2012 June

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Xpelair Ventilation Solutions, CPD training

Xpelair Ventilation Solutions has introduced a CPD training programme to help residential installers develop a better understanding of the changing ventilation requirements. It provides an overview of legislation that governs ventilation rates and the need for efficient ventilation, along with the important role that it plays in the health and comfort.

Danlers, LED dimming

Danlers designs and manufactures a range of trailing-edge grid dimmer modules suitable for dimming LED lamps, panels and fittings — either directly or via a dimmable trailing-edge transformer.

Panasonic, heat pumps, renewable energy

Panasonic is running a promotion giving £300 cashback on Aquarea air-source heat-pump orders placed before 13 July 2012. Mirroring the Government’s recent extension to the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme, Panasonic has extended its heat-pump cashback promotion that began last year. Once a heat pump has been installed, the end user may be eligible to apply for the RHPP scheme, which can provide extra savings of £850.

Big Foot Systems, Solar energy, renewable energy

Big Foot Systems offers the complete non-penetrative mounting system for photovoltaic panels on a flat roof.

Belimo, SuperCap actuator

The new SuperCap actuators from Belimo are now also available as rotary, linear and fast running actuators.

NIBE, heat pumps, renewable energy

NIBE Energy Systems now recognises only installers accredited to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme as approved installers. This requirement includes sizing, design and installation of the full product range, which consists of ground-source, air-source and exhaust-air heat pumps, and solar thermal panels.

Vent-Axia, ventilating, CPD

Vent-Axia, which specialises in low-carbon ventilation, has launched its first CPD (Continuing Professional Development) module. This free online module deals with Parts F and L of the Building Regulations and explains how the legislation affects ventilation.

Siemens, damper actuators

The OpenAir range from Siemens offers energy-efficient damper actuators with torque ratings from 2 to 35 Nm. They offer high positioning forces with low-consumption motors leading to energy-saving operation. They can be either AC or DC powered and are available in 2-position, 3-position or 0 to 10 V DC control versions. Self-centering shaft adapters simplify installation and reduce installation costs. These also reduce stress on the actuator, which increases their service life and brings added reliability.


Equipment from Panasonic’s range of VRF air-condition equipment has been installed at the new site of DDD Pharmaceuticals in Watford to provide controlled cooling for the warehouse and also heating and cooling for the offices. The equipment was supplied by TF Solutions for its ability to satisfy all requirements using a single integrated system. It is also very energy efficient and a learning resource centre.

Integrated Environmental Solutions and Daikin UK have developed a plug in for VRV systems that is fully integrated with IES Virtual Environment 2012 to deliver advanced modelling for heat-pump and heat-recovery VRV systems. Daikin’s heat-recovery VRV systems can achieved energy-efficiency levels of greater than 10, offering a significant step towards the goal of zero heat rejection.

Climaveneta, chillers

Climaveneta’s upgraded FOCS2 range of chillers includes models that are said to offer the highest efficiency on the market for screw-compressor chillers and one that represents the best compromise of performance and cost available. Units are also competitively priced compared with the previous FOCS range.

Turbomiser, Cool-Therm, chillers

Two Turbomiser chillers with Turbocor compressors installed to replace aging units running on R22 and the interim refrigerant R79 have halved energy consumption and expected to give a payback for the project of less than two years, helped by there being a fairly constant process load. They were installed by Cool-Therm at Photronics’ high-tech production facility at Bridgend. Photronics is a world leader in the production of specialist components for supplying to manufacturers of semiconductor and flat-panel displays.

Star Refrigeration, CO2 refrigerant, carbon dioxide

The use of carbon dioxide as a refrigerant has a chequered history, but it is becoming established — with a whole raft of potential applications. Andy Pearson of Star Refrigeration provides an insight into the technology.

Airedale, free cooling, data centres

Changing the operating conditions in data centres enables cooling plant to run more efficiently at higher flow temperature and for free-cooling to be used more. George Hannah of Airedale looks at how this can assist data centre managers reduce operating costs.

Business Edge, flushing, refrigerant recovery

Mike Creamer of Business Edge explains why flushing and cleaning air conditioning systems of contaminants can prevent parts failing and save thousands of pounds


With the first stage of redefining how the energy efficiency of air-conditioning equipment is defined arriving in January 2013, Graham Wright of Daikin UK warns that industry professionals must take note of the new approach and its implications on future design and specifications.

Johnson Controls has developed an approach to managing centralised chilled-water installations as a single integrated system that can reduce energy consumption by up to 15%. Called Central Plant Optimisation (CPO), it combines innovative control technology and advanced algorithms that enable chiller plants to maximise their efficiency by determining the correct operating parameters in real time to meet the building’s cooling load with minimum power.

Daikin Europe has developed an online controller that can be used with a wide range of its split air-conditioning units. The scope of this controller extends from residential users to the manager of a chain of shops requiring control of groups of units. This controller is compatible with selected Daikin split systems such as Emura and Nexura, as well as other wall-mounted, floor-standing and ducted systems.

AET, absoption chillers

Direct-gas-fired absorption chillers from AET can supply chilled water and hot water according to the requirements of the building. The advanced design of SAB-DF chillers ensures they are economical to install and run. They use an innovative flow system for the cooling water to provide a large temperature differential on the chilled-water and cooling-water circuits to reduce flow rate.

Durapipe, chilled water

Chilled water from chillers in the £25 million redevelopment of Stockbridge Village in Merseyside is carried from chillers to air-handling units by Durapipe SuperFlo ABS pipework in sizes up to 110 mm. The AHUs in turn provide air conditioning for the primary school and leisure-centre buildings of the project. There is also a swimming pool, state-of-the-art gym and leisure facilities, and a learning resource centre.

Rhoss chiller, Coolmation

Coolmation has supplied a Rhoss air-cooled water chiller to replaced a life-expired R22 unit at the 4-star Marriott Hotel in Bexleyheath. This modern hotel has 142 bedrooms, as well as restaurants, lounges, conference facilities and a spa. It relied on an efficient and effective air-conditioning system to meet the expectations of its clients.

While everyone is familiar with the benefits of regular servicing and maintenance of commercial and industrial air-conditioning equipment, fewer people are appreciative of the importance of routine inspections. Marc Diaz looks at the role of scheduled inspections in reducing energy consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions.

Advanced Air, fan coil unit, FCU

Advanced Air’s latest range of fan-coil units include ECM motors that can be selected to give a leading current characteristic to provide a level of power-factor correction. Most buildings have an inductive or lagging current characteristic, which can be partly offset by the fan-coil units to reduce energy use and improve the power factor of the building.

LG’s latest range of VRF air-conditioning products, the Multi V III, is designed for commercial buildings, office complexes and large retail outlets. Its three key benefits are higher energy efficiency, larger capacity and longer piping lengths. Multi V III is designed to reduce operating costs, be environmentally friendly and provide reliable heat in cold regions.


As the UK air-conditioning market slowly recovers lost ground, it is seeing significant changes — as David Garwood of BSRIA explains.

Lochinvar, DHW

Lochinvar has launched a range of high-performance indirect storage vessels for hot water that are specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications. Made from high-grade stainless steel, Squire indirect storage vessels are available with capacities of 300 and 450 l. They come with single or twin coils made from high-grade stainless steel for longevity and high performance.

Viessmann, Condensing boiler, district heating

Viessmann has added a new model to its line of Vitocrossal 300 gas-fired condensing boilers for heat outputs ranging from 780 to 1400 kW. These boilers are well suited to systems with large water volumes such as district-heating networks, schools, hospitals and other buildings with large radiator coverage or underfloor heating systems.

JS Humidifiers, spray humidifier

Up to 97% less energy is used by JS Humidifiers’ Draabe NanoFog Evolution in-room spray humidifier than in-room steam humidifiers — that are said to have been the only real alternative before. The new humidifier has a series of wall- or ceiling-mounted spray nozzles that are similar in size and appearance to a small loudspeaker. Each unit can provide up to 3 kg/h of moisture and has a noise level of just 40 dB(A). Multiple nozzles can supply up to 200 kg/h from a single system.

Aurora, Fire-rated downlight

Aurora claims to have developed the first truly universal fire-rated downlight with complete capability for retrofitting all types of lamp. It can be directly covered with insulation and has been tested in ceilings with fire ratings of 30, 60 and 90 min. These downlights have LED optimisation for longer lamp life. The SOLA Universal comes fitted with GU10 and optional MR16 lampholders for 12/240 V halogen, CFL or LED lamps.

Hager, electrical distribution

Hager has launched a fully pluggable electrical distribution system, from distribution board to luminaires, that significantly reduces installation time and ensures full compliance with the Wiring Regulations. Klik system consists of a number of distribution products linked by prefabricated wiring sections that simply plug together.

Legrand, cable tray

Legrand has developed a universal bracket for its Swifts perforated cable tray than can replicate thousands of different traditional tray fittings. Just one part number can be an indispensible back-up tool for installers. Nine predetermined folding points enable this bracket to be folded into numerous configurations. The folds can be snapped to provide even more solutions.

BSS Industrial, submersible pumps

Submersible pumps

01 June, 2012

BSS Industrial has revamped its range of BOSS submersible pumps in line with the latest technology and customer demand. The new collection of six models can pump clean and dirty water from a depth of up to 10 m. These pumps are suitable for a variety of tasks from domestic situations such as basement drainage and emergency rainwater flooding to light-industrial sewage and septic-tank applications.

Schott, Solar PV, renewable energy

Solar PV modules

01 June, 2012

Schott Solar’s Perform Mono 260 mono-crystalline solar PV modules achieve an efficiency of 15.9%. Features include 150 mm mono-crystalline cell technology and 3-busbar cell technology to reduce electrical losses. The hollow chamber reduces the weight of these modules to only 19 kg, and they come with a 25-year guarantee.

Grundfos Pumps, booster sets

Grundfos has extended its range of packaged booster sets with the introduction of a range of single-phase pre-packaged CMB/CMBE booster sets. They are based on the CM stainless-steel booster pumps and suitable for applications that require clean water to be delivered from a cold-water storage tank, such as when boosting to pressurised hot- and cold-water systems.

Aeon Lighting Technology, LED lamps

LED lamps from Aeon Lighting Technology, available in the UK through LED Wholesale Exchange, are described as providing a timely answer to the compulsory phasing out of halogen spotlights and incandescent 60 and 100 W bulbs. An effective life of 30 000 to 35 000 h is claimed for these lamps and a payback in savings in electricity and maintenance of eight months to two years, depending on how many hours a day the lamps are running.

MHS Boilers, heat pumps, renewable energy

The Aerotop G air-source heat pump from MHS Boilers is described as having a radical stainless-steel design, ultra-quiet operation and an excellent COP of up to 4.7. These heat pumps are available with outputs of 7 and 10 kW and can be cascaded for larger installations. The design is achieved by arranging the evaporator in a vertical cylindrical form, enabling fan speeds to be low — resulting in an operation sound-pressure level as low as 45 dB(A).

Sontay, air filter sensor

Sontay has launched a pressure-sensor as an alternative to air differential-pressure switches for monitoring HVAC filters that only indicate when the filter is blocked. Rather than waiting for this stage, the PA-500 gives an early indication of the state of an air filter so action can be taken before a breakdown occurs. These sensors are compact and supplied pre-wired so they are quick and easy to install.

Vortice, heat recovery ventilation

Vortice’s Prometeo Plus heat-recovery ventilation system is an evolution of the successful Prometeo 400 unit. This latest unit provides access to the main PCB without having to open it, the ability to upload software updates via a USB connector and new motors with lower noise levels and greater efficiency.

Ceravision, high bay lighting

A 70%-plus reduction in the energy consumption of high-bay lighting installations compared to HID lamps is claimed for Ceravision’s Alvara high-bay luminaire based on high-efficiency plasma technology. Efficacy is at least 96 lm/W (system), and one fitting can replace on average two traditional 400 W HID high-bay fittings. The quality of light is indicated by a colour temperature of 4500 K and a CRI of at least 80.

Danfoss, TRV, space heating

A programmable electronic radiator thermostat from Danfoss has a digital display and simple pushbutton programming to control temperature and time settings. Called Living eco, it has pre-installed programs that make it easy for the installer to set to suit a customer’s needs. One program maintains a constant temperature 24 h a day. Two other settings will lower the temperature at predefined periods of the day and regulate heating to suit the user.

Vent-Axia, AHUs, air handling units

With the launch by Vent-Axia of the high-efficiency range of eViking air-handling units, the company now offers outputs from 1 to 16 m3/s. The eViking range is Eurovent certified and offers an extensive variety of modular configurations to simplify installation and meet a project’s individual design requirements. Vent-Axia provides a dedicated project design team and comprehensive design software to support contractors and consultants, providing drawings and data sheets at the early stages of a project.

Rinnai, DHW

Rinnai now offers a common header flue system to streamline the installation of Infinity condensing continuous-flow gas-fired water heaters. This system eliminates the need for each water heater in a modular installation to have an individual flue termination and can cater for up to 10 water heaters.

Seaward Solar, Solar PV test kit

The latest test kit from Seaward Solar for solar PV installations enables contractors to meet the requirements of MCS MIS 3002 quickly, thoroughly and effectively. The Solarlink test kit includes all the test equipment and data-logging capabilities needed to perform pre-installation site surveys and measure the electrical safety and performance of PV systems.

SAV Systems, heat recovery, AHU, air handling unit

SAV Systems now offers a range of decentralised heat-recovery air-handling units for a wide range of applications from classrooms to offices. Airmaster units are installed in each space to be ventilated and use a connection through an outside wall or roof via a counterflow heat exchanger to the outside. This approach avoids the need for ductwork systems and eliminates the fan power needed to overcome ductwork resistance. Up to 85% heat recovery is achieved.

Shorts Environmental, which specialises in supplying gas-fired absorption heating and chiller systems, offers a service to remove and dispose of old gas-fired Robur plant. Shorts works with Robur to ensure correct and safe decommissioning. Shorts can also offer expert advice and assistance in the upgrading of existing plant and offer new and reliable Robur products with a warranty that can be extended to the life of the building.

Silicon Avenue’s Procision+ project-management system is cloud-based and designed for people on the move. It can be used anywhere where there is Internet access via devices such as a laptop computer, iPad or other tablet, or iPhone or other smartphone. Everyone working on a project can enter their time as they use it, and the system can also be used to record expenses and material costs as they are incurred.

Trane, AHUs, air handling units

The CLCF Climate Changer range of air-handling units from Trane comes in two versions. One is designed for comfort applications (pictured) in office buildings, schools, hotels and other commercial buildings. The other range is for hospital, laboratory and pharmaceutical applications. The AHUs are Eurovent-certified and available with airflows from 1000 to 45 000 m3/h.

Marco, cable management, cable trunking, cable tray

Marco cable-management products are used in the Shard building in London, set to be Europe’s tallest building at 310 m high. The company has supplied steel-wire cabling tray and Elite uPVC trunking to contractors working on the building. Luke Kellaher of Marco says, ‘Needless to say, we’re thrilled to have our products specified at such an important structure. Our new Elite range has sat incredibly well with the modern, clean, bright-white design of the Shard.’

Total Home Environment, heat-pump ventilation, Passivhaus

Heat-recovery ventilation systems from Total Home Environment installed three years ago in three houses in Somerset have exceeded Passivhaus requirements. The Passivhaus requirement is that the annual primary-energy demand should not exceed 120 kWh/m2. Despite being all-electric, these houses have achieved 94.2 kWh.

JS Air Curtains

A welcome reception to the Roca London Gallery is provided by three electric air curtains supplied by JS Air Curtains and specified by M&E Engineer Max Fordham. Roca specialises in ‘bathroom solutions for today and tomorrow’, and the London gallery is described as ’an avant-garde space offering a unique visual and interactive experience with Roca. A place designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, where architecture and Roca products combine to surprise the visitor’.

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Peak performance from Quickfridge

Calling it a Quickfridge might be stretching it, but charity fundraiser Daniel Fairbrother made the most of support from Beijer Ref in the gruelling 100km Peak District Ultra Challenge.

LIA launches its new Website, Online Learning Portal and Member Engagement Platform

The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) has announced the successful launch of its newly refreshed website, which went live on 2nd July 2024. This launch marks a significant milestone in the LIA's ongoing commitment to enhancing member experience and providing key resources for continuing professional development.