2013 February


22 February, 2013


Siemens, variable speed drive

G120P variable-speed drives from Siemens boost efficiency and cut costs. The range is available in both IP20 versions for panel mounting and IP54/55 versions for wall mounting. Installation and commissioning are straightforward, which helps to reduce costs.

Phase change, energy storage,  Phase Change Material

TES is the temporary storage of thermal energy for later use, bridging the gap between energy availability and energy use. TES can reduce the chiller size by 50% by simply spreading the load over 24 hours period. It also reduces the running cost by utilising over-night lower ambient (possible free cooling) and lower electricity costs and also offers smaller roof space and full stand-by capability utilising +8~15°C Phase Change Material (PCM) containers for a conventional chilled water applications.

lighting, PIR, presence detection, Danlers

Danlers has launched two batten-mounted PIR occupancy switches capable of significant energy savings at low cost, ideal for switching lights off when not required. With energy savings of up to 50% the payback period is kept to a minimum.

Mitsubishi Electric, FSW, air conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric has appointed FSW as a value-added reseller for air-conditioning and ventilation equipment. FSW has 23 branches across the country and markets the complete range of Mitsubishi equipment — including the M Series, Mr Slim, City Multi VRF systems and Lossnay heat-recovery ventilation units.

Bitzer, air conditioning, refrigeration

Bitzer now offers the familiar Windows version of its layout software online at the link below. This selection software can be used to calculate, design and configure compressors, condensing units and pressure vessels for a specific system. As well as providing standard output parameters for compressor design, the online selection software also links to Bitzer’s considerable stock of information relating to the design, documentation and operation of its products.

Grundfos Pumps

During 2013, Grundfos is offering a wide range of training opportunities focused at various professionals working in the industrial, commercial, water and wastewater sectors. 13 courses are available on a range of dates at various locations around the country, depending on content and the need for demonstration products.

BSRIA, Ruskin, weather louvres

BSRIA Cert for Ruskin

07 February, 2013

Ruskin Air Management has gained certification for three of its Naco- brand weather louvres through BSRIA Cert, assuring customers that these products are manufactured consistently to a design that has been independently performance tested. The photo shows David Fitzpatrick (left), sales director of Ruskin Air Management, receiving the certificate from Chris Marney, manager of BSRIA Cert.

pipe, pipework, Solar DHW, Lochinvar, solar thermal

Lochinvar’s HSV thermal store, which generates commercial hot water from renewable energy and eliminates the risk of Legionnaires’ Disease, has been installed in accommodation for rig builders for Total Gas’s first onshore plant. Although the accommodation at Sella Ness on the Shetland Islands is temporary, it is built to high standards, and part of the complex will become part of a hotel after the workers have left.

Prefabricated valve assemblies from Marflow Hydronics for HVAC applications save a lot of time on site. Xterminator valve assemblies are not only supplied pre-assembled but also pre-tested and individually tagged and labelled. Other benefits are that fewer components need to be ordered for a project and that these assemblies can help optimise flow and temperature in a building, potentially reducing wasted energy in unoccupied or rarely used spaces.

pipe, pipework, Ability, air conditioning, fan coil unit, FCU

Well over 300 fan-coil units supplied by Ability Projects for a £13 million refurbishment of an office complex at 110 Cannon Street in London have cut water-side commissioning times by 80%. This 12-storey building provides 7000 m2 of Grade A office accommodation and has been awarded a ‘Very good’ BREEAM certificate.

pipe, pipework, Oventrop,valves, DHW, Commissioning

The hot-water and heating systems of the new engineering building at Galway of the National University of Ireland benefit from the use of a range of Oventrop valves. They provide thermostatic control of temperature and flow in the hot-water system and have significantly reduced commissioning time. The valves include differential-pressure regulating and Aquastrom T Plus hot-water service valves.

pipe, pipework, MHS Boilers, space heating

The new district-heating system at the Ashmole Estate in southwest London includes boilers supplied by MHS Boilers. There are six 145 kW Thision L boilers on free-standing cascade frames and three Ultramax R600 boilers with plate heat exchangers. They are part of an extensive refurbishment project for Metropolitan and replace the old and inefficient oil-fired system responsible for heating the 18-storey Sirinham Point tower block as well as the Coney and Cottingham apartments for the elderly.

pipe, pipework, Rinnai, DHW

To meet a DHW demand of 20 000 l/h the newly built Hale Country Club & Spa in Cheshire has installed 17 continuous-flow water heaters from Rinnai. They were chosen by operator FX Leisure in preference to a storage system, which was judged to be inefficient and expensive. This 5-star club has all-encompassing health and fitness facilities — including luxurious indoor and outdoor wet areas, a selection of contemporary food and beverage offerings, and a sumptuous spa.

pipe, pipework, prefabrication, Pipe Center

While the benefits of the offsite manufacturer of modular pipework systems are proven, success depends on meticulous planning — says Bob Hughes Pipe Center’s modular-engineering division.

Clivet’s Spinchiller2 third-generation air-cooled liquid chiller is designed to maximise efficiency at part load, recognising that HVAC plant operates at full load for less than 5% of the time. The latest range has cooling capacities from 240 to 665 kW and combines A class efficiency at full load with best performance at part load.

Wieland, Gesis, lighting connector

The Gesis Micro connector system from Wieland is an ideal solution for connecting discreet LED lighting in showcases or shelves where space is at a premium, so that nothing detracts from the items on display. This connection system requires only a small drilled hole to run the lines through and features plug-and-play functionality.

Toshiba claims world-leading efficiency for its SHRM-i 3-pipe heat recovery VRF air conditioners. At half load, an 8 hp unit achieves an EER of 6.02 in cooling mode and a COP of 5.63 in heating mode. These figures translate into an SEER of eight. Recovered heat can be used to deliver domestic hot water using a VRF ‘boiler’ accessory.

Andrews Water Heaters, DHW

Andrews Water Heaters has added to its high-efficiency storage water heaters with the NEOflo range. These stainless-steel appliances incorporate the latest in condensing water-heating technology and controls to optimise performance and achieve ease of use and economic running costs. They are well suited to retrofit and refurbishment projects, buildings using vented systems and areas where water pressure is low.

Buderus, Bosch, condensing boiler, space heating

Buderus has added to its range of floor-standing condensing boilers the SB745, which is available in outputs of 800, 1000 and 1200 kW — making it an ideal choice for interruptible supply contracts. This boiler requires 30% less floor space than its predecessor and is 20% lighter. Factory-fitted frame rails are standard, so a jack or forklift can be used to accurately place the boiler into position.

Newey & Eyre has launched its Newlec prefabrication service to help simplify the specification of complex cable-management and, in turn, reduce costs and increase safety. This comprehensive service enables contractors to order everything from pre-cut simple lengths to complex frames and brackets cut to the exact specification.

Flakt Woods, fire damper

Among circular and rectangular fire dampers made by Flakt Woods available through its nationwide network of approved distributors is the popular ETPR-17 MFD (manual fire damper). Details of the updated and approved lists of stockists is available using the link below.

Panasonic has expanded its range of VRF 3-pipe heating and cooling solutions with improved efficiency across the range. For example, the 8 hp unit has a heating COP of 4.77 at 100% load and a cooling EER of 4.5. Piping length has also been increased up to 180 m from the outdoor unit to the furthest indoor unit.

Hamworthy Heating, water heater, Energy Technology List, DHW

Two ranges of Hamworthy Heating’s direct-fired condensing water heaters are now included in the Government’s Energy Technology List, so they qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances. They are the Dorchester DR-FC Evo (pictured) and the recently launched Dorchester DR-TC solar water heater. Other Hamworthy products listed include the Fleet range of condensing boilers and the Stratton wall-hung boiler.

VES Andover, air handling unit, heat recovery

Following independent tests in an anechoic chamber, VES has modified the design of its Ecovent air-handling unit to reduce the overall noise level. The tests by the University of Southampton’s Institute of Sound & Vibration to BS EB ISO 3744:2010 showed a higher sound and unwanted power level in the 100 to 250 Hz range, which directly related to the fan-blade pass frequency.

Honeywell has developed an alternative to refrigerant R410A with only a quarter of its GWP (global-warming potential). Solstice L-41 is intended to replace R410A in residential and light-commercial air-conditioning and heat-pump applications. This new refrigerant is described as having excellent energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and capable of being used in existing equipment designs with minimal changes.

Marflow Hydronics, FCU, valve assembly, commissioning, balancing

Marflow Hydronics has strengthened its portfolio to include a range of solutions that offer customers a complete package. With energy efficiency being so important to many businesses today, this specialist solution provider for balancing, controlling and metering water-distribution systems in the HVAC industry, has been proactive with the industry changes.

Powrmatic, air conditioning, cassette

Powrmatic’s Midea Compact Round Flow heat-pump cassette features 360° air distribution, inverter control and a profile of just 260 mm. They fit a standard 600 mm-square ceiling grid and are available with cooling/heating capacities of 3.2/4.0 kW or 5.3/6.0 kW and can also be used to temper fresh air.

Venture Lighting, ballast

Venture Lighting’s Global Ballast (VGB) brings a higher level of control to metal-halide lighting and reduces energy consumption by up to 70%. The highest performance is achieved when used with Venture’s pulse-start metal-halide lamps.

Tridonic, LED lighting, colour

The TALEXXmodule Stark DLE Premium tuneable white LED system from Tridonic enables the colour temperature to be adjusted to suit various design requirements. Lighting designers and building operators can adjust colour temperature in situ without needing to change the light source.

Vent-Axia, plate fan, case fan, sickle blade

Vent-Axia’s latest range of plate and case Sabre Sickle fans incorporated the FE2 Owlet impellers. Benefits include up to 7 dB(A) less noise and up to 15% efficiency improvement over previous ranges. — providing a significant upgrade for commercial-ventilation customers.

Hattersley, valve, commissioning, balancing

Hattersley’s new range of modern and compact differential-pressure control valves (DPCVs) have features that save cost, reduce energy consumption and simplify installation. Part of the FlowMaster range of commissioning valves, the F400 and R400 are quick and easy to install, have a long life and require little or no maintenance. Available in sizes DN15 to DN50, they are PN16 rated and have a differential-pressure range of 20 to 100 kPa.

Evinox, space heating, DHW, heat interface unit, community heating, district heating

Evinox ModuSat heat-interface units will provide the link between homes in a major regeneration projects at Myatts Field North in Lambeth and an energy centre that includes CHP. The plan is to reduce carbon emissions by 80%. The regeneration project will have 980 homes, compared to 477 on the existing estate.

IBD Distribution, Daikin, Altherma, heat pump, space heating

Renewable energy from air-source heat pumps and solar-thermal panels plays a key role in the energy efficiency of a prestigious residential development at Crowcombe Heathfield near Taunton in Devon. Heatherdale House has five bedrooms, mainly ensuite, and is a timber-frame structure with high-performance insulation panels.

SPC, S&P Coil Products, coil, heat recovery

Replacement heat-recovery coils from S&P Coil Products (SPC) for are recovering over 6 GWh a year in ventilation plant at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. SPC also supplied steam frost-protection coils for the high-level main ventilation intakes. The heat-recovery coils are recovering over 1385 kW at the rated total ventilation rate of 111 m3/s, reducing CO2 emissions by about 1200 t a year through gas savings.

JS Air Curtains

With some 4000 occupants of Beaufort House in the City of London passing through the entrance atrium each day, aesthetic Rund air curtains from JS Air Curtains play a key role in preventing draughts and making the reception area cold and uncomfortable. The double-door elliptical air pod has four 2 m-high Rund air curtains either side of the doors to heat air in the pod and create a barrier against cold air entering the building.

Cooling for the nightclub that is part of the newly opened student centre at Coventry University and offices having sealed windows is provided by a ground-source cooling system based on two 100 m deep boreholes. This system for The Hub was installed by GI Energy, formerly Geothermal International, and uses only a faction of the energy of conventional air conditioning. The building is squeezed into a relatively tight space in the city centre.

MHG Heating, boiler, space heating

Upgrading heating systems in 12 schools and residential care homes in Devon using gas-fired boilers from MHG Heating has reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint. MHG has also supplied solar-thermal cylinders to one of the properties. Looking ahead, consideration is being given to using MHG heat pumps in future projects for Devon County Council, potentially using Hybrid heat stations incorporating heat pump, solar buffer tank and gas-fired condensing boiler in one compact system.

MHS Boilers, space heating, DHW

As part of Devon County Council’s commitment to reducing energy costs and carbon emissions, MHS Boilers has supplied three 200 kW boilers, two 300 l calorifiers and a pressurisation manager to replace 12 aging units. Carbon emissions at Newton Abbot Leisure Centre will be reduced by over 100 t a year, with energy savings providing a payback within seven years.

Shenton Group, CHP, district heating, community heating, space heating

Micro CHP has helped a development of contemporary apartments in Mitcham, Surrey, meet Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable homes. The two CHP units supplied by Shenton Group for the £19 million Brenley Park development are 30 kW 3-phase Tedom Micro T30 units powered by natural gas. They also deliver 62 kW of heat as hot water at 90°C.

SPC, S&P Coil Products, radiant heating, space heating

Radiant heating panels in the ceilings of the new physics building at Loughborough Endowed Schools provide quick-response and efficient space heating using low-pressure hot water. Supplied by S&P Coil Products, this method of heating minimises vertical temperature gradient and enables the thermostat setting to be reduced by about 3 K for the same level of comfort.

SPC, S&P Coil Products, heat recovery, space heating

Recovering heat from chiller cabinets in ALDI stores for space heating is satisfying BREEAM requirements for on-site energy generation and eliminating the need for an independent gas-heating system. S&P Coil Products (SPC) supplied coils for use in Arctic Circle free-heat systems in ALDI stores.

Steinel, lighting control, PIR sensor

Lighting energy consumption at an academy in Northampton has been reduced by 79% following the replacement of uncontrolled fluorescent lighting with T5 and LED lamps controlled by presence detectors from Steinel (UK). The energy savings will achieve a payback of four to five years, and maintenance costs have also been reduced.

Sontay’s 2013 catalogue features significant design improvements that have been made to its range of sensors for temperature, relative humidity, air quality, CO2, condensation, light levels and occupancy. These new-look devices blend more easily with modern design schemes and will simplify specification and installation for building-services consultants, contractors and systems integrators.

Ventilation for schools

07 February, 2013

Following its support for the Education Funding Agency (EFA) in the development of the new Priority School Output Specification, natural-ventilation specialist Breathing Buildings has created a guidance paper to help contractors and engineers comply with the new criteria and cost targets. Breathing Buildings supported the EFA in the assessment of ventilation strategies and the review of energy modelling.

‘Rules of thumb’ updated

07 February, 2013

BSRIA has published the fifth edition of its ‘Rules of thumb’, which now comes in a user-friendly spiral-bound format. New additions include greatly increased guidance about space and weight allowances. There are also benchmarks for CO2 emissions.

Riegens, LED lighting

LED lighting

07 February, 2013

Riegens Lighting has prepared a catalogue dedicated to its energy-efficient range of LED lighting solutions. Focusing on the company’s range of LED luminaires for interior, industrial, exterior, retail, display and decorative lighting, the catalogue details products that meet the needs of the specifier, whilst offering excellent value for money.

pipe, pipework, Micronics, DHW

When managers at an acute district general hospital in Bedfordshire wanted to understand the consumption of hot water to enable requirements to be identified for replacing equipment with the most energy-efficient solution, ETA Energy Systems was called in. Peter Richardson, managing director of ETA, explains, ‘During our assessment of the hospital’s needs, we established full weekly hot-water consumption profiles, allowing equipment to be accurately selected and specified for the replacement project.

pipe, pipework, Marley, soil, drainage

Hundreds of en-suite shower pods in a 22-storey block of student accommodate in Leicester are served by Marley Plumbing & Drainage’s soil and waste system, including the recently redesigned 8-way collar boss. The Summit tower block and an adjoining 4-storey podium are being built by main contractor Tolent Construction as a design-and-build project for developer Megaclose (Leicester) Ltd.

Two specialist engineers from Lowara UK have passed the Certified Pump System Audit (CPSA) scheme as part of the company’s new energy audit in the UK. They are Nick Morris and Paul Shute, who are now qualified pumping system specialists. The CPSA scheme has been developed by the British Pump Manufacturers’ Association so companies can assist customers in becoming compliant with the EU’s upcoming Energy Efficiency Directive.

pipe, pipework, Hudevad, radiator, space heating

This unusual radiator was created by Hudevad to heat a fully glazed walkway linking the main buildings and reception area of high-tech offices for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth. The 830 m2 of offices have been created by the conversion of St Boniface House and three adjacent barns at Buckfastleigh in Devon.

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Peak performance from Quickfridge

Calling it a Quickfridge might be stretching it, but charity fundraiser Daniel Fairbrother made the most of support from Beijer Ref in the gruelling 100km Peak District Ultra Challenge.

LIA launches its new Website, Online Learning Portal and Member Engagement Platform

The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) has announced the successful launch of its newly refreshed website, which went live on 2nd July 2024. This launch marks a significant milestone in the LIA's ongoing commitment to enhancing member experience and providing key resources for continuing professional development.