2013 November

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The shape of things to come

01 November, 2013

Nick Ryman of LG believes the development of ever more sophisticated controls will enable air-conditioning and indoor climate control to achieve ever higher efficiencies through total building management; it is the shape of things to come.

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Sharing experiences

01 November, 2013

With a BMS installed in the Brunei Gallery of the University of London since 1995, Trend Controls asked Stephen McKinnell, head of energy management at the University of London since 2009 about his views on saving energy and how careful building-controls management has saved his organisation money.

BMS, BEMS, control, energy management, Schneider Electric

Over the past decade there has been growing interest in the ‘intelligent’ buildings market. Such buildings have been billed as the answer to mounting energy consumption and the accompanying costs — intuitive, automated systems which help managers gain control over how a building is functioning. In reality, intelligent buildings are only now becoming true to their namesake, having delivered little actionable data in the past. Steve Harris of Schneider Electric’s buildings division, examines why.

Warwick University is retro-fitting wireless systems to provide micro-management of the heating system in its social-sciences building. The system hands over control to the building-management team and the building’s occupants, who will individually be able to use their smart phones and tablet computers to control heating on a room-by-room basis.

BMS, BEMS, control, energy management, IMO

IMO’s Jaguar VXH range of variable-speed drives is specifically designed for HVAC applications, particularly fans and pumps. The range can control motors from 750 W up to 710 kW, with just five frame sizes covering up to 90 kW. These drives can be used for standalone applications or integrated with a building-management system using a wide range of protocols. There is a wide range of analogue and digital input options.,

BMS, BEMS, control, energy management, Grundfos

To provide complete control over the performance of pumps, Grundfos has developed the GO App to provide intuitive control from a handheld device. This App is designed to save time and effort for the user and can be downloaded to devices with an iOS or Android operating system.

BMS, BEMS, control, energy management, Concept Energy Solutions

Concept Energy Solutions has updated its Aspect web-based tool that brings together real-time date from multiple sites, providing a single tool for monitoring and managing energy use. Aspect can typically unlock energy savings of 10 to 20% by providing a means to under the data that is collected by on-site meters. Existing clients for Aspect include integrated energy company Centrica.

BMS, BEMS, control, energy management, Demand Logic

Discovering that a personal electric heater was causing centralised chiller plant serving one of the buildings of King’s College London has helped to reduce energy costs by £390 000 a year. This example of heating fighting cooling was discovered by Demand Logic’s software analysing data from the building-management system — data covering over 1500 plant items and over 100 000 sensors and devices.

BMS, BEMS, control, energy management, Carlo Gavazzi

Carlo Gavazzi’s VMUC-EM energy-monitoring platform collects data from energy meters and temperature inputs and exposes it to local networks and the Internet by providing three Web services. One is an ftp server to transfer data to a capable BMS. An http client enables data to be pulled on demand. And a web server provides continuous access to real-time data, trending and alarms.

BMS, BEMS, control, energy management, Delmatic

Delmatic has provided a lighting-control system for the 30 000 m2 MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology at Cambridge. The new building is reminiscent of paired chromosomes. There are two long north and south laboratory wings joined by a spacious atrium containing seminar rooms and a lecture theatre.

BMS, BEMS, control, energy management, Distech Controls

Chris Irwin of Distech Controls, looks at a pan-European standard raising initiatives driven by the eu.bac organisation.

BME, BEMS, control, energy management, Trend Controls

Trend Controls has launched a new version of its energy-management software, Trend Energy Manager v2.0. It has numerous enhanced features to enable building owners and managers to investigate how they are using energy and devise strategies to reduce carbon emissions and save money.

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Hotel Revels in integration

01 November, 2013

How far can you go with integrating a hotel’s services with its other systems? Let’s visit Atlantic City to find out.

BMS, BEMS, control, energy management, Siemens

Production of Siemens OpenAir damper actuators has now exceeded 10 million. The product has been produced since 1990 and proved an enormous success with specifiers and installers all over the world.

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The focus is on energy

01 November, 2013

At this year's Energy Event, the BCIA took a chairing role and heard a number of presentations that point very clearly to a growing urgency in the search for ways to make buildings and businesses more energy efficient. BCIA President Steve Harrison reports.

Waxman, solar, PV, photo voltaic, photovoltaic

SolarPV distributor Waxman Energy has set up a distribution agreement with Hanwha Q Cells, part of the South Korean Hanwha Group. Hanwha Q Cells is headed in German and offers some of the best performing and most reliable PV modules on the market.

Kingspan Tarec pipe insulation, BRE Green Guide

Kingspan Tarec’s Kooltherm pipe insulation has received an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide, enabling it to contribute to the award of several BREEAM credits.

Hitachi, air conditioning, training

Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe has refurbished its Aircademy training centre at Maidenhead. Updates include the company’s latest ErP-compliant air-conditioning and MCS-approved heating products, many of which qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances. All training is free

BSS Industrial, non-return valve

BSS Industrial’s Boss 11XS range of non-return valves includes single and double non-return valves for use on chilled-water, heating, potable water and hot- and cold-water services in commercial and industrial applications. Both models are spring loaded and axially guided with a resilient sealing mechanism.

Cool-Therm, Clima Tech, AHU, air handling unit

Cool-Therm now offers a range of high-tech high-efficiency air-handling units in the UK following an agreement with Austrian company Clima Tech. Cool-Therm offers both standard and bespoke systems, with the emphasis on high quality and premium performance, for applications such as hospitals, leisure centres, commercial buildings and retail developments.

MHG Heating, wall hung boiler, space heating

MHG Heating’s ProCon MC range of wall-mounted gas-fired condensing boilers is available with outputs of 90 and 115 kW with a turndown ratio of 4:1. They have Class 5 NOx emissions and net efficiencies of up to 108.3% at 30% load and 106.7% at full load.

ebm-ppst, RadiPac, fan, centrifugal

EBM-papst’s RadiPac series of medium-pressure standalone centrifugal fans offers a self-contained and compact solution, removing the need for variable-speed drives and cost-intensive adjustments during commissioning. The motor and electronics are perfectly matched, so additional electronic filters, shielded cables or external motor protection are not needed.

Mikrofill’s latest range of Ethos wall-mounted boilers offers outputs from 50 to 130 kW from five models. They have a turndown ratio of 7:1 and NOx levels below 15 mg/kWh. Up to six boilers can be cascaded to deliver outputs of up to 780 kW. These boilers have onboard cascade control and stainless-steel heat exchangers with a 5-year warranty.

Smedegaard, booster set, category 5

Smedegaard has added two more models to its comprehensive range packaged break-tank booster sets that are compliant with fluid category 5. The latest addition to the range give electronic fixed-volume control for those customers wanting a simple, quality package that is easy to install.

Bitzer, compressor, refrigeration

Bitzer’s New Ecoline range of reciprocating compressors covers volumes from 4 to 221 m3/h. They are available for R134a, R404A, R407A, R407C, R407F, R507A, hydrocarbons and the new HFO and HFO/HFKW mix. For high-pressure R410A refrigerants, special Ecoline compressors can be specified.

Hattersley, public health, plumbing

Hattersley’s range of WRAS-approved public-health valves for hot- and cold-water systems include thermal-circulation valves, pressure-reducing valves, check valves, non-return valves, butterfly balancing valves, strainers, thermostatic mixing valves and service ball valves.

Xylem, multi-stage pump

Xylem Water Solutions’ e-HM series of energy-efficient stainless-steel horizontal multi-stage pumps is suitable for commercial, industrial, residential and OEM applications. This range is based on the same hydraulic design as the vertical multi-stage e-SV series and has the added ability to improve hydraulic efficiency by 22% to a total of 72%. These pumps are claimed to have a hydraulic efficiency about 13% more than similar units from other manufacturers.

Murco’s MGS-IR-RS infra-red refrigerant gas leak detector detects the most common halocarbon refrigerant gases from -20 to +50°C at a fraction of the cost of many competing products. They include R134a, R407C and R22. This fixed detector is immune to cross infection from other gases as well as changes in temperature and humidity. Modbus communication provides easy integration with monitoring systems.

Grundfos, macerator

Grundfos macerators

01 November, 2013

The Grundfos Sololift2 family of macerators can replace any model of macerator or provide a solution for handling wastewater from a toilet and other bathroom appliances — or just handling water. They can cope with temperatures up to 90°C.

Marco, cable management, trunking

Marco Cable Management’s uPVC Mini Trunking is suitable for both power and data cables in new-build and refurbishment projects. There are four sizes, with both standard and self-adhesive variants, offering a quick and simple installation. The lid can be removed and snapped on easily, making the product suitable for ‘moves, adds and changes’ (MAC).

Flir, thermal imaging camera, thermography

Flir’s Ex-Series of entry-level thermal-imaging cameras are true thermal-imaging cameras, not instruments that take spot temperature measurements or use blended techniques. The most important feature is the use of patented MSX technology to provide exceptional image quality in real time to give sharp thermal images, quicker target orientation and clean reports.

Zehnder, radiant heating, space heating, cooling

Zehnder’s Nestsystems radiant conditioning system for commercial and residential applications provides heating and cooling. The system is based on heating and cooling elements served by heated/chilled water and incorporated into a specially designed plasterboard that effectively replaces a standard panel and which can be fitted as part of the general construction of the building.

Remeha Commercial, boiler, space heating, rig

Remeha Commercial now offers rigs for its condensing boilers. This bespoke service covers design and manufacture for an unlimited choice of configuration options. These rigs are based on a rigid box frame with wheels and have adjustable legs for levelling after final positioning.

Xylem, pump, circulator, space heating

Xylem Water Solutions UK’s Ecocirc XL range of high-efficiency circulator pumps is ideal for light or commercial applications. These pumps are suitable for applications such as heating systems, DHW systems, cooling systems, solar systems and ground-source heat pumps.

ATC Semitec, boiler temperature sensor

Boiler temperature sensors

01 November, 2013

ATC Semitec offers a series of temperature sensors for use in gas-fired boilers and electric heating appliances. These sensors are also suitable for a variety of temperature-sensing applications where a neat and cost-effective solution is required.

Polypipe, rainwater harvesting

Polypipe Terrain’s RXL rainwater harvesting system is light in weight and has exceptional stiffness and rigidity engineered in. In most cases, an RXL tank can be installed in an excavation backfilled with a single-size granular infill instead of a more costly concrete support structure.

MHS Boilers, hot water cylinders, DHW

A range of highly versatile cylinders from MHS Boilers is suitable for use with traditional boiler systems, heat pumps and solar applications. The Maxis range is made from boiler-quality steel and internally coated with glass-lined enamelling. Cylinders are available in single- and twin-coil versions with capacities from 800 to 2500 l. The range also includes potable buffer vessels with capacities from 800 to 3000 l.

Honeywell, Ex-Or, LED lighting, luminaire

Honeywell’s LED panel light can easily be fitted into a 600 mm-square ceiling grid to replace inefficient fluorescent lighting. A proprietary driver design is specifically matched to the luminaire to maximise efficacy and lifetime. The result is a luminaire with a life of 60 000 h (L70 @ 25°C).

Bosch Commercial & Industrial heating, boiler, space heating

CPD-accredited CHP training

01 November, 2013

Bosch Commercial & Industrial Heating’s training on combined heat and power has been given CPD approval by CIBSE. The course is aimed at consultants, contractors and specifiers and covers a range of CHP topic areas. They include sizing, typical applications, potential CO2 savings, legislation incentives, installation requirements, and service and maintenance.

Smedegaard, pump, circulator, booster

Smedegaard’s new manual

01 November, 2013

Smedegaard has published a new H&V manual on the maintenance and operation of its entire product range — circulators, cold-water booster sets, break-tank booster sets and pressurisation equipment.

Control gear for lamps

01 November, 2013

An online search tool for electronic control gear for lamps has been developed by b,a,g, Electronics. It enables the user to search for b,a,g, control gear by lamp type, wattage and number of lamps — as well as searching for the equivalent b,a,g, product for other control-gear manufacturers.

Side-stream filtration

01 November, 2013

Amazon Filters, which specialises in filtration of water systems, including side-stream filtration, has launched a blog for the building-services sector. Users can subscribe to industry updates and resources, receive content on the go and leave comments and feedback for the technical team at the company.

Jaga Heating Products UK offers a guide to facade heating installation for architects and engineers as a free download. It is the first in a series of guides that will cover important heating and ventilation design problems.

Radiant-heating CPD

01 November, 2013

HCP has developed a RIBA-accredited CPD seminar on water-based radiant-heating solutions. It covers the benefits of specifying radiant heat and also looks at the standards relating to radiant heating, including their contribution towards BREEAM and LEED compliance.

HygroMatik maintenance videos are available to watch or download free from the web site of this humidification specialist and its YouTube channel. These videos have been designed to accompany the comprehensive user manuals for its humidification products for HVAC and spa applications.

CIBSE, refurbishment, commercial, non-domestic

Guidance on refurbishing non-domestic buildings with key insights into making the most of opportunities that arise from refurbishment is provided in TM53 from CIBSE. George Adams, CIBSE president comments, ‘With energy efficiency being critical to combating climate change and the potential energy gap, this authoritative guidance will support those improving performance of existing buildings which make up nearly 50% of carbon emissions.’

Durapipe, plastic pipework

Durapipe’s HTA pipework has been installed in new-build apartments on an exclusive housing development in Reading to provide a cost-effective solution for hot- and cold-water services. Turnpike Plumbing used HTA pipe in sizes up to 63 mm to transport hot and cod water from the main water-storage tank to each of the 250 apartments in Portman Square.

System Hygienics, ductwork cleaning, TR/19, healthcare

System Hygienics has successfully cleaned hospital ventilation ductwork serving 18 operating theatres at two hospitals in Glasgow. They are Gartnavel General Hospital and the Western Infirmary. Scheduling work mainly at weekends minimised disruption during the 6-week project.

KGN Pillinger, pump set, booster set, pressure booster

KGN Pillinger has designed, made and installed the new 4-pump booster set to replace a 15-year-old set at the County Hall Hotel in London of Marriott Hotels. The hotel is next to the London Eye. There was a problem with the phase loop controller, an expensive item to replace, and the bearings of one pump needed attention. An inline PRV also required regular servicing.

Trox, MSCB, chilled beam, lighting

Trox multi-service chilled beams for the £22 million Newcastle Sixth Form College deliver heating, cooling, variable-flow ventilation and lighting throughout the building. The 11 000 m2 building is the only dedicated sixth-form college in Newcastle upon Tyne and has been designed with a number of sustainability features, including a green roof.

Teekay, pipe coupling, drainage

Teekay pipe couplings have been used for key connections on cast-iron, galvanised-steel and copper drainage pipework in the ‘Walkie talkie’ building at 20 Fenchurch Street in London. The work was carried out by Fitzpatrick Mechanical Services in a contract worth £1 million.

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Manufacturer helps equip skills centre

Ideal Heating has helped to equip a new £500,000 green energy centre in Merseyside which is seeking to attract fresh talent into the heating industry.

Acoustic solutions suite with easy access to services at University of Birmingham

A suite of ceiling and wall acoustic solutions have been specified for The University of Birmingham’s new landmark Molecular Sciences building, which will provide a hub for research and academic work.