2014 May

Boilers, DHW, space heating, Fulton

Fulton’s FHE-250 modular hot-water boiler has an output of 250 kW and features a fully condensing stainless-steel heat exchanger. The modular design means that several boilers can be combined to suit any application and hot-water requirements.

Boiler, DHW, space heating, Elco, MHS

Elco UK’s Thision S range of light-commercial gas-fired wall-hung condensing boilers are available with outputs of 25, 35 and 50 kW and offer net efficiencies up to 111%. Standard features include built-in pump and stainless-steel heat exchanger. These boilers come with a 2-year warranty for parts and labour. There is a free service after the first year of operation.

Boilers, DHW, space heating, Alpha Heating

The new heating system of St Peter’s Cathedral in Lancaster includes two wall-mounted cascade condensing boilers from Alpha Heating Innovation, new radiators and ductwork. The boilers have a total output of 240 kW and were specified by J. R. Brook of M&E Building Services to provide a tailored and flexible heating and hot-water solution. They were installed by JW Moore Plumbing.

Boilers, DHW, space heating, Mikrofill

Time-served cast-iron boilers in a school in south west London have been replaced with Mikrofill’s Ethos condensing boiler package to provide an effective solution. Access to the boiler house of North House of Linden Lodge School was awkward, and there was limited space.

Boilers, DHW, space heating, Remeha

Contributing to the overall performance of the BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ One Trinity Square (‘The Green Incubator’) in South Shields are Remeha Quinta Pro boilers to provide space heating. The 3000 m2 development has an A-rated Energy Performance Certificate and was built on a brownfield site for South Tyneside Council.

Boilers, DHW, space heating, ATC Semitec, temperature sensor

ATC Semitec offers a series of temperature sensors for use in gas-fired boilers and electric heating appliances. These sensors are also suitable for a variety of temperature-sensing applications where a neat and cost-effective solution is required.

Boilers, DHW, space heating, Hamworthy Heating

Operating a heating system with a greater difference between flow and return temperatures than the traditional 20 K can bring numerous operating and capital cost benefits — as Trevor Struck of Hamworthy Heating explains.

Boilers, DHW, space heating, Elco UK, MHS

From the atmospheric boilers of the 1980s and 1990s to the latest condensing units and renewable offerings available today, Peter Gammon of Elco UK takes a look at how energy efficiency has shaped the building-services industry.

Boilers, DHW, space heating, Sundog Energy, biomass, renewable energy, Palazzetti

Glencoyne Farm in the Lake District, owned by the National Trust, now has a 24 kW biomass boiler system to replace aging oil-fired plant. It was installed by Sundog Energy and qualifies for 20 years of RHI payments.

Boilers, DHW, space heating, Hamworthy, Hamworthy Heating

In response to market demand, Hamworthy Heating’s Wessex ModuMax condensing boilers can now operate at a ∆T of 30 K. This makes them particularly suitable for district-heating schemes and for schemes with dual heating sources such as condensing boilers supporting a renewable-energy source.

Altecnic, expansion vessel

To mark the first anniversary of the successful partnership between Altecnic and German-based Winkelmann GmbH, the company is offering an extended 5-year warranty on all its nitrogen-filled Reflex expansion vessels.

Humideco, DriSteem, humidifier, humidification

Humideco has been appointed UK distributor for the DriSteem range of humidifiers. The broad range of steam humidifiers and dispersion manifolds from DriSteem complement Humideco’s low-energy humidifier systems — and includes DriSteem’s recently launched WMS wetted-media evaporative system.

Elta, fan, ventilation

Elta reports that one of the central products in its new residential range of ventilation products, the MORI dMEV, outperformed anything else available on the market in tests conducted by BRE. Operating with both rigid and flexible ducting, an SFP (specific fan power) of 0.09 W/l/s was achieved at an air flow of 13 l/s measured through the wall. When the same air flow was generated in the room, the SFP rose to just 0.13 W/l/s.

Thermal Technology, Weger, AHU air handling unit

The assets of Thermal Technology (Sales) Ltd have been acquired by Weger GmbH with the aim of expanding sales. Weger is a family-owned company that has been making AHUs for 36 years and has three factories, an assembly base in Egypt and also sells units into North America and Brazil.

KGN Pillinter, booster set

KGN Pillinger now holds full WRAS approval for its variable-speed energy-efficient AV and EV ranges of booster sets, so they can be used for potable-water applications. The company also has WRAS approval for its UPod underground plant room.

Tridonic, LED lighting, ballast

Tridonic’s EM converterLED range provides easily implemented emergency-light functionality, with local battery supply for standard LED modules. The emergency-light drivers have 3-pole technology that is compatible with most LED control units on the market.

Grundfos Pumps, booster, WRAS

Grundfos Hydro GTI booster sets have attained full WRAS approval status, guaranteeing that they comply with the various byelaw regulations and requirements in the UK.

Hitachi, air conditioning

Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe’s latest generation of Utopia IVX splits sees improvements across both the Premium and Standard models, which are available from 2 hp single phase up to 12 hp 3-phase.

Megaman, BAG, LED lamp

BAG Electronics has restructured its Astares range of linear LED light sources so that all standard applications for linear and plane lighting can be met with just four versions. Each model can be driven by 350 or 700 mA, enabling them to offer two light outputs.

Gilberts, weather louvre

Gilberts offers small-scale high-performance weather louvres from a unit that is just 32 mm deep. Typically to provide high weather protection, external louvres have a large deep-form louvre profile to present high resistance to water penetration. Its free area ratio is 40%.

Ciat’s PowerCiat2 water chiller for cooling capacities from 610 to 1350 kW is now available in a high-energy-efficiency version. The HEE version is on average 10% more efficient than the standard model, thanks to latest-generation components, the integration of a micro-channel coil and Ciat’s new high-efficiency evaporator.

Vent-Axia, extract fan

Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon Response fan for domestic applications can measure its own airflow and pressure after installation. This feature enables the requirement of Part F 2010 for measuring the installed airflow of extract fans to be met without needing to use instruments such as a vane anemometer. The system pressure reading confirms that ductwork has been installed correctly.

Viridian has simplified the task of installing solar-thermal systems with the development of the Pod thermal store, which is said to simplify solar heating to the point where it is as easy to install as solarPV. There is also a version for using surplus electricity from a solarPV system.

Toshiba, air conditioning, control, BMS

Toshiba Air Conditioning’s Black Pear control and monitoring system can control up to 64 indoor units from a single module. It connects directly to the HVAC control bus, providing connectivity to building-management systems and overcoming the need for a central controller and central interface.

Kingspan Taren, pipe insulation

Pipe insulation

08 May, 2014

Kingspan Tarec has introduced slotted-board technology to complement its award-winning continuous pipeline manufacturing process, enabling the company to offer fully bore-coated products for pipes from 15 to 610 mm diameter. An architectural ‘theatre black’ facing option is also offered for exposed-to-view applications.

Airius, thermal destratification, IAQ, air purification

The Arius PureAir air-purification and odour-control system reduces viruses, bacteria, gases, mould and odour by over 90%. The units are simple to install and can also reduce heating costs by 20 to 50% and cooling costs by 20 to 40%. The system reduces CO2 emissions by 20 to 50% and recycles heat produced by machinery, lighting and heat gain.

Aurora, LED lamp, downlight, lighting

LED downlights

08 May, 2014

Aurora’s Compact C range of integrated LED downlights is aimed at markets where fire-rated products are not always needed. There are three versions — 10, 7 and 5 W; The 5 W version operates at 4.8 W, so it does not need to comply with the energy-efficiency requirements of the current Building Regulations.

Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos offers a wide range of high-efficiency pumps and advanced motor technology to replace the majority of existing pumps that are over-sized and reduce energy consumption by up to 60% on average. Although many pumps are hidden away in plant rooms, they are currently account for 10% of global electricity consumption.

BSS, BOSS, space heating, LST, radiator

BOSS LST radiators

08 May, 2014

BOSS RIOpanel Aegis LST radiators from BSS comply with all existing standards for LST units. They have a softly contoured front plate, profiled side panels and smooth, rounded corners to minimise the risk of injury. The curved top prevents items being placed on these radiators, significantly reducing associated cleaning costs.

Bristan, tap, touch tap

Soft-touch tap

08 May, 2014

Bristan offers what it describes as the softest-touch timed-flow taps on the market. They require only a very light touch compared to standard models, making them suitable for applications involving very young, old or less-able people.

High Technology Lighting’s Heritage range of LED lighting fittings is designed to replicate the effect of gas-burning mantles in buildings such as Victorian theatres. In some cases, it will be possible to adapt existing lanterns to retain the character of the building. New lanterns can also be supplied to replicate those used in the Victorian and other periods.

HygroMatik’s HeaterCompact steam humidifier is now available with a steam output of 2 kg/h. The range now comprises nine units with maximum steam outputs from 2 to 135 kg/h.

Pegler Yorkshire, Tectite, pipe, pipework, fittings

Pegler Yorkshire has extended its Tectite range of metal push-fit plumbing fitting to include Tectite Chrome to address the key issue of aesthetics. This range is suitable for plain and chrome-plated copper tube to BS EN 1057, PEX, Tectite flexible metal tube and PB plastic pipes to BS 7291.

Boilers, DHW, space heating, TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd), Biomass, RHI, renewable energy

Biomass projects absorb by far most of the payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive. Applying for RHI payments requires care and can only begin once an installation is complete. John Field of TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd) explains what is involved.

Boilers, DHW, space heating, Sentinel Commercial, water treatment

One of the main reasons commercial boiler manufacturers are called back to site is poor water treatment, yet Non-Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide recommendations on this subject are almost non-existent. Ian Barnes of Sentinel Commercial discusses the critical need for more thorough guidance and explains what building-services engineers can do to ensure the long-term operation and efficiency of commercial boiler plant.

Boilers, DHW, space heating, Stokvis Energy Systems, Heat-interface units

Heat-interface units

08 May, 2014

Stokvis Energy Systems’ H-series heat-interface units for residential applications are available as single-plate and dual-plate versions. They have been developed to meet the rising demand for communal or district heating systems.

Boilers, DHW, space heating, LPG, Calor Gas

Calor Gas offers a price promise for specifiers and installers that its liquefied petroleum gas will be cheaper than the current oil price for commercial clients. Research indicates that most specifiers of off-grid fuel solutions believe that oil is much cheaper than LPG and, as a result, there is limited awareness of the many benefits of LPG.

Boilers, DHW, space heating, Remeha Commercial, renewable energy

With high-efficiency boilers remaining an important component in UK heating systems, Chris Meir of Remeha Commercial looks at how combining them with improved system design and operation is the key to raising efficiencies in our existing building stock.

Boilers, DHW, space heating, Mikrofill

One of a growing number of buildings using Mikrofill plant to deliver heating and hot water is the 500-year-old Bromsgrove School. It houses both day and boarding students, a hundred of whom stay in Wendron-Gordon House on the north side of the central green.

Boilers, DHW, space heating,Ideal Commercial Boilers, refurbishment

Service maintained

08 May, 2014

Darren Finley of Ideal Commercial Boilers, explores why an increasing number of commercial building owners are investing in refurbishment projects and discusses innovative features offered by modern boilers to enable quick and easy installation — ensuring that work can be completed with minimum disruption to services.

BMS, BEMS, control, Schneider Electric

One of the biggest problems in making buildings more efficient, often with little budget, is having access to the right information at the right time. Steven Harris of Schneider Electric discusses how advances in software can provide an holistic view of how a building functions, how much energy is used and, importantly, where savings can be made.

BMS, BEMS, control, Energy meter, Carlo Gavazzi

Carlo Gavazzi’s EM270 energy meter can be installed five to 10 times more quickly than other energy meters and associated current transformers. A single meter can measure all electrical variables and energy of two independent 3-phase loads or six independent single-phase loads via its two RJ11 inputs.

BMS, BEMS, control, refurbishment, Comfort Controls

Comfort Controls has completely upgraded the building-management system of the head office of the Daily Mail & General Trust (DMGT) using Schneider’s Continuum BMS. The project at Northcliffe House replaced a 15-year-old HVAC-only system and works over DMGT’s corporate IP network.

BMS, BEMS, control, Honeywell Building Solutions

Incorrect assumptions about open systems prevent organisations selecting the right building-management solution for their specific needs. Matthew Eastwood of Honeywell Building Solutions offers guidance.

BMS, BEMS, control, LG Air Conditioning

LG Air Conditioning’s tablet-like AC Smart Premium controller can control up to 128 devices — including air conditioners, heat-recovery ventilation systems and air-handling units. The home screen of this 25 cm touch controller shows the current state of the system including how many units are running and how many are not running. It also shows what scheduled events are due that day and at what times — and if a unit is faulty.

BMS, BEMS, control, ABEC

An integrated approach to building and energy controls can help reduce energy usage within a building, which in turn can effectively deliver savings to the bottom line for the organisation. Daniel Kittow of ABEC explores the benefits of a joined-up approach to energy management and what it can bring to an organisation.

BMS, BEMS, control, Clarkson Controls

Room controller

08 May, 2014

Clarkson Controls Sensi-o range of room units offers a number of capabilities, such as reading room temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. Sensi-o is based on the BACnet protocol and can also be used with field products from Clarkson’s CSquared range.

BMS, BEMS, control, Sontay

An air differential-pressure switch from Sontay provides IP65 protection without the need for an additional outer box The PA-DPA-W switch provides reliable switching for monitoring filters or air flow. It is easy to installed using just one screw; each unit includes a duct-fixing kit.

BMS, BEMS, control, KNX

A KNX network combined with a Siemens Desigo BEMS controls the Siemens Crystal building in London’s Royal Victoria Dock to maximise energy efficiency. Meeting-room chilled beams, trench heating, blinds and lighting are all controlled using devices on the KNX network. The Crystal is the first building in the world to reach both BREEAM Outstanding and LEED Platinum certification.

BMS, BEMS, control, t-mac

A building can tell you a lot about how it uses energy. The secret is to ‘listen’, as Lisa Gingell of t-mac explains.

BMS, BEMS, control, Synapsys Solutions

Synapsys Solutions’ new web site features an interactive cityscape showing buildings in healthcare, education, retail, housing and numerous other building types. Visitors can select a building type and then click directly through to relevant product information, case studies and news — giving a clear view of how Synapsys systems work within a building to improve efficiency.

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Manufacturer helps equip skills centre

Ideal Heating has helped to equip a new £500,000 green energy centre in Merseyside which is seeking to attract fresh talent into the heating industry.

Acoustic solutions suite with easy access to services at University of Birmingham

A suite of ceiling and wall acoustic solutions have been specified for The University of Birmingham’s new landmark Molecular Sciences building, which will provide a hub for research and academic work.