2016 November

Siemens, actuator, damper

The OpenAir range from Siemens offers energy-efficient damper actuators with torque ratings from 2 to 35 Nm. They offer high positioning forces with low-consumption motors, leading to energy-saving operation.

BMS, BEMS, building management system, controls, user friendly, Siemens Building Technologies

To work effectively, the modern building energy management system (BEMS) should be straightforward to use and accessible for every potential user. Ian Ellis of Siemens Building Technologies discusses past issues with ‘usability’ and positive changes that are being made.

BEMS, BMS, building management system, Controls, Wago

Wago’s FlexRoom intelligent room-automation system provides flexible automation of lighting, window blinds, and room control — including heating and cooling. It can be used to quickly and easily realise energy-efficient and standard-compliant building automation in nearly all office and administrative buildings. Its ease of use means that configuration and reconfiguration can be carried out in-house, saving time and reducing costs.

BMS, BEMS, building management system, controls, sensors, Sontay

Smart sensing

02 November, 2016

To fully understand how efficient a building is you need data, and this is where the humble sensor can play a pivotal role — as Sandy Damm of Sontay, explains.

BMS, BEMS, building management system, controls, bespoke service, Sontay

Sontay’s investment in new milling equipment enables the company to provide a wider range of options and finishes on its user-interface products. The upgraded facility makes it easier for Sontay to create tailored devices . Plates and accompanying furniture can be sourced to an exact specification and engraved with the required detail.

BMS, BEMS, building management system, controls, Priva

The upgrading of the heating-control system at the St Bueno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre in North Wales is based on Priva’s Blue ID system. It replaces a poorly designed PLC-based system to improve the accuracy of heating control across the site and enhance accessibility with a user-friendly touchscreen.

BEMS, Biomass, BMS, building management system, Controls, LCSL, Linear Control Systems Ltd, Renewable energy

Linear Control Systems Ltd (LCSL) has completed the installation of the building energy management system for the second phase of Harewood House’s £2 million investment. It is for a biomass plant that can heat over 30 buildings and save over 500 t of CO2 a year.

BMS, BEMS, building management system, controls, BG Energy Solutions

Heating control and comfort levels have been improved following the installation by BG Energy Solutions of a Trend BMS as part of a major upgraded project at Wakefield Town Hall. It was fitted during a 2-year shutdown for refurbishment work. A PC-based front end has facilitated better ease of use and reduced maintenance.

BMS, BEMS, building management system, controls, Solar, PV, photo-voltaic, renewable energy, Carlo Gavazzi

SolarPV systems across multiple sites can be monitored by Carlo Gavazzi’s VMU-Y PV. It is housed in a 2-DIN module and can aggregate data from up to 10 VMU-C PV units within a single centralised interface. This effective enables the monitoring of up to 640 inverters and/or 320 meters and 2250 strings. All information can be access using a standard web browser, with no recurrent annual fees.

BMS, BEMS, building management system, controls, Clarkson Controls

Joined-up thinking

02 November, 2016

Malcolm Anson of Clarkson Controls shares his frustration about controls that do not operate in harmony — and illustrates his point with a new product.

BMS, BEMS, building management system, controls, lighting, Control Network Solutions

What are the benefits of convergent control solutions? And how can you sure you are getting a truly open and interoperable system? Mike Welch of Control Network Solutions shares his view and outlines five key questions that will help building-services professionals to identify the solution that is right for them.

BMS, BEMS, building management system, controls, BIM, building information modelling, Trend Control Systems

Putting BIM in control

02 November, 2016

Building information modelling (BIM) is radically changing the way that structures are designed, built and managed, yet BIM activity surrounding the building energy management system (BEMS) sector has not been as rapid as expected. Graeme Rees of Trend Control Systems explains why it’s time for interested parties to get on board.

BMS, BEMS, building management system, controls, Internet of Things, facilities management, Schneider Electric

Is your building IoT ready?

02 November, 2016

There are many benefits to be gained by the building-management system becoming the platform on which the Internet of Things within a facility flows. Simon Garratt of Schneider gives an insight into the potential.

BMS, BEMS, building management system, controls, BCIA, Building Controls Industry Association, grid, demand management

Malcolm Anson looks at evidence that the energy market in the UK is experiencing some big changes — and explains why this is important for the controls sector.

fan convector, Heat pump, Renewable energy, Smith's, space heating

The right heat emitter will significantly boost the performance of a heating system based on the use of a heat pump, as Jim Bennett of Smith’s Fan Convectors explains.

space heating, heating survey, burners, EOGB

Commercial-heating specialist EOGB Energy Products offers a service to help companies and organisations reduce their heating bills. The ‘Heating health check’ service involves a specialist EOGB engineer visiting a site and carrying out a full boiler and plant inspection to assess current performance. The boiler combustion is analysed, and the customer receives a report with recommendations and estimated savings based on the current fuel tariff.

space heating, radiant heating, Zehnder

Radiant heating panels are growing in popularity, and for a number of good reasons. David Simoes of Zehnder Group UK explains where they are appropriate and what benefits can be expected.

space heating, radiant heating, Nor-Ray-Vac

The perfect warm-up routine

02 November, 2016

Schools, colleges and other educational establishments throughout the UK spend hundreds of millions of pounds a year on heating. It’s an essential outgoing, but that doesn’t mean cost savings can’t be achieved. Even the most complex of heating needs can be met without breaking the budget, according to Nick Winton of Nor-Ray-Vac.

space heating, Dunham-Bush, trench heating

Dunham-Bush trench-heating systems were specified for Building 3 at Advanced Manufacturing Park’s Technical Centre in Rotherham to offset heat losses and down draughts from the glazed facade. This building provides flexible offices and workshops for up to 11 tenants involved in industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, marine, petrochemical and power generation.

space heating, renewable energy, DHW, Rinnai

Rinnai’s continuous-flow water-heating solutions can work with renewable-energy sources such as solar-thermal and air-source heat pumps. The concept is that the water heater tops up the temperature of stored water heated using renewable energy — but only when required.

BSRIA, space heating

The industry was recently given the opportunity to provide feedback on standards and performance on heating systems in non-domestic buildings. There was some lively discussion.

space heating, communal heating, district heating, heat interface unit, HIU, Evinox Energy

Heat interface units and billing services for the communal heating system in a development of luxury apartments and homes for first-time buyers in the Ladbroke Grove development from Taylor Wimpey Central London were supplied by Evinox Energy. The development is part of the regeneration of Grand Union Centre and also includes office accommodation and retail units. Evinox worked with P. R. Morson on the developments.

As the number of urban high-rise developments continues to increase, so does the trend for electric heating. Alan Clarke of Heatrae Sadia, talks electric wet central-heating boilers and the key points to consider when it comes to product specification.

space heating, boilers, Viessmann

Viessmann’s Vitodens 200-W boiler cascade system for commercial applications is more compact than its predecessor and offers outputs from 12 to 594 kW. It requires 30% less space than the previous cascade system and reduces installation times by up to 50%. The height required for installation is reduced from 2.2 to 1.8 m. The width required is also reduced — for example, three boilers in series require 2.3 m compared with 2.7 m previously.

space heating, radiators, LST, Stelrad Radiators

Radiators have a number of features that make them suited to a range of commercial applications, and recent developments enable them to provide a solution for more applications. Chris Harvey of Stelrad Radiators takes up the story.

Reznor, part of Nortek Global HVAC (UK) Ltd a leading supplier of gas-fired warm -air heating and ventilation systems, has developed a range of destratification fans, which reverse the natural convection process, recirculating warm air at high level back to working level to provide a permanent reduction in roof-space temperature and uniform temperature distribution. For new buildings the energy savings of a correctly designed de-stratification system are calculated within the SBEM compliance software in order to achieve the carbon reductions required for Building Regulations approval.

Destratification fans

02 November, 2016

Reznor, part of Nortek Global HVAC (UK) Ltd a leading supplier of gas-fired warm -air heating and ventilation systems, has developed a range of destratification fans, which reverse the natural convection process, recirculating warm air at high level back to working level to provide a permanent reduction in roof-space temperature and uniform temperature distribution.

Clivet, air conditioning, heat pump, renewable energy

Clivet, which specialises in all-year-round comfort systems based on heat-pump technology, has been accredited by CIBSE as a CPD course provider. There are courses for the tertiary-commercial sector and the residential sector.

Dura pump, pumps

Northampton-based pump-engineering firm Dura Pump has doubled the size of its premises and purchased four new vans following a successful restructuring and steamlining of the Dura Pump brand in February this year. The extra space will be use to extend and modernise the existing workshop with new machinery to fulfill customer orders.

Armstrong Ceilings, TechZone, lighting, air diffuser, air conditioning

Armstrong Ceilings has rationalised its TechZone ceiling system into four standard layouts which easily organised lighting, air diffusers and returns into 100 and 150 mm-wide technical zones. A range of compatible fixtures from partner companies for the building-services elements (Trox for air diffusers and XAL and Zumtobel for lighting) have been prequalified for fit and finish to give a clean, monolithic look using standard ceiling panels and suspension systems.

Elco, boiler, space heating, CHP, combined heat and power

Elco introduces CHP units

02 November, 2016

Elco Heating Solutions has introduced a range of four gas-fired CHP units with electrical outputs from 5 to 50 kW and thermal outputs from 12.1 to 100 kW. The Varion C-Power range achieves an energy-efficiency rating of A++. All four models have integrated condensing units and achieve efficiencies of up to 109.5%.

Trane has expanded its UniTrane portfolio of fan-coil units with the W-Line range of high-wall fan-coil units. Also added to the range are the D-Line and B-Line more compact and concealed ductable ranges offering higher capacity and lower noise.

Heatrae Sadia, how water, Megaflo, DHW

Heatrae Sadia has upgraded its FBM Eco point-of-use vented storage water heater to improve energy efficiency, offer greater defence against legionella and to incorporate BMS technology. FBM Eco is suited to applications such as commercial kitchens and washrooms. It can supply two to eight basins, depending on the model selected.

Tyco, Grinnel, Revit, pipework, grooved pipes

Tyco Mechanical Products has released its new Grinnell Mechanical Suite for Revit, an add-on to the standard Autodesk Revit software. It is described as treating pipe like pipe, accurately drawing grooved piping systems while using Grinnell grooved products, which standard Revit software does not include. Robust tool sets increase productivity as users can perform key pipe design functions within a virtual, smart model.

Viega, pipework pipes, steel, press fitting

Viega’s Megapress press-fitting system for carbon-steel pipes is now available in the UK. It offers a fast and effective alternative to traditional methods such as welding. Megapress connections can be made in less than seven seconds, helping to achieve a 60% reduction in installation time. The pressing tool is simple to use, so that even difficult installations such as overhead pipework can be completed safely and effectively.

Flakt Woods, fan, axial fan, JMv

Flakt Woods has added five more sizes to its JMv range of axial fans, expanding the range up to 1000 mm in diameter. The range now covers 315 to 1000 mm. Performance has been improved with the incorporation of an impeller spinner in the larger models to achieve a 3% reduction in running costs over and above the 27% reduction achieved by the models launched last year.

Econo-Air gas-fired heating and ventilation systems from Stokvis are designed for large buildings across a range of industrial and commercial applications — such are warehouses, factories, sports centres and theatres. They are available as direct-fired and indirect-fired units and are flexible and highly adaptable to end-user requirements.

Polymer grilles and diffusers

02 November, 2016

The Aircell Polymer range of grilles a and diffusers from Waterloo Air Products provides a solution for the strict requirements of sterile working environments or to remove the risk of rust due to moisture or oxidisation caused by cleaning agents reacting with metal. They are particularly suited to chlorinated environments such as swimming pools or leisure centres or high-cleaning-regime areas such as hospitals or laboratories. Other potential applications include schools and colleges, kitchens and restaurants, hotels or libraries.

George Fischer, chilled water,  pipework, Cool-Fit

George Fischer’s (GF) Cool-Fit 2.0 insulated pipework for chilled water and other low-temperature liquids is a three-in-one system that offers speed and versatility for installation. Pipes range from 32 to 140 mm in diameter and are tested to 16 bar. It is a plastics-based system that weighs as little as a sixth of metal alternatives.

Nuaire, condensation, dampness, ventilation,  positive input ventilation

The latest version of Nuaire’s Drimaster positive-input ventilation system for homes has been enhanced with features to improve its efficiency and effectiveness, as well as being faster and easier to install. Drimaster-Eco units are installed in the loft, where they can be suspended from a rafter (a very quick way to install a unit) or on the joists by a qualified electrician — in less than an hour. Power can be from a lighting cable in the loft.

Tamlite, lighting, BIM, building information modelling, LED

Tamlite Lighting now offers complete availability of BIM Level 2 data for its Tamlite 2020 range of lighting fittings. The range incorporates a wide variety of LED-based products and is geared towards the needs of the projects and specification market.

CP Electronics, lighting, control, programming

CP Electronics, which makes and designs energy-efficient lighting-control solutions, has produced a ‘how-to’ video tutorial for its professional commissioning LCD programming handset (UNLCDHS). It offers practical tips to help get the most out of the device.

Riello, boilers, burners, space heating

Riello updates UK web site

02 November, 2016

Riello has updated its UK web site with improved navigation, enhanced compatibility with mobile devices and instant access to social-media links. The site includes product information and a burner-selection function to enable specifiers to easily match a burner to a chosen appliance.

Mitsubishi, central plant, air conditioning, heat pump, space heating, Heat recovery

All the central plant solutions from Mitsubishi Electric that can help reduce energy consumption in the built environment are detailed in a 24-page brochure. Many of the solutions are described as affordable, scalable and available now. The brochure includes examples of where the installation of well designed, energy-efficient central plant has made a difference.

BFCMA, combustion, flue, commercial flue, boiler, space heating

Designed to provide a clearer understanding of how chimneys and flues should be selected and installed in commercial applications is the new ‘Commercial flue guide’ from the British Flue & Chimney Manufacturers’ Association (BFCMA). It runs to 15 pages and is available as a pdf download.

Samsung, air conditioning, cassette, circular cassette

Samsung Electronics’ recently introduced 360° air-conditioning cassette with a circular diffuser delivers air conditioning for a new Starbucks franchise in Emsworth, Hampshire. It was the first installation of this unit by DCI Refrigeration & Electrical.

Gilberts, Blackpool ventilation, natural ventilation, louvres

Gilberts has helped to meet environmental objectives for the Combined College Boathouse on the River Cam in Cambridge by supplying natural-ventilation components and air-movement elements for the supplementary natural ventilation. The new building has been designed by RHP for King’s, Selwyn and Churchill Colleges.

Nittan, vaping, false alarm, smoke alarm

False alarms in a Southampton pub and live-music venue caused by smoke detectors responding to water vapour from vaping have been prevented by the installation of Nittan Evolution EV-DP dual-wavelength photo-electric smoke detectors. The Frog & Frigate is renowned for being a very lively venue where visitors are encouraged to get on the tables and sing along with the band. Vaping is permitted in the busy venue.

Rehau, air conditioning, chilled ceiling

The largest installation of Rehau’s chilled-ceiling system has been installed in 40 Chancery Lane in central London. This 8-storey building has more than 5000 m2 of ceiling using the radiant CoolBoard plasterboard system, which helped achieve a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating.

Zumtobel Lighting, continuous lighting

Zumtobel Lighting’s Spotlight Infinity continuous-light-line system gave Sky the look it wanted for office lighting in its Believe in Better building along with the required performance. The brief was to provide a high degree of transparency between the various spaces and rooms, continuity in lighting and luminaire appearance, combined with a cohesive overall arrangement.

Oventrop, solar, solar thermal, renewable energy, DHW, domestic hot water

Four complete solar-thermal hot-water systems at Heathrow Logistics Park were designed, supplied and installed by Oventrop. The systems were specified by HWM Building Services and based on flat-panel on the roofs.

Stokvis, heating, fresh air, ventilation, space heating

Trainees learning various building trades at the Erdington Skills Centre in Birmingham are benefiting from a Stokvis Econo-Air warm -air unit to provide a comfortable environment all year round. It provides heating during the winter and ample fresh air during hotter weather for a total heating and ventilating solution.

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Manufacturer helps equip skills centre

Ideal Heating has helped to equip a new £500,000 green energy centre in Merseyside which is seeking to attract fresh talent into the heating industry.

Acoustic solutions suite with easy access to services at University of Birmingham

A suite of ceiling and wall acoustic solutions have been specified for The University of Birmingham’s new landmark Molecular Sciences building, which will provide a hub for research and academic work.