2015 February

Siemens Building Technologies, damper actuator

The OpenAir range from Siemens offers energy efficient damper actuators with torque ratings from 2 to 35 Nm. They offer high positioning forces with low-consumption motors, leading to energy saving operation.

pipes, pipework, Wilo, pump, booster, boosting

Combining expertise

03 February, 2015

Bringing together equipment and expertise is the effective way to deliver energy-efficient systems incorporating energy-efficient pumps, believes Gary Wheatley of Wilo UK.

pipes, pipework, Sanha, pressfitting

Sanha’s pressfitting pipe system has been used in Manchester Metropolitan University’s new student-union facility. The 3-storey building includes a bar and restaurant, café and five separate bathroom facilities. Over 3000 m of pipe was installed by CM Oxendale Ltd, including Sanha’s stainless-steel gas pipes up to 108 mm and copper pressfittings up to 108 mm.

pipes, pipework, Albion Valves, balancing, PICV, DPCV, Commissioning

Maintaining balance

03 February, 2015

The key to hydronic systems delivering comfortable heating and cooling is achieving the right balance — and maintaining that balance. Paul Wightman discusses the issues involved.

pipes, pipework, Rinnai, DHW, hot water

Rinnai is helping CST Renewables provide mobile emergency hot-water cover with two HDC 1500 Infinity condensing gas-fired water heaters installed in a small trailer. The equipment includes a low-loss buffer vessel to cope with extra demand. The unit can be fitted to systems with or without a secondary return loop.

pipes, pipework, Pipe Center

Distributors have a key role to play in developing the potential of partnerships in the supply chain. Lee Jon Newman of Pipe Center discusses what an effective strategy can achieve.

pipes, pipework, Durapipe, plastic

Specification drivers

03 February, 2015

What do contractors and consultants take into consideration when choosing pipework systems? Des Dolan of Durapipe shares the findings of recent research into pipework specifications.

pipes, pipework, pushfit, Pegler Yorkshire, Tectite

Pegler Yorkshire’s Tectite Sprint metal pushfit plumbing fittings are now available in six sizes from 15 to 54 mm. Three new sizes have been added to the range; they are 35, 42 and 54 mm. Tectite Sprint is compatible with a variety of tubing materials, including plain and chrome-plated copper, PB and Pex.

pipes, pipework, Kooltherm, pipe insulation

To enable specifiers, mechanical engineers and contractors to get maximum benefit from the premium performance of its Koolthem FM pipe-insulation system, Kingspan Tarec has increased its technical support with the Kooltherm FM Premier and Premier Plus Services. The aim is to deliver clear advice and guidance at every stage in a project — from initial specification to site visits and certification.

Pipes, pipework, Rodin, bacteria, water treatment, Legionnaires' Disease

Following testing for the NHS on the mains water supply to a community hospital, Rodin’s titanium advanced oxidation process (AOP) for preventing legionella and other bacteria entering the water system of a building has been installed on several other projects by Skanska. They include the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, a prison and an MoD establishment.

pipes, pipework, BSRIA, biofilm, biocide, corrosion

Life secrets

03 February, 2015

Pipework systems that survive for three years should be good for many more years after that time. Reginald Brown of BSRIA highlights the problems that occur and offers advice on how to avoid them.

BMS, BEMS, AmbiRad, space heating

Heating costs under control

03 February, 2015

AmbiRad’s SmartCom intelligent energy-management controller is compatible with radiant-tube, warm-air and many other types of heating system. It is straightforward and easy to use and has a wide range of energy-optimising features.

BMS, BEMS, Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has installed the building-management system for the Energy Centre [it is an academic and training building — not an energy centre in the more usual sense] of South Devon College. The system is based on Schneider’s SmartStruxure solution, the open nature of which gives the ability to connect any equipment to the BMS, enabling seamless integration.

BMS, BEMS, Ex-Or, presence detection, absence detection

Ex-Or’s LightSpot HD range of lighting-control sensors is designed to provide a versatile and customisable system that can stand alone or interact with a BMS. The shape and area of the zone covered can be adjusted using clip-on lens masks that do not detract from the aesthetics of the sensors and by tilting the sensors. There are various approaches to presence and absence detection to address operational issues — about which more below. Artificial lighting can also be controlled according to available daylight.

BMS, BEMS, Legrand, power distribution, lighting, busbar

The power and control requirements of a lighting system are best considered together to achieve a flexible and cost-effective installation, argues Steve Marr of Legrand.

BMS, BEMS, Chalmor, TRV, thermostatic radiator valve, space heating

How local control saves energy

03 February, 2015

Heating unoccupied areas of buildings just to ensure that occupied areas are heated is wasteful. Steven Henry of Chalmor looks at the benefits of very localised control of heating.

BMS, BEMS, Trend Control Systems, biomass, renewable energy

With the rapid growth in renewable energy technologies, effective control is vital in terms of maximising their potential. Mike Clinch and Yasir Sheikh of Trend Control Systems explain how building energy management systems (BEMS) are increasingly being used to monitor and manage biomass boilers.

BMS, BEMS, RDM, Resource Data Management

Resource Data Management (RDM) is providing total control and monitoring for the headquarters of Standard Chartered Bank in Malaysia. The RDM system chosen provides complete control of the VRV and split air-conditioning systems, smoke exhaust fans, booster pumps, lighting, lifts, generators, and fire and security systems. It also looks after air-handling units and pressurisation fans.

BMS, BEMs, Schneider Electric, power meter

Schneider Electric’s branch circuit power meter (BCPM) is a fully featured metering system that enables users to monitor, plan and optimise the use of critical power infrastructure to meet the demands of continuous availability. The system is suitable for new and retrofit installations, as the offer has current transformers with solid and split-core versions.

BMS, BEMS, Sontay, wireless sensor

Hospital and healthcare buildings comprise various environments that need to be considered carefully when installing sensor equipment. Sandy Damm of Sontay, explains what specifiers and contractors should think about when installing sensor equipment.

BMS, BEMS, BCIA, Building Controls Industry Association

Taking the long view

03 February, 2015

Steve Harrison, president of the Building Controls Industry Association considers some of the key points made during the 2014 Building Services Summit about the long-term efficiency of buildings.

UTC Building & Industrial Systems (UTC BIS) has completed its acquisition of Ciat, the France-based HVAC company. With sales in over 20 countries in Europe, Ciat has become part of the ETC Buildings & Industrial Systems’ European HVAC division.

Commissioning Specialists' Association, CSA

In support of its 25th anniversary, the Commissioning Specialists’ Association (CSA) is delighted to have launched an industry-wide awards programme. The 2015 CSA Awards have been configured to bring together the entire commissioning sector in a celebration of the companies, innovations and people that are achieving the highest professional standards and helping to drive this dynamic industry forward.

B&ES, Andy Sneyd

The Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES) has published a business manifesto to highlight the issues that the next Government must address if the construction industry in the UK is to remain genuinely fit for purpose. The General Election will be on 7 May 2015, unless the House of Commons votes for an earlier date.

Edinburgh Marina, Granton Central Developments

Edinburgh plans unveiled

03 February, 2015

Developers have submitted their master plan for Edinburgh Marina. It includes a 400-berth marina, residential, retail and a spa hotel. It will deliver new homes for over 4000 people and up to 700 local employment opportunities.

Glenigan, economic forecast

Activity in many sections of the construction industry was buoyant in the final quarter of 2014, according the figures from industry analyst Glenigan. Private-housing activity was up by 7% in Q4, with a 15% year-on-year increase for 2014 as a whole. However, continuing declines in social housing made the Glenigan residential index flat in the latest period. The non-residential sector was up by 4%, led by double-digit grown in office and industrial project starts. Private-housing activity was up.

Sea Containers House, Turner & Townsend

Turner & Townsend has competed project delivery for the £160 million refurbishment of Sea Containers House, one of the most prominent landmarks on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. T&T delivered full cost-management services. The building was fully let prior to practical completion, and the final account was achieved nine months before completion.

Vital Energi has been awarded the £3.1 million contract to deliver the first phase of the Somers Town heat network in the Euston area of London. It will include a new energy centre and 500 m of district heating. The new energy centre will replace the existing heat main serving four residential blocks and export electricity to the Francis Crick medical-research institute, which is due for completion in 2015/16.

Honeywell has started full scale commercial production of HFO refrigerant 1234ze. It has a GWP of less than 1 and is being produced at the Honeywell Fluorine Products facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. It is part of the Solistice line of materials with low global-warming potential.


BSRIA marks 60 years

03 February, 2015

BSRIA marks its 60th anniversary in 2015. Founded in 1955, the organisation has provided leadership for the industry, developed people and skills, promoted the advancement of the industry, promoted smart technology and its introduction to deliver a sustainable future — totally aligning its activities with the Government’s 2025 construction strategy. BSRIA continues to lead the industry with its involvement in the introduction of BIM (building information modelling), the development of PAS (publicly available specifications) documents and the enhancement of industry skills.

Hurleypalmerflatt has been appointed M&E consultant for RB’s £100 million Global Centre for Excellence in Hull. The 3-storey building of 13 000 m2 will provide this global consumer health and hygiene with new R&D laboratories and testing chambers. The project includes a global healthcare technical centre of excellent and an energy centre. There will also be sensitive refurbishments to existing facilities

LEED, Grundfos Pumps

Services for the Karela office building in Athens, the first LEED gold-certified building in Greece and which has a roof herb garden, include an internal wastewater treatment plant and a rainwater collection system for irrigation and toilets.

Roderick Pettigrew has resigned as chief executive of the Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES). President Andy Sneyd explained that the departure was amicable. Mr Pettigrew had worked for the association for 25 years and was chief executive for the last 18 months.

LJJ, contractor

M&E specialist LJJ has opened a third regional office as part of a national expansion plan prompted by a £10 million growth in turnover to £40 million during the last financial year. The 200 m2 Midlands office on Birmingham Business Park is close to the NEC . The other offices are at Stockton-on-Tees and High Wycombe.

CITB, economic forecast

A resurgence in the regions and nations of the UK is driving a strong comeback for the construction industry, according to research by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). Over 200 000 construction jobs are expected to be created by 2019, with the sector expanding by up to 2.9% a year on average.

Lochinvar, performance gap, plant sizing

Clients are becoming increasingly frustrated by the building performance gap, but what can the commercial heating and hot water industry do about it, asks David Pepper of Lochinvar.

Ideal Commercial Boilers, HIU, heat interface unit, central plant, space heating, renewable energy

Central plant makes a comeback

03 February, 2015

Simon Carpenter of Ideal Commercial Boilers explores why there is a rapidly growing trend back towards centralised boiler plant in multi-residential properties and how modern heat interface units (HIUs) have been carefully designed by manufacturers to meet the requirements of individual residents and building owners.

Display Energy Certificate, National Energy Foundation, Voluntary DEC, landlord, tenant

How do you assess the energy efficiency of a commercial office building and tackle the issues associated with the landlord and tenant energy split? Malcolm Hanna of the National Energy Foundation describes a potential solution.

Honeywell, CentraLine

A key feature of the support for CentraLine Partners is the specialist training they receive. This support has seen the opening of a new training and demonstration centre.


Demand-controlled heating systems offer a number of benefits but can lead to an increase in boiler dry cycling. In such cases, additional levels of control are required to prevent this

Wood Energy, biomass boiler, renewable energy, ESCO

To help with funding the upfront cost of new biomass boilers, Wood Energy offers energy supply contracts (ESCOs) that offer new boilers, fully funded and fully maintained for 20 years.

Rinnai, CPD, training, hot water, DHW, continuous flow hot water

Rinnai UK’s 2015 programme of CIBSE/CPD training modules is designed to assist decision making and understanding of the different messages faced by consultant, engineers, installers and trainers. The tailor-made courses explore the practical and energy-saving benefits of continuous-flow water heating.

JAGA, BIM, space heating, trench heater, trench heating

Jaga Heating Products has released the latest additions to its BIM-compatible (Building Information Modelling) product files. The files can be downloaded from the Jaga website or directly through BIMstore. They are for the Mini Canal, Mini Canal DBE, Micro Canal, Clima Canal and Quatro Canal trench-heating solutions.

SFG20, maintenance

Enhancements to SFG20 web site

03 February, 2015

B&ES Publications has launched a customer-facing web site for SFG20, the definitive standard for building maintenance. In addition, most service-model subscribers can now access service timings as standard.

Grundfos Pumps, product selector

The Grundfos Product Center

03 February, 2015

Following extensive product development, Grundfos has launched the Grundfos Product Center. It builds on the WebCAPS and WinCAPs online and offline pump-selection tools that have served the industry for many years.

Faber & Kell

The first full-colour edition of Faber & Kell’s ‘Heating and air conditioning of buildings’ (the 11th edition) has been completely revised to add new sections and update the rapidly changing view on sustainability, planning and regulation. For over 70 years, Faber & Kell [as it is affectionately known] has been the definitive reference book in its field.

Clivet, packaged, rooftop, air conditioning

Clivet’s latest range of ClivetPack rooftop packaged air-conditioning units deliver airflows from 8500 to 60 000 m3/h and have cooling capacities from 175 to 376 kW. Applications include supermarkets, retail, restaurants, railway stations and airports. They are designed for energy-efficient operation.

Gilberts, Blackpool, natural ventilation, louvre

The Mistrale 75 series of louvres for natural ventilation from Gilberts of Blackpool is claimed to offer some of the lowest air-leakage rates and U values of its kind. It is also very slim — just 200 mm thick— and is designed for ease of integration into the external envelope of the building.

Tridonic, lighting management, control, dim

Tridonic’s connecDIM lighting-management system for commercial and industrial applications is easy to integrate. The system comprises connecDIM Gateway and connecDIM Cloud to provide decentralised light monitoring and control options from anywhere in the world. Small applications with only a few DALI devices can benefit just as much as complex lighting systems in large buildings.

Marshall-Tufflex, voltage optimiser

Marshall-Tufflex has launched a voltage optimiser that complies with the latest changes to the Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2008). Voltis Home complies with the requirement that they be made of non-combustible material or enclosed within a non-combustible box.

McQuay UK has added three ranges of air-handling units with heat recovery to its product portfolio. They cover residential, commercial and industrial applications and can achieve a heat-recovery efficiency of over 90%, depending on the range. All units have an internal bypass for free cooling.

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Manufacturer helps equip skills centre

Ideal Heating has helped to equip a new £500,000 green energy centre in Merseyside which is seeking to attract fresh talent into the heating industry.

Acoustic solutions suite with easy access to services at University of Birmingham

A suite of ceiling and wall acoustic solutions have been specified for The University of Birmingham’s new landmark Molecular Sciences building, which will provide a hub for research and academic work.