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CentraLine’s Supervisor, Arena NX

Arena NX, taking Supervisor to the next level CentraLine’s latest Supervisor, Arena NX, heralds a new generation of connected building management systems. The easy operation of complex facilities, extensive data acquisition and evaluation capabilities in a building, plus interdisciplinary automation strategies, are all designed to increase occupancy comfort whilst simultaneously reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Arena NX integrates HVAC systems and non-HVAC systems (e.g. lighting, access control, alarm systems, fire protection and others) across an estate. The primary applications are those where several CentraLine HAWK, EAGLEHAWK and/or Eagle controllers communicate within a network and with other systems using TCP/IP communication standards [such as BACnet/IP, LON over IP, oBIX, OPC (client), Modbus TCP, KNX/IP and SNMP and others] directly integrated. Both IP and non IP-based systems can also be simply integrated via CentraLine HAWK devices.

Arena NX provides visually processed and easy-to-understand real-time information, such as central control icons, data recording and archiving. User-configurable dashboards can be used to group important information together, and system-wide alarm management is easily and quickly enabled.

The EnOcean-based EasyClickpro

The support of the HTML5 standard for web visualisation enables operation without the use of Java applets and thus prevents security and compatibility issues with browsers. Arena NX can be easily operated via standard web browsers on a PC, tablets and smartphones.

CentraLine NX is specifically designed to make commissioning and efficient operation of a building quicker and easier, with the help of the following features.

• Extensive application library with components for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

• Automatically generated system documentation.

• New energy-management features to reduce operating costs.

• Enhanced BACnet connection capabilities to simplify operation of BACnet systems, meaning commissioning takes even less effort.

EnOcean based room control — click and go for a whole new world of integration capability

CentraLine is delighted to announce the launch of EasyClickpro, which offers integration of a wireless and battery-free solution for the control of light, shading, and temperature in building management.

EasyClickpro is based on the patented EnOcean technology. The wireless system for switches and receivers functions without batteries or charging devices and can be placed freely within a room, ensuring a high level of flexibility and convenience. The bidirectional receiver can not only receive radio signals but also transmit their status back every time it changes. This way, EasyClickpro devices are fully integrated into a CentraLine building management system (BMS).

The radio-based EasyClickpro system is ideally suited for upgrading, renovation and reconstruction of a building without the need for cables or interference with the existing electrical system, removing the hassle and cost of expensive wiring.

Merlin room controllers

Any change of use or expansion to the building can be easily and efficiently implemented at a later time. The wall switches are wire and battery free; they only need to be glued or screwed to the wall and are connected with the corresponding receivers with the simple touch of a button. This offers an installation advantage should the use of the space change, allowing adjustments to the building when necessary. EasyClickpro is ideally suited to commercial offices where a reliable and efficient HVAC system is indispensable, but can just as easily be used in other buildings, such as public facilities, prefabricated houses, retirement homes or hotels.

Integration with the CentraLine system is done via bus-capable antennae that can be distributed throughout a building and connected with the HAWK and EAGLEHAWK controllers. These controllers automatically detect the bidirectional EasyClickpro components and integrate them into the control program with a simple drag-and-drop operation. Furthermore, an intuitive menu interface and easy to understand symbols simplify guidance through the menu of the EasyClickpro comfort handheld remote control.

Casting its spell

Following the announcement in the last CentraLine Bulletin, CentraLine’s Merlin range of configurable BACnet MSTP room controllers are being well received by the marketplace. Designed with flexibility and simple configuration in mind, these room controllers utilise the novel ‘RoomUp App’, which itself was nominated for the annual industry awards of the Building Controls Industry Association and the Commissioning Specialists’ Association.

For more information about Merlin, and to see the new RoomUp commissioning video please go to the second link below.

It’s all about mobility

CentraLine roadshows

We like nothing better than meeting our customers face to face and are intending to do a roadshow tour of the country. However, we want to make sure all our new babies have a chance to shine, so these events will be a little later in the year. Look out for the CentraLine Roadshow dates in future MBS editions or contact CentraLine for further information.

The RoomUp App for Android mobile devices is designed for configuring CentraLine’s range of Merlin room controllers.

The RoomUp App has all the common room control applications pre-configured and also recognises all the functionality available within each application and the connected room control modules.

The RoomUp App reduces commissioning time, labour requirements, safety risks and costs by enabling a single engineer to commission multiple controllers on the network without the need to constantly climb ladders, return to a laptop or communicate to a second engineer via a radio link. Costs are further reduced by the automatic addressing and commissioning reports functionality.

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