Clivet devises heat-pump cooling, ventilation and heat-recovery package

Clivet, Smartpack, air conditioning

Clivet’s Smartpack is a high-efficiency air-to-air heat-pump air-conditioning package designed to provide make-up air and recover energy. It is suitable for smaller retail premises, showrooms, restaurants and production plants where optimum temperature, humidity, ventilation and air-quality freshness are essential. Smartpack is described as an alternative to traditional split/multi-split and hydronic air-conditioning systems.

Unlike split and multi-split direct-expansion systems, Smartpack does not require a separate system for treating primary air, nor are there any refrigerants to cross the rooms being served.

Cooling, de-humidification, air purification and renewal are all managed automatically. This compact unit is simple to install and operate as all the usual system components are contained in the unit and pre-tested. All the installer has to do is connect the air-distribution channels and power.

A digital scroll compressor can modulate capacity down to 10% of full load. Free cooling is provided when appropriate. Other features include electronically controlled fans and low-pressure-drop filters.

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