2010 January


Klima-Therm has launched an air-conditioning inspection service to enable building owners meet the mandatory requirements of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). It is headed by Gareth Stott, a fully accredited EPBD air-conditioning inspector.

HCP radiant heating panel

Radiant heating panels from HCP have been tested to BS EN 14037, the British and European standard for ceiling-mounted radiant panels supplied with water at less than 120°C.


TridonicAtco has completed a purpose-built state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Spennymoor, County Durham, to product electronic ballasts and emergency invertors for lighting. It uses the company’s own winDIM@net lighting-management solution to manage day-to-day lighting and emergency testing.

Danlers, heating control

Danlers’ heater boost switch, for the control of electric heating loads, automatically turns the load off after a selected time period has elapsed. There are 4 different time settings to choose from (15 min, 30 min, 1 h and 2 h). Pressing the button selects each time lag choice in turn. The switch is manufactured in the UK and is designed for use with immersion heaters, heated towel rails and other suitable electric heating loads. It is ideal for use in student accommodation blocks, hot


The millionth Alpha2 circulating pump was welcomed off the product line at the Grundfos Factory in Bjerringbro, Denmark. This pump has an A label energy rating and plug-and-pump feature. If all circulating pumps in the EU were replaced by these A-rated pumps, 35 TWh of electricity and 14 Mt of CO2 could be saved each year. These pumps have been produced for two years.


Powered access machines from AFI played a key role in the installation of Schwank overhead radiant heating in the Brighton Lovers Walk train-care depot. Eight machines were supplied, which, at just under a metre wide, were narrow enough to work safely between the rails of the 11 tracks.

Zucchini, busbar

Zucchini reports that its one-stop service for high-power solutions aimed at consultants and contractors became increasingly popular during the course of last year. The service provides a seamless, integrated range of solutions to feed and distribute high power, from transformers to busbar systems to distribution boards. Popular applications include power distribution in factories and rising-main installations.

BG Controls, Trend

Controls specialist BG Controls has become a Trend approved service and maintenance company by achieving IQ Assured Partnership accreditation. As a Trend Partner, BG can offer a comprehensive range of services that make up the Trend IQ Assured support programme — from 24 hour breakdown cover and remote fault diagnosis to system enhancements and upgrades.

Econic, heat pump, GSHP

Renewable-energy specialist Econic was responsible for the design and installation of the ground-source heat pump and underfloor heating system of Laburnum House near Ely, winner of the ‘Spirit of ingenuity’ award for residential project of the year from RIBA East. It was designed by Graeme Lockhart of CMP architects and was also commended for the sustainability section of the awards.


In response to increased demand for fully integrated hydronic solutions, Marflow Hydronics has changed its name to Marflow Hydronic Systems. Managing director Paul Fennell explains, ‘Although this is a relatively small change to our name, it marks a significant shift in our approach to the market — and one that reflects feedback from our customers. Marflow has been pioneering the use of innovative new valves and electronic controls, combined with advanced prefabrication techniques for the last few years.’

BG Controls

Controls specialist BG Controls reports that its service and maintenance division has enjoyed a 92% growth in revenue from customers wanting to increase energy efficiency. The company also reports that orders for BG Group have grown by 20% over the last 12 months, which is attributed to rising demand for energy-efficient building-controls solutions that encourage cost savings and reduce environmental impact.

Elta Fans, LPCB

The range of powered smoke and heat-exhaust ventilation products made by Elta Fans has been tested and approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). Elta axial and impulse fans are widely employed in enclosed car parks to provide efficient day-to-day ventilation and also to ensure effective smoke ventilation in a fire.

BSS Industrial, Kensa Heat Pumps

Kensa Engineering, which makes ground-source heat pumps, has joined BSS Industrial’s portfolio of well established manufacturing partners for energy-efficient products and renewable technologies. Paul Dennison, technical sales manager with Kensa, comments, ‘Our partnership with BSS Industrial will give its existing customers access to our extensive range of heat pumps and our award-winning technical service and installer training. Demand for our products is growing, with Kensa heat pumps being specified for a range of commercial applications due to their efficiency, ease of installation and access to grant

Rotec heat pump

The Rotex Heat Pump Solar Unit hitemp is an air-to-water unit that can achieve a flow temperature of up to 80°C using compressor power only. Heat is stored in an internal unit that finally transfers its heat into an hygienic storage tank lining to the heating and hot-water system. Its high flow temperature makes possible the direct replacement of an existing boiler.

Andrews Water Heaters

Andrews has introduced to the UK market what it claims to be the first commercial condensing gas-fired continuous-flow water heater for wall mounting indoors. The condensing FASTflo offers efficiencies of up to 103% net. This new 56 kW model has been redesigned internally to accommodate an additional heat exchanger and condensate collector. The new product looks no different to its non-condensing predecessor and is exactly the same size.


Osram has restructured its range of pin-based Dulux compact fluorescent lamps to meet professional lighting requirements even more effectively. The life and efficiency of the lamps has also been improved. The range has been spit into three categories based on the key benefits and packaging updated to clearly display each lamps key feature.


Mitsubishi Electric’s Zubadan range of outdoor units for the City Multi and Mr Slim air-conditioning systems incorporate flash injection technology to deliver full capacity heating down to -15°C. Defrost time and frequency is also reduced, and start-up time to achieve full heating capacity is halved compared to standard (non-Zubadan) models.

A solar-thermal system from Daikin UK is designed to complement its Altherma air-source heat-pump product range and provide a complete solution from one manufacturer. When available, solar energy can be used to heat domestic hot water, and the air-source heat pump can provide space heating and additional hot water.

Timoleon, underfloor heating

Timoleon’s Toron flooring system combines a floor deck with underfloor heating in a single, structurally loaded entity. The panels have been tested to the requirements of EN1195 by the Timber Research & Development Association and meet the requirements for domestic and residential activities and for bedrooms in hotels, motels, hospital rooms and toilet areas. The Toron flooring system is claimed to be the only structural underfloor heating system to have passed these tests.

Advanced Engineering, Robinair, refrigerant recovery

Advanced Engineering now offers one of the world’s fastest refrigerant-recovery machines to the UK market. The Promax RG5410a Extreme has a wider bore of its trademark oil-less compressor and dozens of mechanical improvements to reduce recovery speed by a further 30%. These machines also have larger gauges for easier reading.

Soler & Palau, centrigual plug fan

Soler & Palau’s BPF range of high-efficiency low-noise centrifugal plug fans feature structural rigidity and robust construction. They are available in diameters from 280 to 1000 mm to deliver airflows of up to 70 000 m3/h and pressure development of up to 2.8 kPa. EFF2 motors are standard, and higher-efficiency EFF1 motors are also available. Efficiencies of up to 75% are achieved as standard.

Coolation, Rhoss, chillers, Heat pumps

Rhoss is now integrating as standard its Adaptive Function Plus predictive control system into its range of multi-scroll compressors and heat pumps. Using patented predictive control, the AFP system matches multi-scroll compressor operation to actual working conditions, reducing the energy consumption of chillers and heat pumps by up to 36% in winter mode and 18% in summer mode. Rhoss is represented in the UK by Coolmation Group.

Dimplex, DHW, hot water cylinder

Dimplex’s range of SCx unvented water cylinders is now available in sizes from 450 to 4000 l. These stainless-steel cylinders provide solutions for multi-occupancy dwellings and commercial properties such as sports clubs. Each cylinder is bespoke designed to individual specification. There is a choice of coils, enabling the cylinder to be integrated with solar-thermal water heating, heat pumps and other renewable solutions, as well as gas.

SAV Systems, underfloor heating, actuators

A range of electro-thermal actuators from SAV Systems is designed for the accurate and energy-efficient control of underfloor heating systems. These units have low power consumption (1.8 W) and are the fourth generation of actuators developed in Germany by controls specialist Mohlenhoff, for which SAV is UK distributor.

Ceravision, plasma lighting

Ceravision has applied high-efficiency plasma technology to lighting for warehouses, streets and stadia. The effeminacy of the new lighting units is at least 90 lm/W, and they are available from 100 W to 5 kW. This lighting technology can be switched on and off instantly and reach full brightness in less than a minute. It also has the capability of being dimmed to 20% of full brightness, unlike HID lamps.

Radio-Tech, automatic meter reading

Radio-Tech’s low-cost automatic meter-reading transmitter provides walk-by and drive-by monitoring of energy and water use. Smartlog Ultralite provides an alternative to costly fixed networks and can extend the range of an existing system. These IP68-rated devices can be used above or below ground, including sub-metering. Firmware can be updated wirelessly.

Powrmatic, space heating, air rotation

Powrmatics’ air rotation cabinet heaters are designed to deliver high volumes of air at low velocity and low temperature. Applications include large industrial premises and high-bay racked warehouses, for rapid warm up and even temperature control. Claimed benefits for these heaters compared with radiant heating or suspended warm-air heating include lower supply and installation costs, lower energy costs and lower long-term maintenance costs.

Intelligas has developed a system to ensure that gas interlock control systems are working as soon as they are turned on. With the Smartstart system Intelligas systems check themselves automatically every time they are used. All airflow sensors are checked every time a system is started, overcoming the problem of air-pressure switches getting stuck. Smartstart checks that the fans will work and tests that the gas interlock system is functioning properly.

Heatrae Sadia, Megaflo, DHW

Heatrae Sadia is so confident in the integrity of the internal stainless-steel cylinder of its Megaflo HE water heaters that the company now offers a lifetime guarantee — indicating that it is the only company in the UK to offer this type of guarantee for an unvented cylinder. The lifetime guarantee includes labour. If a leak caused by a manufacturing defect should occur, the product will be replaced free by an engineer from Heatrae Sadia’s service division. The guarantee excludes damage caused by scale.

Autron, LST, radiator

Autron’s latest LST radiator, the Sovereign, has rounded corners, finger-proof grilles and anti-microbial treatments on all external surfaces. For energy efficiency and quick response, the heat emitter is a copper-aluminium finned element. For ease and speed of installation, the radiator casings are supplied already assembled.

Britannia, kitchen ventilation

Britannia Kitchen Ventilation has introduced an advanced filtration unit to provide final air cleaning after a UV canopy, removing any remaining airborne particles. Ecostream units provide four stages of filtration, including HEPA and refillable carbon elements to remove any remaining odours, smoke and ozone. Ecostream can also be used in conventional kitchen ventilation systems to remove grease and odours where a full UV canopy would not be suitable.

Polypipe Terrain, rainwater harvesting

Polypipe Terrain now offers a single-source solution for the capture, storage and re-use of rainwater. Products in the Rainstream range can be used to create comprehensive and bespoke solutions for virtually any type of commercial project. Water can be captured from roofs, roads and paved areas. It is then filtered and stored for flushing toilets, gardening and washing vehicles.

Zehnder, trench heating

Zehnder’s Terraline trench-heating system offers fast response times and high heat output. If natural convection does not deliver enough heat, these trench heaters can be reinforced with 3-speed fans.

SPC, S&P Coil Products, ICS, heat pump

DeLonghi-Climavent’s commercial range of heat pumps is now available through S&P Coil Products following the formation of a partnership between SPC and ICS Heat Pump Technology. The latest generation of high-temperature heat pumps from ICS are purpose designed to match the characteristics of SPC’s space emitters, with water flow temperatures of up to 65°C at an ambient temperature as low as -12°C.

Sanyo. air conditioning, R22, R410A

Sanyo Air Conditioners has developed an approach to enable existing R22 air-conditioning systems to be converted to R410A using existing pipework, reducing cost by about 30% and dramatically reducing installation time. The R22 Renewal system can be used with existing Sanyo systems and virtually all types of R22 systems from other leading manufacturers. It can also be applied to R407C systems.

The latest upgrades to t-mac’s suite of software for energy metering, building management and energy analysis are intended to:

Advanced Electronics, fire detection

Intelligent fire-detection systems from Advanced Electronics form the basis of an integrated fire solution for Newcastle’s newest hotel. Staybridge Suites Hotels has 128 fully equipped and serviced suites for extended-stay business travellers. It also has a fitness room, business centre, dining area, laundry and 2-level external car park.

Tour & Andersson, valves, commissioning

Tour & Andersson’s ability to guarantee quick delivery won the company the contract for supplying valves for the waterborne system and biomass boiler at Stansted Airport’s £40 million extension. Nigel Huggins, the company’s managing director, explains, ‘Delivery was a very important factor for the Stansted Airport project. By under­standing these require­ments, we were able to do the takeoffs and ensure that all the units were supplied to site in line with the work schedule.

Nobel Fire Systems, inert fire suppression

Communications and IT rooms at Lancaster University include an argon-nitrogen inert-gas (IG55) fire-suppression system installed by Nobel Fire Systems. The work for the five rooms was commissioned by M&E contractor Smith Group.

Waterwise, cooling tower, grey water, ozone water treatment

Bleed-off water from cooling towers serving the Ropemaker building in London is being used to provide grey water for flushing toilets for this 54 500 m2 building. The direct use of bleed-off water for this purpose is made possible by the use of ozone treatment for the cooling towers, rather than chemicals and biocides.

Delmatic, lighting controls

Highly energy-efficient and responsive management of lighting in the new 10-storey building at 107 Cheapside in London is provided by lighting controls and sensors supplied by Delmatic. It is a multi-tenanted commercial and retail building. The Delmatic systems were specified by consulting engineers Roger Preston & Partners and installed by Lorne Stewart.

Smith's Environmental Products, heat pump, space heating, fan convector

Ecovector fan convectors from Smith’s Environmental Products served by heat pumps heat two large new houses near Oxford. They were chosen by renewable-heating specialist Earth Save Products in preference to underfloor heating for their energy-efficiency credentials and compatibility with renewable-heating systems. Earth Save Products supplied its own air-source heat pumps.

Scorpion, standby power

To provide protection for critical power requirements in the refurbished Queen’s Building at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, a Scorpion 358 kVA generator has been installed. It provides protection for CCTV, computers and also the communications installed by Computer Power Protection.

Elta Fans, ventilation, fan

The ventilation system for the new Ceramics Galleries in the Victoria & Albert Museum is based on Elta fans. As part of the V&A’s FuturePlan scheme, the world-renowned ceramics collection is being completely redisplayed in redesigned galleries. Seven galleries are now open, and a second phase of four further galleries will open in June 2010. These galleries house a collection ranging from the earliest Chinese pottery to contemporary ceramic art.

Douglas Delabie, shower, plumbing

Modernisation of the entire site of Lancaster Royal Grammar School includes upgrading shower facilities in School House (formerly Gardner House) and Frankland House. Douglas Delabie Tempomix crosswall showers and sporting shower panels were selected to meet pupil needs and those of parents, who have increasingly high expectations of more personal, high-quality, safe shower facilities — rather than group showering that has been the norm in the past.

ABB Drives, variable speed drive, motor, pump

One of the UK’s largest operators of holiday parks has reduced energy bills for its swimming pools by £77 000 a year, with a payback of just over a year, by fitting ABB drives to pumps. Bourne Leisure owns brands such as Haven, Butlins and Warner Hotels and has swimming pools at a number of sites.

Taconova, decentralised heating, heating unit

As part of an energy-saving refurbishment of a sheltered residential complex in Sussex, Taconova has supplied equipment for the decentralised heating and metering system. The heating system for Britannia Court Gardens in Bosham is based on a high-efficiency central boiler with Danfoss heating substations providing the interface between the heat source and each of the 38 apartments. The development dates from the 1970s.

Durapipe, Vulcathane, chemical drainage

Warwick University has installed Durapipe’s Vulcathene chemical drainage system as part of a refurbishment of its science laboratories. The laboratories in the Centre of Analytical Science have undergone a complete refurbishment, including the replacement of a 50-year-old glass drainage system with a complete purpose-designed chemical-resistant plumbing system from Vulcathene.

HCP, radiant heating, hospital

Radiant heating for the new maternity centre and cancer centre at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, which replaces original Victorian facilities, is provided by 1300 linear metres of HCP panels in the ceilings. Michael Malone, associate with HKS architects, explains. ‘The decision to use ceiling-mounted radiant-heating panels was made very early in the design process. The product allowed us to lay out the clinical spaces efficiently and ergonomically without the restraints of including a traditional radiator.

Oventrop, valves, balancing

As part of a major upgrade of Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport, Oventrop has supplied valves for the co-ordination and dynamic balancing of the modified heating and cooling systems. The project involves extending the existing departures concourse outwards by 25 m for its full 400 m length to increase the amount of natural light entering the building and improve check-in facilities.

JS Humidifiers, humidification

Maintenance requirements for humidifying the Citadel 100 data centre in Dublin have been dramatically reduced following the installation of a new system from JS Humidifiers. The previous system had to be serviced every six weeks to empty limescale from the boiling chambers, which took about a day. The new system, with reverse-osmosis water treatment, requires servicing every six months.

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Manufacturer helps equip skills centre

Ideal Heating has helped to equip a new £500,000 green energy centre in Merseyside which is seeking to attract fresh talent into the heating industry.

Acoustic solutions suite with easy access to services at University of Birmingham

A suite of ceiling and wall acoustic solutions have been specified for The University of Birmingham’s new landmark Molecular Sciences building, which will provide a hub for research and academic work.