ELCO set to shake up the boiler market with ground-breaking new design

ELCO has launched new wall-hung and floor-standing units.

ELCO has launched the new wall-hung THISION® L PLUS and floor standing TRIGON® L PLUS

ELCO Heating Solutions has strengthened its range of high efficiency commercial gas boilers with the launch of the new wall-hung THISION® L PLUS and floor standing TRIGON® L PLUS. Benefiting from the company’s advanced engineering capabilities, these are the next generation of ELCO boilers, offering powerful performance for flexible installation and simple maintenance.

The new boilers have been designed to cater for modern heating demands, boasting a wealth of features and benefits that enable them to be fitted in many commercial applications – either as single units or in cascade. Plus, as plant rooms decrease in size, the new boilers have followed suit, with their impressive footprint to power ratio offering greater levels of flexibility and allowing for installation in tighter spaces. Both the THISION® L PLUS and TRIGON® L PLUS offer outputs of 60 to 200kW from a single boiler and up to 1.6MW in cascade, as well as extremely low NOx emissions (<24mg/kWh). All boilers achieve 2 BREEAM credits in accordance with BREEAM UK New Construction 2018.

There are seven wall-hung and seven floor standing models respectively, with each range comprising three single heat exchanger units and four double heat exchanger boilers. What separates these boilers from others on the market is their internal redundancy as a result of the DE models having dual heat exchangers that work independently from one another.

THISION® L PLUS: The most powerful boiler on the wall
The THISION® L PLUS is the most powerful wall-hung boiler to enter the market, capable of achieving outputs as high as 200kW in a footprint of less than 0.5m2. When fitted in cascade, models boast an impressive output
of 1.6MW and have a low installation height of just 1.7m (excluding flue). They also offer the smallest, most compact footprint (in terms of width). Up to eight boilers can be fitted in cascade, either in-line or back to back.

TRIGON® L PLUS: The flexible floor standing boiler
The TRIGON® L PLUS is the most compact floor standing boiler available, as well as lightweight, thanks to its low water content. Boilers can be fitted in cascade in-line (via a dedicated wall-hung rack) or back-to-back, again offering great flexibility, with a maximum output of 1.6MW. These boilers have a low installation height of 1.8m (including the flow and return manifolds, as well as the horizontal flue). Flow and return manifolds are located at the top of each unit, while there is full access from the front to shut-off valves and connections. As with their wall mounted counterparts, up to eight boilers can be fitted in-line or back to back.

Features and benefits

Both ranges benefit from ‘plug and play’ technology, with the pumps and both flue and water non-return valves located inside each boiler, helping to reduce set-up time and costs. The integrated cascade manager is also capable of handling a wide array of configurations. Plus, the boilers’ connectivity via new BUS modules allows them to be integrated into a Building Management System (BMS) for safe operation and predictive maintenance. These modules are supported by the protocols MODBUS, KNX, LON and BACNET.

As with all ELCO boilers, both the THISION® L PLUS and TRIGON® L PLUS utilise stainless steel heat exchangers, ensuring long life performances, reliability and durability. Stainless steel is four times more corrosion resistant than aluminium, ensuring its heat transfer properties decrease less over time. This allows the material to outperform aluminium in terms of efficiency within the first year of use. In terms of sustainability, each heat exchanger utilises ELCO’s unique HEX3 technology – a multi-pipe construction with generous wall thickness for added strength and durability. These are cleverly configured to ensure they return the highest levels of efficiency and optimise flue gas temperature zones. This results in extremely low NOx (<24mg/kWh) and CO emissions, bolstering the boilers’ green credentials.

Energy efficiency and end user comfort is further enhanced by all boilers having industry leading high modulation rates of up to 10:1, reducing fuel consumption while extending longevity by preventing on/off cycling. Plus, all models benefit from a fully polypropylene insulated body, for enhanced thermal protection alongside reduced levels of noise.

A touchscreen HMI (Human-Machine Interface) is positioned at the top of the boiler on both wall-hung and floor standing models, for easy access and use. This HMI aids with installation, inspection and maintenance and is supported by an integrated cascade manager. The waterproof PCB control box is also housed at the top of each unit, presenting less risk of incurring damage in the event of a water leak. Plus, all these components can be
accessed from the front of the boilers, aiding installers in terms of serviceability.

A newly developed proprietary board and control system provides master and slave logic for the management of the two heat exchangers, while boiler cascade management functionality is also integrated into the circuit.

All units are compatible with a wide range of accessories, such as backpack solutions for single floor standing boiler applications, including either a low loss header or a plate heat exchanger. Among the other accessories are a comprehensive set of hydraulic and gas kits, including low loss headers, plate heat exchangers, flue kits, filters, pressure switches and safety valves.

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