection software can provide this information during the initial stages of the purchasing process. Through this, an engineered acoustic solution can be developed from the very beginning of the project, eliminating the need to recalculate this data if the components were sourced from other companies.

With a more streamlined design process, utilising services such as Prefabricated Solutions means that both ‘The Golden Thread’ and environmental requirements are met. Alongside this, disruption to locals and the construction site are kept to the minimum with a simple delivery process.

Luke Hammond, Applications Specialist at Elta, explains: “Issues such as waiting for a single component to be delivered while the rest of the system waits onsite or damage to the unit in transit are now faults of the past. Thanks to services like ‘Prefabricated Solutions’, the entire product is created and transported as one to ensure a hassle free service.

“The future of construction is here, and it is readily available for contractors and designers to utilise to help ensure that their project meets all of its required deadlines.”

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