2010 April

Protec, fire detection

Fire-detection company Protec has doubled its workspace with the opening of a new extension to its headquarters in Nelson, Lancashire. The company has been enjoying a period of cumulative growth for some years, and the £1.3 million project, which includes the complete refurbishment of the original offices, now houses national customer services, sales and marketing, R&D, accounts, quality and environmental services and many other departments.

Raychem, electric underfloor heating

Raychem’s CeraPro domestic electric underfloor heating system is described as an easily installed under-tile heating system that provides total flexibility for all room shapes and sizes. It is based on a strong, low-profile professional-grade fluoropolymer heating cable with preinstalled electrical connection cable. The all-in-one kit includes a simple and innovative ‘tap ’n’ mesh’ installation system for quick and easy fixing to the subfloor. The cable is only 3 mm thick and sits within the tile adhesive.

Finder, thermostat

Finder’s 1T range of high-accuracy micro-processor-based room thermostats provide a temperature-setting resolution accuracy of 0.1 K and advanced setting options to help reduce energy use in commercial and residential environments. A day/night selector enables temperatures to be set back by 3 K to further reduce energy consumption, and there is a frost-protection setting of 5°C in the off mode.

Walter Meier, Climate, humidifier maintenance

All makes and types of humidifier are covered by a service from the services and after-sales division of Walter Meier (Climate UK). Where appropriate, humidifier maintenance can also be integrated with air-conditioning maintenance to optimise the time of engineers on site and reduce costs.

Syntegra Consulting, EPC, Energy Performance Certificate

Syntegra Consulting has introduced an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) service for any type of commercial building across the UK. The company is based in London and Reading and employs a nationwide team of qualified commercial energy assessors to undertake surveys. The launch of the service follows a survey that highlights that only 28% of commercial properties marketed for sale or lease have the legally required EPC.

Polypipe Terrain, Rainstrean, rainwater harvesting, rain water

Polypipe Terrain’s Rainstream range comprises products that can be combined to create bespoke solutions for capturing, storing and re-using rainwater in schools, colleges and other large-scale educational buildings. The range can also help builders, architects, developers, contractors and end users conform to the numerous environment and legislative requirements surrounding water usage.

Telegan, flue gas analyser

Telegan’s Sprint V range of flue-gas analysers combines five instruments in a single small handheld unit. They are a flue-gas analyser, differential thermometer, differential manometer, gas-escape detector and a carbon-monoxide room-safety monitor.

Passivent, ventilation, louvre Aircool

Passivent now offers a version of its controlled Aircool ventilation louvre with an integrated heating coil that can be connected to a building’s wet heating system. Called Thermal Aircool, it warms air being drawn from outside to avoid draughts and reduce the load on the rest of the heating system.

Armaflex, insulation, anti-microbial

Built-in anti-microbial protection is now supplied with Class 0 Armaflex engineered foam insulation sheets — including sheets, tubes and coils. These products are said to be particularly appropriate for use in buildings with high occupancy levels such as offices, hospitals, schools and leisure centres.

Bitzer, scroll compressors, R410A, Orbit Oreal

To achieve greater efficiency at part load, Bitzer’s Orbit 8 series of scroll compressors, specifically designed for R410A, includes six displacement steps with capacities from 39 to 103 kW at 50 Hz. There are two versions of Orbit 8 compressors — one optimised for air-cooled applications and heat pumps and the other for water-cooled chiller operation.

Glow-worm, Clearly Solar, heat pumps, MHVR, heat recovery, mechanical ventilation, whole house

Glow-worm’s range of Clearly products now includes air-to-water heat pumps and whole-house mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. Forming part of the Clearly Renewables range, the Clearly Heat Pump range is aimed at providing straightforward heating and hot-water solutions for domestic properties.

Lochinvar, water heating, DHW, condensing, EcoShield

Lochinvar’s EcoShield range of high-efficiency gas-fired condensing water heaters comprises five models with recovery rates from 709 to 2436 l/h based on a 50 K temperature rise. The largest model is believed to be the highest-output gas-fired water heater available in the UK and has a storage capacity of 435 l.

Medem, gas monitoring, CO2, gas detection, gas pressure proving

Medem’s Services & Environmental Control range offers the flexibility of single- or multi-function solutions — including demand-controlled ventilation and CO2 monitoring, gas detection, gas-pressure proving and fan interlocking. The SEC range is described as extremely simple to use and easy to install. An LCD screen displays the status and instructions to the end user.

Vaillant, air conditioning

Vaillant’s climaVAIR plus V-multi split air-conditioning system is a versatile air-to-air heat-pump system that can deliver cooling and heating for a number of rooms. Each outdoor unit is delivered with four indoor units with a total heat output of 10 kW. Also included is an infra-red remote controller and a pack of pipework and fittings for simple installation up to 10 m from the outdoor unit.

ABB drives, router, variable speed drive, VSD

Drives for fan and pump motors can be easily connected to an HVAC system with BACnet using an IP router from ABB. The RBIP-01 router eliminates the need for gateways and is compatible with all ABB HVAC drives, including older-generation products.

Venture Lighting, metal halide

Providing effective lighting from a high mounting position is very demanding on light sources and luminaires. Clive Riddell explains why metal halide is still the best choice for low- and high-bay lighting.

Thermokon’s 2010 catalogue runs to 244 pages and includes all types of sensors from room operating panels, pressure, mixed gas, CO2, light/motion, IO modules, humidity, thyristors, temperature and thermostats — as well as its EasySens wireless system.

Kitchen ventilation

07 April, 2010

Ledaire Fabrications has published a guide to kitchen ventilation systems. The company produces tailor-made stainless-steel extract canopies and hoods for all types of kitchen — from fast-food outlets to hotel complexes, from old peoples’ homes to large schools, from exclusive restaurants to large public-sector kitchens.

Elson’s new and improved web site enables installers, heating engineers and specifiers to obtain the latest information on the company’s combination tanks, thermal stores, heating and hot-water packages, central boiler plant and district-heating solutions. There is a dedicated low-carbon section on renewable options.

The UK Copper Board has published guidance on copper pipework services in modern buildings. It explains the many reasons for selecting copper tube and fittings for building services. The guide also details the excellent performance characteristics of copper, the durability and reliability of pipework in service and how copper is recycled and its environmental impact assessed

The major technologies and technical issues involved in the operation of motors and variable-speed drives are covered in a range of technical guides from ABB. They cover topics such as the basics of variable-speed drives, dimensioning a drive system, electrical braking, harmonics and AC drives, and bearing currents.

Danfoss, underfloor heating manifold

New features in Danfoss’s FHF-F manifold system for controlling water flow in underfloor heating systems introduce a far higher level of functionality than most previous solutions. Each pipe in the underfloor heating system is connected to the manifold, making it possible to control water flow or heat supply separately to each room.

Daikin, Altherma, heat pump

Daikin’s Altherma high-temperature air-source heat pump has won the ‘Heating, plumbing, ventilation and building services’ category of the 2010 Self-Build Product Innovation Awards. It was chosen by the judges as the most innovative building-services product to meet the demands of today’s consumer and constantly evolving Building Regulations. It offers a low-carbon, low-energy solution to supplying a home’s requirements for heating and hot water.

Smith's Environmental Products, Hydroflame, fan convector

The Hydroflame fan convector from Smith’s Environmental Products has an improved flame effect. A mirrored panel behind the ‘flame’ provides more depth to create a more realistic and attractive focal point. The ‘flame’ window is also bigger.

Zip Heaters, boiling water heaters, chilled water

Zip Heaters (UK), which specialises in boiling-water and chilled drinking water units, is now accredited under the SAFEcontractor scheme. This scheme is designed to help industry improve its safety record and is recognised by a growing number of major companies when choosing contractors.

Grundfos, pumps, Utilities Vendor Database

For several years Grundfos Pumps has been included on the Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB) Supplier Management Service. This means that the company has met the pre qualification needs of the major UK utility organisations and contractors in the UK.

DDA Solutions, electrical accessories, Disability Discrimination Act

The DDA requires public and private organisations to provide assistance to disabled and visually impaired users and employees within public buildings, offices and accommodation. The act requires an effective level of contrast between electrical accessories and the background colour of the wall. A simple but effective new product has been launched by ‘DDA Solutions’. It is available in a range of colours and can be easily and swiftly fitted by a competent operative, therefore cost-effective in labour terms. Full details and ordering is available from www.dda-solutions.co.uk

Danlers, PIR occupancy switches, lighting control

Danlers manufactures a comprehensive range of passive infra-red occupancy switches for automatic lighting control. The products are easy to install, using the existing wiring in a building. They are ideal for energy saving in offices, factories, schools etc.

BSS Industrial, carbon steel tube, pipes, pipework

BSS Industrial has developed its range of carbon-steel tube, fittings and flanges to further improve its offering and services to water, power, food, drink and utility markets. BSS is aiming this extended range at the water industry and mechanical sub-contractors which specialise in the fabrication of steel pipework. The range of products is supported by next-day delivery through national distribution centres in Bulwell, Nottingham and Cross Point, Coventry.

Honeywell, CPD, convergence

Honeywell Building Solutions has developed CPD-accredited courses on converged building solutions for consultants and specifiers. Each course addresses the key benefits of convergence in new construction and major refurbishment, which range from cost-reduction opportunities and revenue generation to energy-saving potential and sustainability. Current market trends and technologies are also explored as a means of understanding and achieving these objectives.

Carlo Gavazzi, modular power analyser, load monitoring

Carlo Gavazzi’s WM30-96 smart modular power analyser offers enhanced faster communications for building automation networks and functions such as load monitoring measurement and comprehensive alarm management. These units come in a compact plug-and-play modular format that streamlines installation and simplifies inventory management.

Polypipe, Polysure, press fittings, Polyplumb, Polyfit

Polypipe has added press-fit fittings to its range of plastic plumbing and heating systems. The Polysure range is said to be the first on the UK market available in UK Imperial sizes. They can be used with grey Polyplumb and white Polyfit polybutylene pipes.

MK Electric, CFL dimmer, compact fluorescent lamp

MK Electric has added dimmers for compact fluorescent lamps to its Logic Plus range of wiring accessories. They are said to be suitable for use with dimmable CFLs from a wide range of well known manufacturers. To optimise lamp life, these dimmers start the lamp at full rating and then dim to the preset level once it has warmed up. In addition, the minimum output is set at a level that means lamps should always stay on.

Marshall Tufflex Energy Management has entered the voltage-optimisation market with a product called Voltis and which is said to deliver demonstrable energy savings of 20%. Voltis constantly monitors incoming supply voltage, outgoing voltage and load being drawn and then adjusts automatically to harmonise power supply with demand — maximising savings and reducing carbon emissions.

Actionair, smoke and fire damper, ES rated

Actionair’s CSS range of ES-rated smoke and fire dampers has been developed to provide effective control of fire and, especially, smoke in standard circular/spiral ductwork systems. This type of ductwork accounts for around half the ducting installed in the UK. This range of fire dampers covers duct sizes from 100 to 355 mm.

Watertight International’s non-return valve for drains is easily fitted and will prevent foul water flowing back into a property via toilets and waste pipes. These valves are available in the most common pipe diameter (110 mm, 4 in)

Frese, space heating, DHW, domestic hot water, heat interface unit

Frese now offers a heat-interface unit to enable dwellings in multi-dwelling developments to have their own independent heating and hot-water services derived from central plant. Sales director Matthew Dunk says, ‘The rapid uptake of renewable-energy technologies has placed district-heating schemes firmly back in vogue, and the Frese ConHeat range of heat interface units presents us with an exciting opportunity to enter new markets.

Biddle, air curtain, Invisidor Doorflow

Biddle’s Invisidor Doorflow range of air curtains has been designed to minimise maintenance. The need for filters is eliminated by a purpose-designed coil/heater battery to reduced the build-up of dust and debris between the coil fins. They can be free hanging, recessed or cassette style. Heat outputs are up to 25 kW when installed up to 3.1 m high.

Gilberts Blackpool, linear diffusers

Gilberts has launched a new range of linear diffusers following 12 months of research and development. The MBD series of multi-blade linear diffusers complements existing rectangular and linear models to provide a continuous louvered face style diffuser option.

Yorkshire Water has reduced power consumption at its data centre in Bradford by 25% following an energy assessment by Keysource. Following the implementation of key recommendations, Yorkshire Water was able to optimise cooling processes and achieve energy savings of up to £70 000, based on 10 p/kWh and a measured IT load of 134 kW.

Remeha, boilers, condensing

Boilers in a fitness centre in Salford that had become less than fit for purpose and started leaking have been replaced with new Remeha Gas 210 ECO Pro boilers. Three of the largest models in the range were installed in Salford Council’s Fit City in Eccles. They each have an output of 200 kW, modulating down to 39 kW. They were installed on the recommendation of Urban Vision, which also carried out the installation work.

Carbon emissions from a Lincolnshire hospital are expected to be halved following the completion of a new energy centre. The work at the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston was carried out under a Public Private Partnership between Cofely and the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust. Cofely will operate and maintain the plant for 15 years, with guaranteed year-on-year savings for the trust across the site.

Vaillant, space heating, boiler, condensing

Vaillant is working closely with The Gateshead Housing Company to ­help this social-housing provider improve the energy efficiency of its housing stock as part of Decent Homes initiative. Vaillant is supplying high-efficiency condensing ecoTEC boilers to help reduce heating costs. Gateshead housing company currently has over 21 000 properties, with about 19 000 of them having gas-fired central-heating systems.

Watermatic, electrolytic water treatment, limescale
The capabilities of Watermatic’s Kal-Guard+ water electrolytic water treatment to reduce the formation of limescale on heat-transfer surfaces have been used to benefit by companies such as Birds Eye, BMW, Whitbread, Asda and KrsipyCreme. Independent tests at Cranfield University have shown a reduction in limescale formation of up to 80%. Kal-Guard+ is a in-line powered water-treatment device that delivers a pro­portional release of zinc to manage limescale in a system. Sophisticated control that is simple to use matches the level of dosing to water conditions, producing a measurable residual effect throughout the system. The effects of limescale can be severe. For example a 1 mm layer of limescale raises energy costs by 7.5%. The effect of a 12 mm layer is to raise energy costs by 70%. Watermatic offers CPD seminars highlighting the potential savings to a wide range of businesses. The company’s web site (below) also has a payback calculator.
ABB, KNX, intelligent building control, BMS

The installation of intelligent building control equipment is achieving significant reductions in energy costs and improved functionality for the ABB University in Telford. ABB’s i-bus KNX system has been fitted into three classrooms and two reception areas by EnTech, an ABB accredited KNX installer.

Mitsubishi Electric, Ecodan, heat pump, space heating

Low-carbon low-cost heating is provided for a new development of affordable housing in Great Billing, Northants, by air-source heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric. The seven 3-storey terraced houses were built for a housing association and use 5 kW Ecodan units linked to a 150 l cylinder to serve underfloor heating on the ground floor and convector radiators on the first and second floors.

Andrews Water Heaters, solar thermal, domestic hot water, DHW

New facilities for the Beacon Centre for the Blind in Wolverhampton have their hot-water requirements supplied by two solar thermal systems supplied by Andrews Water Heaters. The SOLARflo systems are supported by two MAXXflo condensing water heaters. The new centre brings together services for people with sight loss who were previously housed in eight separate buildings on the site.

Timoleon underfloor heating

A specially designed Timoleon underfloor heating system has been incorporated into the sprung sports floor of a village hall near Totnes in Devon. Accidental damage to the underfloor heating that had served Harberton Parish Hall since it was built meant that a new system was required, but one tailored to the hall’s physical requirements. The semi-sprung floor is suitable for dancing and children’s games, and the hall provide a venue for community events from theatrical performances to weddings.

Flamebar, fire rated ductwork

Flamebar’s BW11 fire-rated ductwork system has been chosen for the new £35.2 million London Cancer Clinic in Harley Street. It will be one of the most advanced cancer research and treatment centres in Europe.

JS Air Curtains

JS Air Curtains has supplied eight air curtains to the Welcome Break services station at Membury on the M4. There are five 2 m-wide Windbox air curtains and three HeatScreen air curtains on the front entrance, rear entrance and some internal doorways. They were installed by Russell Air Conditioning.

Dimplex, heat pumps, grants

Randwick Village Hall near Stroud in Gloucestershire could become the UK’s first carbon-neutral village hall following a major grant-aided refurbishment that includes solar PV and a ground-source heat pump. The hall received 100% grant funding from a variety of sources, including the Government’s Low Carbon Buildings Programme (LCBP2) and Stroud District Council, for its extensive £70 000 programme of improvements.

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Manufacturer helps equip skills centre

Ideal Heating has helped to equip a new £500,000 green energy centre in Merseyside which is seeking to attract fresh talent into the heating industry.

Acoustic solutions suite with easy access to services at University of Birmingham

A suite of ceiling and wall acoustic solutions have been specified for The University of Birmingham’s new landmark Molecular Sciences building, which will provide a hub for research and academic work.