2007 August

chilled beams
Chilled ceiling and beams deliver comfort cooling with 60 to 70% lower energy use than other systems, which is why John Staunton argues that this water-based approach cannot be ignored.
An air-sampling smoke-detection system from Wagner UK’s popular Titanus range provides early-warning smoke detection for the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Norwich. Titanus ASD system were chosen for their ability to detect fires at a very early stage, often before smouldering is visible and smoke develops, providing the highest level of protection for this historic building.
Climate-control specialists Tekion has launched a franchise division — Tekion Climate Controls — and appointed its first franchisee, Chris Petty from Huddersfield.
Redring’s Aqualoy stainless-steel range of large unvented water storage heaters incorporate a low-noise immersion heater in response to customer demand and can deliver a flow of 55 l/min. They can supply a shower without the need for a separate pump.
The new Spygas Freon from Telegan Gas Monitoring is designed to help air-conditioning and refrigeration engineers detect Freon leaks and check pipe-joint tightness in hard-to-reach or dark areas quickly and safely.
LG is now offering full and comprehensive training courses on all aspects of Art Cool installation. The course is specifically tailored to contractors which supply and install the Art Cool range.
The new Cablestik cable holder from Thorsman keeps cables clean, tidy, untangled and readily accessible while carrying out panel wiring and electrical installation work. Convenient and easy to use, Cablestik is free standing with a high loading capacity and allowing support of multiple cable reels simultaneously.
Lenze has taken out cost and complexity from vector-based motor control in the new SMV frequency inverter.
Life at EWEtopia is more comfortable for the little lambs since the Big Sheep decided to install a new heating system. With a Reznor V3 UDSA downflow heater to warm things up, mums, dads and their offspring are ‘flocking’ to see what it’s all about.

New mini-Compacta from KSB

05 August, 2007
Pump manufacturer KSB has announced the arrival of its new mini-Compacta lifting unit, designed for a wide variety of applications.
QHi Group’s Exertherm continuous thermal monitoring system is now supplied with lifetime calibration and a lifetime warranty.
Ideal Boilers is kicking off the summer by launching a host of promotions on its popular range of IMAX commercial appliances.
A new training academy for Chelsea Football Club has the entire heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems controlled by Hattersley valves.
Building automation is now easier and less expensive with cost-reducing variants of Excel Web, a freely programmable building-automation controller from CentraLine by Honeywell.
Over 500 Crane Dominator units are being installed as part of the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems within the new 10-storey headquarters of the Northern Rock Building Society in Newcastle
Merlin Power Management has launched a new concept in generator servicing called Powercare Premier. Combining remote generator monitoring, refuelling and a rapid response 24/7 service package, Powercare Premier provides companies with a cost effective fully integrated solution for the care and maintenance of their standby diesel generator.
fire engine
Fire and rescue work can be hot and dirty, so when the heating and hot-water system at Bolton’s Central Fire Station was renewed, it was important to ensure high efficiency as well as meeting the station’s considerable heating and hot-water loads. Four Viessmann Vitodens 300 condensing boilers at 66 kW each were installed in a cascade system.
heat pump
Heatline’s air-source heat pump can generate hot water with a COP of 3.25. The storage tank has a capacity of 300 l and takes 7 h to heat to its maximum temperature of 55°C. The unit can be installed in a garage, loft space or utility room.
As part of its range of renewable-heating products, Nu-way has launched a ground-source heat pump for domestic use.
Walney UK has been given the UK distribution rights of the ProjectClima range of designer radiators. They are built using a variety of tiles in different shapes, colours and finishes. The customer has complete control over the design or can order from an existing gallery of designs.
EC Power, which supplies micro combined-heat-and-power systems, has announced that its range of engines will run on renewable biofuels. The 13 kW(e) model can run on biogas and the 17 kW(e) diesel unit can run on 100% biodiesel.
Following the introduction of legislation banning smoking in public buildings, Frico has introduced a range of weatherproof electric heaters for outdoor use.
The new Crowcon Hydra addressable gas detection system provides a novel way of detecting toxic gasses such as CO2, NOx and petrol vapour from vehicle exhausts in underground car parks.
Xpelair has introduced a comprehensive range of small-scale wind turbines. The launch of this range follows a major investment in Eclectic Energy, a long-established manufacturer of wind turbines.
Hydromag physical water conditioners from Hydrotec are available in eight sizes to handle flows from 0.1 to 30.5 l/s. They are WRAS approved and compliant with impending EU legislation for EMF radiation.
Mitsubishi Electric has introduced control panels to make life easier for air-conditioning and electrical contractors who have previously faced the difficult issue of installing energy meters. Installing them has always been complex because there is a lot of wiring between current transformers and energy meters (a current transformer has a current in its secondary winding proportional to the current in its primary).
Charles Austen Pumps has applied its expertise in condensate pumps for air conditioning to develop a version for use with condensing boilers.
The Cirrus KC range of direct/indirect suspended luminaires from Riegens Lighting combines a specially developed optical system with very slim panels to offer decoration and illumination. The development of this range is based on research into Circadian Rhythms, signals that body clocks produce to indicate when to be active and when to sleep.
Air Diffusion has launched a range of adjustable-swirl diffusers for heating and cooling. The range includes motorised models which can be used with the ADT-1 differential thermostat to set up an automatic system.
Marshall Tufflex’s MT32 power-connection system uses a compact 32 A connector that provides a complete solution all the way from the power inlet to the final outlet. — whether it be underfloor, perimeter trunking, dry-lined construction or a multitude of other applications. The concept requires no on-site wiring and significantly reduces installation time. All components are pre-wired and pretested.
Autodesk has unveiled a preview of Autodesk Impression software in Europe to help architects and other CAD users create illustrative presentation graphics from DWG and DWF files. This software eliminates the work previously required to develop compelling images from CAD drawings.
Panasonic’s Flexi System air-conditioning range uses inverter technology for maximum efficiency and thermal performance. There are single and double-split options (with one outdoor unit serving two indoor units) delivering 5.6 to 12.5 kW of cooling and 7 to 14 kW of heating.

End-suction pump range

05 August, 2007
Grundfos has introduced a complete series of re-engineered close-coupled and long-coupled pumps that comply with EN733 and ISO2858.
Gardner Energy Management has added to its range of venturi steam traps five sizes for screwed pipework. Sapphire units come in five sizes from 15 to 50 mm and are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The three smallest sizes have a strainer and unions as standard
Daikin Europe has completed its Sky Air Super Inverter Series of air-conditioning units with a new 140 class unit and updated 100 and 125 class units.
Thermal Technology’s Recupopak range of ventilation/heat-recovery units is based on a single section containing fans, filters, energy recovery and heat-pump circuit to provide heating and cooling. The heat pump uses low-noise scroll compressors and heats or cools incoming fresh air according to the season.
Johnson Controls has launched a heat-pump version of the popular York Tempo range of chillers to supply warm and chilled water for air-conditioning applications.
Crane’s PosiFlex full-bore elastomeric expansion joints can accommodate all types of movement in pipework — axial expansion and contraction, lateral, angular, torsional and vibrational — simultaneously and without embrittlement or fatigue. Large pipe movements are absorbed with minimal face-to-face dimensions.
The Ecovector fan convector from Smith’s Environmental Products is designed to closely resemble a radiator but deliver the performance of a fan convector. There are two models, and they are said to run so quietly that it difficult to tell if a unit is on. Features include simple controls and a built-in thermostat.
Daikin Europe has introduced energy-efficient and updated inverter-driven R410A split air-conditioning combinations. FTK/XS-F and RK/XS-F units are available in heat-pump and cooling-only versions in 50, 60 and 71 classes.
Glow-worm has added to its range of domestic heating boilers with the introduction of Flexicom 30 kW heating-only boiler and 30 kW sealed-system appliance.
Floor-standing indoor air-conditioning units from Daikin use R410A and come in three sizes. All FVXS-F models can be used in ‘pair’ and ‘multi’ configuration and have particularly high COPs and EERs when coupled to Daikin’s new RK/XS outdoor units, with all models have category A energy-efficiency ratings.
Included in TSI Instruments’ redesigned line of Airflow Instruments for ventilation testing is the new TA460 thermal anemometer for accurately measuring air velocity, air flow, temperature, humidity and pressure — all at the same time. The five measurements are shown on the large graphic display.
Rafiki Protection has made available a free pocket-sized guide to the design of fire-alarm systems. This guide is in line with BS 5839 safety standards and offers a clear explanation on all aspects of designing fire-alarm and detection systems. It explains the categorising of fire-alarm and detection systems and covers sounder devices, smoke devices and heat devices.

Green-heating solutions

05 August, 2007
Anders Heating has launched a new web site with online resources for green heating solutions. The site shows the full scope of the business of Anders Heating. It also provides technical information and a large set of previously asked questions, with their answers.

Car-park ventilation

05 August, 2007
Extensive improvements to the car-parks web site of Flakt Woods have made it easier to get updated information on the company’s car-park ventilation systems.
Legrand’s latest catalogue of products and systems for electrical installations and information networks runs to 504 pages. It includes all the company’s 40 000-plus variants for the commercial, industrial and residential segments and is available in printed format (A4 and A5) and on CD-ROM.

Fan-selection software

05 August, 2007
Vortice has developed a program to simplify the sourcing of ventilation products. The FastFan program enables users to browse or search directly for industrial, commercial and domestic fans from the company’s entire range of inline, centrifugal, axial and roof fans.

Valves and actuators

05 August, 2007
The 2007 catalogue of European valve manufacturer Hora is available from Slaney Direct. The product range covers HVAC control valves, mixing valves and electric linear and quarter-turn actuators.
Glow-worm has issued comprehensive technical literature on its Ultracom range of boilers, which includes a users’ step-by-step guide to using the range’s new digital programmer. This information is available in printed format or on a DVD.
Mitsubishi Electric’s latest product catalogue of air-conditioning products now includes a price list.

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Manufacturer helps equip skills centre

Ideal Heating has helped to equip a new £500,000 green energy centre in Merseyside which is seeking to attract fresh talent into the heating industry.

Acoustic solutions suite with easy access to services at University of Birmingham

A suite of ceiling and wall acoustic solutions have been specified for The University of Birmingham’s new landmark Molecular Sciences building, which will provide a hub for research and academic work.