2011 January

MediaCityUK, CHP, trigeneration

MediaCityUK is one of the first schemes in the world to become a BREEAM-approved sustainable community. Major features of this huge development including trigeneration CHP and integrating the Manchester Ship Canal into the environmental strategy.

Monodraught, Sunpipe, Windcatcher, natural ventilation, daylight

Monodraught has produced a 32-page brochure dedicated to the healthcare sector. It highlights the importance of natural daylight and natural ventilation for the wellbeing of patients and the benefits of reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions for hospitals and healthcare buildings.

Baxi Group, boilers, DHW

Baxi Group, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers and distributors of domestic and commercial hot-water and space-heating systems has launched a second Baxi know-how guide to help simplify system specification on commercial, mixed-use, public- and private-sector developments. This guide gives a wealth of information and clear guidance on which technology is best suited for a wide range of applications.

FG Eurofred’s new web site is easy to navigate and offers installers of Fujitsu air-conditioning equipment a wealth of useful features, including comprehensive technical help. This new web site is said to be a massive improvement over the previous site, being much more interactive and containing more information about the company and the Fujitsu products it sells.

Megaman, lighting, CFLs, LEDs

Megaman’s 65-page catalogue ‘Life in light’ provides a wealth of information on its wide range of energy-saving solutions for domestic, industrial, commercial and leisure applications. Included in the catalogue is the reflector series, which offers the choice of solution using compact fluorescent lamps or LEDs.

Plumb Center, designer radiators

Designer radiators

11 January, 2011

Plumb Center has prepared a brochure covering its collection of designer radiators. It is divided into sections covering living areas and bathroom areas, both water-based and electric-only options.

Rinnai, DHW, domestic hot water

Rinnai’s hot-water App

11 January, 2011

Rinnai has launched a free App for all generations of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It covers the company’s HDC condensing water heaters and includes full product details and a downloadable PDF file of the latest ‘Hot water solutions brochure’.

Grundfos, pumps

Grundfos Pumps’ new-look international web site is now up and running. Its many new and improved features include easier ways to find a specific product, assess to international case studies and a quick link between a range of applications and the product families that support them. There is also an encyclopaedia of pump-industry terms in the service and support section.

Monodraught, Sunpipe, daylight, BBA

Monodraught is seeing BBA (British Board of Agrément) approval for its commercial range of Sunpipe natural-daylight systems, which include 300, 450, 530 and 750 mm models. Managing director Tony Cull explains, ‘As well as enabling us to tender for business that specifically requires the approval, we also believe that Monodraught will be the only manufacturer to offer a BBA-approved range of pipe-based natural lighting system for medium and large commercial applications.’

Vaillant, Boilers

Vaillant Group has opened its latest training Centre of Excellence in Cambridge. As one of Europe’s largest heating-technology manufacturers, the company prides itself as an industry leader in training — educating thousands of customers each year in the application of renewables, domestic heating, commercial heating and controls.

Danlers, PIR Sensor, controls

Danlers Ltd designs and manufactures a passive infra-red thermostat for heating loads

Ellis Patents, Electrical services, cable cleats

Ellis Patents, which makes cable cleats, has invested £100 000 in two new pieces of machinery that will enable it to expand the scope of its business.

Big Foot Solar Systems

Big Foot Solar Systems offer the complete non-penetrative mounting system for photovoltaic panels on a flat roof.

Grundfos, pumps

Grundfos describes its Ecademy as a great vehicle for online training for installers of pumps. A host of modules provide information about Grundfos products, history and pump technology — and it is available to anyone who is interested in the Grundfos world.

Vaillant Group, boilers

Vaillant Group has won two categories of the Best Factory Awards 2010. These awards recognise businesses that work to achieve the highest standards in manufacturing excellence and are supported by the Cranfield School of Management. Vaillant’s factory in Derbyshire produces over 400 000 boilers a year and won the ‘Best engineering plant award’ and the ‘Energy and environment award’.

Eaton-Williams, data centre cooling

Eaton-Williams has returned from an event in China with an award for its ServerCool energy-efficient approach to cooling data centres. The award was for best provider of energy-efficient cooling at the China Green Data Centre Development & Best Practice Forum in Beijing, where EW competed against a number of blue-chip and Fortune 100 companies.

Polypipe Terrain, pipework

Adam Turk, Polypipe Terrain’s sales and marketing director, has been name Marketer of the Year in the 2010 Construction Marketing Awards, marking the end of an extremely successful year for the company.

Kier, Beco, Solar PV

Kier has completed the acquisition of all the issued share capital of solar-PV specialist Beco Ltd. Beco will become the delivery arm of Kier Group’s newly formed business Kier Energy Innovations (KEI), and will strategically position Kier to respond to the Government’s drive to substantially reduce CO2 emissions in the next decade and beyond. Beco managing director Nigel Brunton-Reed (pictured) joins the board of KEI.

The latest generation of the Hep2O plastic push-fit plumbing system includes a means of confirming that joints have been properly made and a new demounting system. The profiled end of the redesigned SmartSleeve interacts with castellation inside the Hep2O fitting, enabling the installer to simply push the pipe in, twist and feel the ‘rumble’ to make a fully secure connection.

Hitachi Europe, VRF, air conditioning

Hitachi Europe has extended its Set Free range of VRF air-conditioning with a system that can operate in 3-pipe heat-recovery or 2-pipe heat-pump mode. Outdoor units in the FSXN range can be installed singly or in multiple from 8 to 54 hp. They can be teamed up with 10 types (52 models) of indoor unit. Maximum piping length has been increased to 165 m and all outdoor units can be transported in an elevator, including the largest 18 hp model.

Ciat Ozonair, air conditioning

Ciat Ozonair’s AirDuo range of split air-to-air cooling units and reversible heat pumps are suitable for applications such as shops, offices and light-commercial buildings. There are 11 models with cooling capacities from 20 to 135 kW and heating from 22 to 145 kW.

Daikin Europe, air conditioning, space heating

Daikin Europe has introduced an air-to-air heat-pump system for heating and cooling small offices and dwellings. Nexura FVXG has a front panel that heats up like a conventional radiator and releases warm air at a reduced and even flow for added comfort. This ‘radiant’ feature is activated by a button on the remote controller.

Aereco, demand controlled ventilation

Aereco’s demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) system for homes is said to use much less energy than conventional systems. Its capital cost is also lower and it is quicker to install. Maintenance and operating costs are also low.

A gas-detection system from Flowtech Controls can detect natural gas and carbon monoxide and shut off the gas supply. According to recent figures, about 50 people a year die in their homes from accidental carbon-monoxide poisoning. By detecting natural gas, protection is also provided against explosions.

CBS Blinds

The College blind from CBS Blinds is designed to be maintenance free so that facilities managers or school bursars do not have the problem of blind repairs and replacements. Strong components and tough fabrics are said to make these blinds virtually unbreakable, even where there is misuse. They come with a 5-year guarantee.

Clivet, Smartpack, air conditioning

Clivet’s Smartpack is a high-efficiency air-to-air heat-pump air-conditioning package designed to provide make-up air and recover energy. It is suitable for smaller retail premises, showrooms, restaurants and production plants where optimum temperature, humidity, ventilation and air-quality freshness are essential. Smartpack is described as an alternative to traditional split/multi-split and hydronic air-conditioning systems.

BSS Industrial has launched a range of plate heat exchangers under its Boss brand. These compact units can be specified for a variety of applications, including heat recovery and producing domestic hot water in hotels and hospitals. Features include easy plate access for inspection and cleaning, as well as the capability of extension.

ETI, Therma-hygrometers

New therma-hygrometers designed and made in the UK by ETI measure relative humidity from 0 to 100% with a resolution of 0.1% and temperature from -20 to 70°C with a resolution of 0.1 (°C/°F). Their liquid-crystal display can show °C, %RH, max/min, hold and dewpoint indication — with humidity and temperature displayed at the same time.

Osram, lighting, T5 fluorescent tube

Osram has added three more fluorescent tubes to its Lumilux T5 range. The T5 High Efficiency Energy Saver and the T5 High Output Energy saver both use 10% less energy for the same light output as conventional HE and HO tubes. The third tube is the 49 W T5 HO Constant. The energy efficiency of the HE and HO tubes can achieve a payback of less than a year.

York, centrifugal chiller

The York YMC2 range of chillers from Johnson Controls use centrifugal compressors with magnetic bearings. The compressor is of the company’s own manufacture [not Turbocor in other words] and uses R134a. This magnetic-bearing technology has been used by Johnson Controls in naval applications for the past decade. These chillers are said to be 10% more efficient than conventional variable-speed chillers. Cooling capacities are from 750 to 1330 kW.

Plasson, water meter

In response to the trend by utility companies to install water meters inside houses for automatic meter reading, Plasson has introduced an internal meter-mounting kit. This meter manifold is designed to accommodate the water-industry standard concentric water meter and incorporates all that is needed in a single unit for internal meters. It is ideally suited to new housing projects.

Sanyo Component Europe, Solar PV

Sanyo Component Europe GmbH has launched a crystalline-based solar photo-voltaic module with a conversion efficiency of 21.6%, claimed to be the world’s highest. The previous highest efficiency was also a Sanyo unit. Three technology enhancements contribute to the efficiency of the new HIT N Series 240W.

TracPipe now offers a range of 5, 10 and 15 m replacement kits of its flexible gas piping, enabling heating engineers to save up to 75% on a typical installation. The only tools needed for an installation are a utility knife, pipe cutter and a spanner.

Trend, BMS, controls

Trend has introduced a device that enables its building and energy management systems to interoperate with single or multiple systems from other manufacturers. TONN (Trend Open Network Node) units provide unrestricted access to a Trend system driver and drivers for most of the other protocols used in building automation, including BACnet, LON, KNX, Modbus, M-Bus, SNMP and oBIX. No programming skills are required to set up a unit.

Paviom, Fire rated downlights

Paviom’s latest range of fire-rated downlights incorporates the patented Utekton system to seal the sealing aperture in the event of a fire and eliminate the need for a separate fire hood in a fire-rated ceiling. They are available with one or two lamps and have BRE fire ratings of 30, 60 and 90 minutes. They are easily fixed using the ceiling clamp system.

Mitsubishi Electric, air conditioning, control

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a replacement for its ‘baby’ GB-50 web-based air-conditioning controller. The GB50ADA offers high-level control and energy-monitoring capabilities. It is aimed at the more cost and environmentally conscious end users and offers much of the functionality previously only available in the more advanced touch-screen AG150A controller — but at a significantly lower price.

Photon Energy, Solar PV

Photon Energy’s Suntricity solar photo-voltaic package is said to put solar PV installations within the capabilities of most electrical contractors, whether they are sole traders or sizeable businesses. And for installers not yet qualified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, Photon Energy provides an MCS commissioning service to check installations and ensure they meet the MCS standard. This service also means that installations can qualify for payments under the Feed-in Tariff and help contractors gain their own MCS certification.

Victaulic, pipe couplings

Victaulic has brought a new style of flexible coupling to Europe, which can be installed in half the time required for standard flexible grooved couplings. The Style 177 QuickVic coupling has no loose parts, and there is no need to take a coupling apart before using it to make a joint.

Hoval, CHP

Hoval moves into CHP

11 January, 2011

Hoval now offers an range of CHP engines alongside its established ranges of boilers for gas, oil and biomass and wide selection of storage vessels — providing a complete district-heating package form a single source.

AmbiRad, Radiant Heating

To provide effective heating for its workshop in Gloucester and minimise carbon emissions, Prima Dental has installed top-of-the-range Vision Herringbone burners from AmbiRad. Prima Dental has 150 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of dental equipment and specialises in a wide range of products for use globally in dentists’ drills.

Vent-Axia, MVHR, ventilation

Vent-Axia systems to provide mechanical ventilation with heat recovery have been installed in the first phase of the Honeypark apartment in Dun Laoghaire, a development of 143 social and affordable homes near Dublin City Centre. The development comprises apartments with one to three bedrooms in a 4-storey block. Coakley McElligott installed the Sentinel Kinetic units to serve the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedrooms in each property.

Mitsubishi Electric, heat recovery ventilation, Lossnay

Energy-efficient heating, cooling and ventilation for a new restaurant and wine bar in Northern Ireland is provided by a Mitsubishi Electric heat-pump air-conditioning system and two Lossnay heat-recovery ventilation units. The Classic Winebar in Limavady is the result of transforming a bakery into a contemporary and chic new dining experience that includes a 5000 m2 dining space, wine bar, cocktail room and an open-air courtyard.

CP Electronics, wireless lighting control

Wireless technology is used to control lighting in the London offices of international consultancy RPS Group using CP Electronics’ new AN-10 system. Installed by Electrical Power Specialists of Reading, AN-10 overcomes concerns about wireless devices by using a ‘hybrid mesh’ network topology and a communication protocol specifically designed for the needs of lighting control.

Panasonic, space heating, heat pump

The installation of an air-to-water heat-pump space-heating system in a 17th-century Grade 2 listed private building to replace and old inefficient natural-gas boiler is expected to halve running costs and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 7 t a year. The Panasonic Aquarea air-to-water heat-pump bi-bloc system was installed by Medal Heating, the specialist division of Medal Aircon.

Energy-savings of £338 000 a year are expected to be achieved by the betting-store chain Ladbrokes following the rolling out of a specially developed energy-management system by t-mac. The full installation follows successful experience with a trial system in the Chesterfield store to control air-conditioning and ventilation equipment.

Hoppe, lighting, lamp replacement

A simple replacement of lamps and control gear in the factory of Hoppe (UK) in Wolverhampton is achieving energy savings worth about £5000 a year. The company makes door and window handles and replaced 250 W high-pressure sodium lamps (SON) with 200 W Uniform Pulse Start metal-halide lamps and control gear from Venture Lighting.

Flakt Woods, energy recovery, AHU

12 large air-handling units with total enthalpy control energy-recovery wheels are part of a substantial contract awarded to Flakt Woods to provide the ventilation services for the new £200 million headquarters of the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. Each unit will deliver 18.5 m3/s of air, with the airflow balanced so that doors can always remain open.

SAS, heat pump, chilled beams, air conditioning

The newly built operations centre of Essex & Suffolk Water at its Hanningfield Water Treatment Works near Chelmsford has achieved a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating with the help of a water source heat-pump system to provide heating and cooling via SAS integrated service modules fitted with passive chilled beams. The water source is the nearby Hanningfield reservoir.

Smith's Environmental Products, space heating, fan convectors

The flexible installation options of Caspian fan convectors from Smith’s Environmental Products came to the fore when fan convectors in the original 100-year-old part of Beckstone School in Workington needed replacing. Capita Symonds took the decision to replace the original units with 10 Caspian units and appointed local installer EPS Heating to carry out the work.

Micronics, Clamp on meters, ultrasonic flow measurement

As part of its ongoing energy-management programme, the University of Manchester has installed 15 heat meters utilising Micronics UL2000 clamp-on, ultrasonic flow meters. The university’s heating requirement , including LTHW and MTHW, is supplied from shared energy centres via a network of steel pipes in diameters from 200 to 300 mm. The campus is monitored and managed by energy cost centres. Display Energy Certificates are required for all areas larger than 1000 m2, and 90% of the energy flow from the energy centres has to be accounted for.

Priva, BMS, controls, Salix

Salix funding has been used to enable the City of Bristol College’s Soundwell and Orpen Park Centres to improve energy efficiency and DEC (Display Energy Certificate) rating by replacing an aging building-management system. This Government-funded scheme for public-sector organisations recently made £1 million available for projects that could be completed in the following four months. Similar interest-free loans of up to £100 000 are available via the Carbon Trust to private- and third-sector organisations.

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Manufacturer helps equip skills centre

Ideal Heating has helped to equip a new £500,000 green energy centre in Merseyside which is seeking to attract fresh talent into the heating industry.

Acoustic solutions suite with easy access to services at University of Birmingham

A suite of ceiling and wall acoustic solutions have been specified for The University of Birmingham’s new landmark Molecular Sciences building, which will provide a hub for research and academic work.