With the introduction of the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) policy, the number of companies needing to measure and provide usage data to the government will almost treble.

Under the earlier Carbon Reduction Commitment around 4,000 businesses had to report their energy and emissions data, but the change in criteria will mean that the requirement will now affect around 11,900 companies. The decision aligns the government’s goals with the G20 Financial Stability Board's Taskforce on Climate-related financial disclosures.

The Armstrong Design Envelope product range includes embedded software for monitoring and reporting performance after installation which collects and reports data more accurately than a flow meter. So investing in replacement pumps (and harnessing their connectivity and in-built performance management technology) can provide the increased level of environmental reporting data necessary to meet the demands of the SECR policy, whilst making immediate improvements in energy efficiency.

Pump Manager, part of the Armstrong Active Performance Management Suite, is a cloud-based application which leverages the embedded intelligence and connectivity available through Armstrong Design Envelope pumps to make active performance management available on all models as standard.

Continuous optimisation for maximum efficiency

The aim of Pump Manager is to offer continuous optimisation for maximum efficiency. Online trending and analysis across multiple parameters on single pumps, or on an aggregated basis for multiple pumps, assists in identifying performance degradation and allows a predictive and proactive approach to users. Our customers typically use Pump Manager after installation of new HVAC systems to provide real-time insights and alerts. For example, it will report issues such as excessive vibration, a broken coupling or a dead head should they occur, or conditions such as impeller imbalance, bearing failure, seal failures and shaft misalignment that would impact on operation of the pump if undetected. Most importantly, for those companies needing to gain a deeper understanding of their energy consumption, Pump Manager provides a fully reactive and integrated vision of an individual building, able to integrate with BMS, EMS and CMMS, as well as offering API-APP integration. This information is readily available via real-time data and reports.

Saving energy from day one

The additional benefit, of course, is that by installing the new pumps and using them to supply the necessary data, building owners and occupiers could be saving energy from day one. When the time comes to prepare the business case for an energy upgrade, to be reviewed by those with budgetary control, the figures provided via Pump Manager will include actual cost-savings that have already been achieved, not just theoretical savings based on calculations.

If you’d like to explore the potential of pump-based energy reporting, just give us a call.

By Andy Boothroyd, Service and Energy Upgrade Director, Armstrong Fluid Technology

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