2009 May

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Grundfos Pumps has won the Design Plus Award from the German Design Council and the organiser of the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt for its Magna 32-60 N domestic-hot-water recirculator. The award is conferred on a product that combines functionality and aesthetics in an efficient and sustainable way.


LG has devised a programme of CPD-accredited air-conditioning presentations for building-services consultants. They highlight the main points of design, showing how a well designed VRF system will improve overall energy efficiency and produce cost savings.


Eleven giant Monodraught Windcatchers each 4 m high have been installed at Tesco’s new Eco Store at Cheetham Hill, Manchester. This is one of the first supermarkets to have natural-ventilation systems fitted to the shopping floor. As it is a food store, special air filters have been incorporated in the Windcatchers to ensure optimum air quality Natural ventilation substantially lowers energy consumed in supermarkets by controlling air movement using wind power only without any energy costs.

Ivan Thompson, managing director of Stokvis Energy Systems, reports a high level of interest from consultants and contractors in the Riomay solar thermal system for commercial applications which it introduced last year and which is being shown at NEMEX at the NEC from 19 to 21 May.


Hager’s new range of staircase time-lag switches offer a simple and flexible solution for saving energy. They are easy to fit or retrofit onto a DIN rail and can be used with any wall switches. The basic switch provides an adjustable time lag of 30 s to 10 min and has a manual over-ride.


Danlers makes a comprehensive range of passive infra-red occupancy switches for automatic lighting control, including the popular ceiling flush mounted version (pictured). The products are easy to install, using the existing wiring in a building.

Big Foot

Big Foot Systems has introduced five standard designs of prefabricated aluminium roof penetrations with rounded inlets to prevent damage to insulated pipes and cables.

JS Humidification claims to be the first humidification company in the UK to become accredited with the Occupational Health & Safety Standard OHSAS 18001. This British Standard covers all elements of health and safety in the organisation and ensures that safety-at-work legislation is fully implemented throughout the company.

Flexelec’s range of Stopgel-Antifreeze range of electric trace-heating cables are designed to protect metal pipes from freezing. A thermostat at the end of the cable is preset to activate heating when the temperature falls below 5°C. These cables have a flat section of 5 x 7 mm for good heat transfer and use 15 W/m. They come in kits, which include the double-insulated heating cable with a metre-long power-supply section at one end, electrical connection plug and fitting accessories. Lengths are 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 m.

Solex, a distributor of solar-thermal equipment, is now approved to deliver Logic Certification’s course in solar thermal hot water from its state-of-the-art centre in Preston. Solex offers a wide range of equipment, and its training centre has live working systems, indoor roofs with mounted collector arrays and demonstration test areas for components and system controls.


A Sainsbury first

18 May, 2009

Sainsbury’s new flagship green store in Dartmouth, Devon is the first UK supermarket to fit Monodraught 750 mm diameter SunPipes in its main shop floor area, bringing all the benefits of natural daylight to the thousands of Sainsbury’s customers that shop there every week. A total of 85 energy-free SunPipes are installed in the pioneering store, helping it to achieve its target of slashing by 50% the energy currently taken from the national grid; and saving 40% off CO2 emissions.


The latest edition of JCC’s lighting catalogue features over 125 new products, including the latest LEDs, Fireguard and low-energy solutions. New icons indicate key features of each products, including PIR, LED, low-energy and 40/45 lm/W.


Underfloor heating

18 May, 2009

Polypipe has published a brochure covering the many benefits of underfloor heating. Called ‘Commercial floor heating systems’, it covers the suitability of the systems to different applications and outlines the range of system components that can be combined to create the perfect heating solution.

AECB (formerly the Association for Environment Conscious Building) has published a water standard that is applicable to new homes, the refurbishment of existing dwellings and non-domestic buildings.


Solar-thermal guide

18 May, 2009

Lochinvar has produced a guide on the use of solar energy with traditional gas-fired water heaters.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has launched a simplified air-conditioning controller for hotel rooms. The RCH-E3 is based on the established RC-E3 controller, which has been proven with MHI’s VRF systems for some time.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has launched a simplified air-conditioning controller for hotel rooms. The RCH-E3 is based on the established RC-E3 controller, which has been proven with MHI’s VRF systems for some time.


MK Electric has launched a lockable double-pole fire-alarm isolator to ensure that systems comply with Part 1 of BS 5839 for fire-detection and alarm systems for buildings.


Vaillant has introduced two new flat-plate solar thermal collectors, the auroTHERM plus VFK 150 and auroTHERM VFK 145.


A thermal-imaging camera that takes the guesswork out of temperature measurement by fusing visual and thermal images onto the same screen has been developed by Irisys. The IRI 2010 costs about £2000 and can be used to identify problems such as poor building insulation and badly fitting windows and doors. It can also be used to detect problems with wiring, fuses, resistors and overheating mechanical equipment, including worn bearings.


Colman now offers heavy- and medium-duty floor grilles for underfloor air-distribution systems data centres, computer rooms, exchanges and offices. TJH (heavy-duty) and TJM (medium-duty) grilles are designed to replace 600 mm-square tiles.

Aermec’s NRL range includes air-cooled water chillers, heat pumps and condensing units. They have high-efficiency scroll compressors to achieve high EERs and are designed to use R410A. 18 sizes offer cooling capacities from 53 to 469 kW and heating from 58 to 510 kW.


MK Electric’s Logic Plus range of wiring accessories is made using urea formaldehyde, a thermosetting plastic with similar properties to anti-microbial additives which inhibit the growth of four infectious diseases.


The Powertrack underfloor electrical distribution system from Britmac has undergone some radical improvements to meet growing requirements for power in the workplace and to make it easier to install. The whole system is designed with the minimum number of parts.

Flakt Woods

A new generation of kitchen canopy fan from Fläkt Woods has an externally located motor, enabling high-performance extraction at high temperatures — up to 80°C.

Vortice’s Vort Leto central mechanical extract fans are available with two control options — hard-wired and radio-frequency remote.

Advanced Engineering has devised a range of reporting sheets to help smaller companies and independent contractors keep the formal records required by the new regulations on F Gas refrigerants. There are five types of AC-Pro reporting pads covering a range of jobs which must now be recorded by law. There are specific forms for servicing, breakdowns, installation and commissioning. The 2-part forms are carbonated to simplify invoicing and enhance customer service.


Ravenheat Manufacturing claims that its Combiplus range of domestic condensing combination boilers will outperform the very best SEDBUK Band A boilers and make savings equivalent to, or exceeding, those of solar hot-water heating. It takes only 20 minutes longer to install when changing a boiler.


LG’s Multi V 2 and Maxi range of condensing units for VRF air-conditioning systems is available with a comprehensive range of indoor units. They include cases, ducted cassettes, wall-mounted units, floor-standing cased and uncased units and the Art Cool range.


Grundfos Pumps has updated its WinCAPS comprehensive UK-specific CD selection tool for 2009.


Lindab’s self-locking Safe Click circular ductwork system is assembled by means of interlocking ‘notches’ created on site with a Lindab SR cutting bench. Duct and fittings slot together with a simple click, without the need for screws or rivets.


Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new version of its Lossnay heat-recovery ventilation system with more efficient heat recovery.

Sanyo has now formally launched its ECO G Power VRF air-conditioning system. It is driven by a gas engine, and the package can also generate electricity and hot water.


LG’s comprehensive range of ceiling cassettes is available with cooling capacities from 2.5 to 15 kW. They can be connected as single split systems in both inverter and non-inverter configuration and also in twin-triple and double-twin configuration. A 1.6 kW mini cassette is available for VRF systems.


Timoleon’s ClipPlates for wet underfloor heating systems are said to considerably speed up installation work. They can be used with most commonly used underfloor heating pipes.


Lochinvar offers a range of gas-fired condensing boilers. There are five floor-standing models (EcoKnight, illustrated) with outputs from 41 to 141 kW and six wall-hung models (CP-M) with outputs from 60 to 180 kW. Outputs are based on flow/return temperatures of 50/30°C.

Armstrong has added two new models to its range of intelligent variable-speed pumps. They are the 4300 split-coupled vertical inline and 4302 split-coupled dualArm. They range in size from 1.5 to 75 hp and can be controlled using a building-management system or the Armstrong Integrated Pumping System.


MHS Boilers has introduced the next generation of its Nexus district-heating substation. These heat-interface units enable metered services to be installed in multi-dwelling developments and served by central plant.


Bitzer has enhanced its CSH range of compact screw compressors to increase the potential cooling capacity in air-conditioning applications and improve energy efficiency.


Daikin has added a new model to its inverter-driven mini-chiller range, which now covers any cooling/ heating requirement up to 14 kW for the light-commercial and residential markets. The new EWAQ/EWYQ unit delivers some of the best ESEERs (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios) and COPs in the industry. The 3-phase, 9 kW model, for example, achieves an ESEER of 4.73 in cooling mode and COP of up to 3.48 in heating mode.

Tour & Anderson has launched two new hydronic balancing products. They are the new TA-Scope and the next generation of KTM/DA inline pressure-independent balancing and control valves. The TA-Scope is an instrument to enable professionals balance a system, troubleshoot or log system performance. It has a simple interface and an intuitive display to make navigating the tools quick and easy. The next generation of KTM/DA inline pressure-independent balancing and control valves and differential-pressure controller deliver high capacity and silent operation in significantly reduced physical size.
Flakt woods

Flakt Woods has launched a new range of air-handling units to replace the established EU range.

Sontay now offers a programmable multi-function kWh meter for single- or 3-phase systems.


Carrier has introduced two ranges of packaged air-conditioning units with a host of energy- and cost-saving benefits.


With the launch of its DVM Plus III VRF air-conditioning system, Samsung is claiming the largest system capacity, the longest piping lengths and the smallest footprint for a 16 hp unit (0.92 m2).


Glow-worm Clearly Solar thermal systems have been installed to provide domestic hot water for a block of 24 flats in Oldham. The 16 systems were installed by City Plumbing to help meet the requirement for a certain percentage of renewable energy.


The installation of Monodraught Windcatcher natural ventilation units at the Tesco Express store in Hinckley was modelled as part of the design process before installation.


A wide range of Durapipe’s SuperFlo pipework has been installed in the newly refurbished Odeon cinema in Nuneaton.

The performance of the Rehau Awadukt system at a 1000 m2 Tesco store in Poland has demonstrated a performance about 25% higher than predicted by Rehau GAHE software.


Natural ventilation without the intrusion of noise from an adjacent trunk road is provided for a new £4 million arts centre at Sidcot School in Somerset by a Passivent system.

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Manufacturer helps equip skills centre

Ideal Heating has helped to equip a new £500,000 green energy centre in Merseyside which is seeking to attract fresh talent into the heating industry.

Acoustic solutions suite with easy access to services at University of Birmingham

A suite of ceiling and wall acoustic solutions have been specified for The University of Birmingham’s new landmark Molecular Sciences building, which will provide a hub for research and academic work.