2022 October

Net Zero Building Guide

The UK is committed to creating a net zero carbon economy by 2050. This places huge challenges on the construction and facilities management industries, which will need to rethink how buildings are designed, constructed, operated and maintained.

Tim Mitchell

Time to join the smart set?

26 October, 2022

The HVAC sector is undergoing a digital revolution that is set to transform how smart buildings are conceived, designed, and built. Indeed, the signs are already there. Tim Mitchell, Sales Director at Klima-Therm, explains

Pref Ludenshied

Decarbonising buildings is a huge task, but digital technologies, coupled with collaboration across sectors and stakeholders, can help make the vision of smart, sustainable infrastructure a reality, says Fabio Mercurio of ABB Smart Buildings.

Andrew Hunter, Chubb

 Andrew Hunter, Technology & Solutions Director at Chubb, explores how merged technologies and greater availability of data are making buildings smarter.

The future of buildings is smart

Lighting can be difficult to integrate, no matter the industry, yet it is an essential part of any building. Lighting used to be static and analogue and it did not pass data or communicate with other systems; yet with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and as technologies evolve, this has created problems for the industry that were not previously considered.

Elitsa Yakimov (Marketing Manager, Armacell UK)

Elitsa Yakimov, Marketing Manager at Armacell UK, discusses the latest IPCC report amongst others, and comes to the sobering conclusion that it will be impossible for the UK to meet its 2050 Net Zero target without fundamental changes to the ways we build and heat our buildings.

Scott Young of Samsung

Samsung Climate Solutions are delighted to welcome Scott Young (TMIET) to lead our expanding training programme. 

Armstrong App

Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced a mobile app that brings all of the value and benefits of the Pump Manager subscription service to users of Android and iOS mobile devices.

Tugra luminaire

The new award-winning TUGRA luminaire from TRILUX adds a new retro aesthetic to a wide variety of workspaces.

Four Pure Brewery

Following a £500,000.00 investment, Four Pure Brewing opened a new taproom based in London which was set to “blow people away”.  The new facility includes a bespoke horseshoe bar with 43 taps, a reception room, a brewery shop, meeting areas, and a live music area.

Modular T from Daikin Applied

Daikin Applied has extended its range of air handling units (AHUs) with the UK launch of the compact Modular T series.


It’s always rewarding to see the feedback from a client who employed prefabrication on a project for the first time. Even in the UK, where there has been a significant uptake in prefabricating structures over the last decade, clients still dismiss it as an unnecessary extra step in the construction process.

Steve Lister of Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch Sales & Marketing Director Steve Lister is taking early retirement after holding the position for nearly 20 years.

EUA Logo

The expected surge in the energy price cap to a rumoured £4,266 in January 2023 is not only causing distress for households but has also blown a hole in the Government's domestic heating strategy.

Secondary School, fabric first, boiler replacement

What are the challenges and opportunities for organisations as they tackle heat decarbonisation amid the continued energy crisis? Rob Erwood of Baxi Commercial solutions has answers.

Aerial Nuaire Site

With 80% of the UK’s 2050 building stock having already been built, there remains a major priority to decarbonise existing stock to meet climate targets. Stephen Flood looks at how. 

The Shard, with work going on around it.

Alistair Bell, Director at ThermoSphere, discusses the mood in construction, and the industry’s opportunity for growth.

Construction Net Zero

Peter Sayce, Product and Commercial Development Officer at Bramble Energy says the industry must go further to make sure that any new infrastructure is built in the most efficient way possible, and existing stock is improved and repurposed where possible.  

Solar Panels

“With very little sign that the cost pressures are easing, what is the impact of this uncertainty?”, asks Anthony Ainsworth, Chief Operating Officer at npower Business Solutions.

plant room

Steve Warne, National Sales Manager at Ideal Heat Solutions, looks at the issue of accessing plant rooms to replace equipment and the solutions available to ensure it can be done safely.

Anthony Corbett

Anthony Corbett, Product Applications Engineer at Geberit and a technical representative of the British Plastics Federation - Pipes Group, explores the benefits for installers and building managers.

modbs tv logo

Manufacturer helps equip skills centre

Ideal Heating has helped to equip a new £500,000 green energy centre in Merseyside which is seeking to attract fresh talent into the heating industry.

Acoustic solutions suite with easy access to services at University of Birmingham

A suite of ceiling and wall acoustic solutions have been specified for The University of Birmingham’s new landmark Molecular Sciences building, which will provide a hub for research and academic work.