Remeha’s enhanced Quinta Pro boilers are well suited to refurbishment projects

Remeha, condensing boiler. refurbishment
Compact and energy efficiency — Remeha’s revamped range of Quinta Pro wall-hung boilers are ideally suited to replacing old, inefficient boilers with minimal pipework changes.

Remeha has given its Quinta Pro range of commercial wall-hung boilers a design facelift and ergonomic redesign. All five boilers in the range are more compact than their predecessors, with dimensions of just 750 mm high, 500 mm wide and 500 mm deep. All boilers modulate, giving outputs of 8 to 30 kW, 8 to 40 kW, 12 to 60 kW 14 to 84 kW and 17 to 107 kW. Higher outputs can be achieved by installing them in modular configurations of up to six boilers.

They are all designed to fit into a smaller space than a traditional boiler of equal output, enabling them to be installed at minimum cost into existing spaces so that renovation and refurbishment projects can be completed quickly and simply. Quinta Pro boilers are designed for space heating and the indirect production of domestic hot water.

The compact size of these boilers enables an installer to replace old and inefficient boilers without having to spent a lot of money on associated pipework. The new Quinta Pro boilers are also light in weight, with lifting weights from 49 to 65 kg.

Conventional and room-sealed flue-system capability enables these boilers to be installed almost anywhere in a building.

Efficiency is up to 110% net CV based on flow/return temp­eratures of 40/30°C, or 99% gross CV. NOx emissions are less than 25 pp.

Optional weather compen­sators can communicate directly with the boiler controls to ensure that the boiler closely matches system demand at all times, reducing energy consumption even more and cutting running costs.

For ease of maintenance, all components can be serviced from the front of the boiler. A further aid to servicing is LED lighting within the casing that comes on when the case is opened.

At the end of its life, the materials from which a Quinta Pro boiler are made can be recycled.

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