2009 December

Bob Cowlard

Sanyo Air Conditioners has developed a new approach to converting existing R22 air-conditioning systems to use R410A. The cost of such a conversion is reduced by about 30% by using existing refrigerant pipework. The Renewal system can be used with virtually all types of R22 systems from leading manufacturers. On most installations, existing wiring can also be used. Any flare connections are replaced to enable the system to accommodate the higher working pressures of R410A. There are also significant ongoing savings in energy costs.’


Electric space heating

08 December, 2009

Creda Heating has published a directory of its range of modern energy-efficient electric-heating solutions. The company believes that in the future, low-carbon electricity will make electric heating the first choice for a lower-carbon footprint and lower overall costs.

Plumb Center

Over 700 product solutions are listed in Plumb Center’s ‘Commercial plumbing and heating — the definitive guide’. This brochure is easy to use and provides help and advice on commercial products. It combines guidance on product sustainability, the latest industry guide­lines, Building Regulations and water efficiency with clear product imagery and detailed product specifications.


Vortice has invested a further £16,000 in upgrading CAD systems for its technical design office in Burton on Trent. It builds on an upgrade undertaken a year ago and will improve turnaround time for the designs and quotations, particularly for System 4 projects and ductwork layouts through properties.


Designed to provide perfect indoor climate control, the Frese Optima pressure-independent control valve (PICV) combines three functions in a single valve housing. The Optima PICV limits flow from 0.021 to 0.83 l/s, regulates differential pressure from 16 to 400 kPa and offers full 5.5 mm stroke modulation to ensure design flow is achieved even under fluctuating system pressures.


CME Sanitary Systems has launched a range of toilet seats made of a material with pathogen-killing properties. Polygiene toilet seats are said to reduce the risk of transfer of bacteria such as MRSA, SARS-corona virus and e-coli.


In many pump systems, more than half of the energy consumed by pumps could be saved by changing to more efficient and correctly sized models with variable-speed capability.


Powrmatic has been awarded ISO14001 environmental certification, an internationally recognised standard dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of manufacturing businesses. The company is a manufacturer of industrial and commercial and allied ventilation products.


Danlers surface mounted passive infra-red (PIR) occupancy switches have recently been installed in the chiller warehouse units of Sharps Brewery in Cornwall. Since their installation, electrical costs and carbon emissions have reduced significantly.

Giacomini UK has formed a partnership with Scoffield Specialist Services for the design, supply and installation of its underfloor heating systems in Northern Ireland. Scoffield is based in Belfast and has 38 years’ experience across a diverse range of projects.

Francis Salway

The chief executive of Land Securities Group, Francis Salway, has accused the Government of lacking courage in tackling sustainability. In the seventh annual Povey Lecture to the Joint Contract Tribunal ‘Leading on sustainability’, Mr Salway said on Government measures to reduce emissions, ‘The business world is engaged, and Government is engaged — but I sense Government is lacking courage of its convictions in terms of introducing financial carrots and sticks.’


Day-to-day ventilation and smoke ventilation for the enclosed car park beneath the 8000 m2 Tesco Extra superstore in Dundee is provided by equipment supplied by Elta. The solution for this project, which has the store at first-floor level, was developed by Advanced Smoke Technology, working with M&E contractor Neville Tucker. It is based on AST’s impulse ventilation system, comprising 23 JetVent axial impulse units and three large long cased SmokeVent units.


Protec has introduced a fast-fix base for its recently introduced Algo-Tec 6000Plus range of fire-detection sensors.


Training courses on the Fujitsu range of air-conditioning products are now available to all contractors. The courses are provided by FG Eurofred and aimed at any size of contractor installing and commissioning Fujitsu systems.

Fabric ducting

Fabric ducting

08 December, 2009

Fabric ducting that combines flexibility for system designers with sensible prices for end customers is available from a newly formed company, High Care Air. The company has been formed by Paul and Mark Russon, who have a wealth of experience in fabric and previously ran Euro Air UK until their product supplier was acquired by a competitor.

Zip Heaters (UK) has redesigned and extended its range of Aquaflo unvented water-heating cylinders. Made of high-quality corrosion-resistant Duplex stainless steel, this range is available in seven capacities from 90 to 300 l in direct and indirect configurations. Solar-compatible models are available from 150 l upwards.


Fire Fighting Enterprises has developed the technology to allow multiple Fireray 5000 optical-beam smoke-detector heads to operate from a single control unit. The Fireray 5000 Multi Head has up to four beam transceivers connected to, and managed by, one low-level system controller. Multiple detector heads enable one system to detect smoke over a larger area, and heads can be positioned for total coverage of un­orthodox indoor spaces.


FG Eurofred now offers the Fujitsu Airstage V-II multi air conditioning VRF system for large buildings. Outdoor units are available in sizes from 8 to 48 hp and can have a condenser hood connected to enable them to be installed in plant rooms in high-rise buildings. These units are 20% lighter than previous equivalent models, and compressor noise has been significantly reduced by shielding the compressor compartment. Compressors have DC inverter control.


Daikin’s Emura range of wall-mounted air-conditioning units are described as a blend of iconic design and engineering excellent. These units have a thin profile and are finished in matt crystal white or sandblasted aluminium. They have been designed in Europe for European conditions and can provide both heating and cooling. Its most obvious asset is its looks, but Emura units conceal a host of features behind their appearance.

RHL’s range of domestic extractor fans now incorporates magnetic-levitation technology to give even greater reliability and less noise and vibration. A 5-year replacement warranty is now standard. Maglev motor-fan design has no contact between fan shaft and bearing and zero friction. Fans can be installed in any position. Service life is at least 50 000 h, or six years of continuous operation.


Rada has compiled a suite of products for the demanding needs of the education sector — covering safety, security and hygiene. The collection encompasses digital water-control devices, anti-vandal showering, washbasin taps and ancillary products. The range is outlined in an 8-page catalogue.


Daikin Europe has introduced a new series of air-cooled heat-pump inverter chillers. EWYD-BZ chillers are available in standard and low-noise models [6.5 dB(A) reduction] models. Applications include comfort cooling and replacing con­ventional boilers. 13 sizes offer cooling capacities from 250 to 580 kW, which can be combined for larger applications.


The latest range of solar-thermal panels from Rotex are 5% more efficient than previous products from the company and capable of converting 96% of the Sun’s energy into heating and hot water. These flat collectors can be combined with the specially designed tank Rotex Sanicube Solaris to reduce energy bills by up to 50% in commercial and domestic installations.


ADT Fire & Security’s 3oTec detector combines optical-smoke, carbon-monoxide and heat detection in a single device for use with the company’s MZX technology. This combination provides reliable and early detection of fire and immunity to false alarms. It can also detect leaks of carbon monoxide from domestic appliances.


Vent-Axia’s eTurboprop speed-controlled axial fans are designed for modern kitchen ventilation systems, including those with increasingly long duct runs. There are four diameters from 450 to 630 mm in single-phase and 3-phase. Airflows are from 0.65 to 5.93 m3/s with a pressure development of up to 600 Pa. They come with a 2-year warranty that can be extended to five years through simple product registration.

Mitsubishi Electric’s latest series of water-cooled VRF air-conditioning systems offer COPs of 6.06 in heating and 5.71 in cooling, representing an average 20% increase in efficiency over previous models. The WY/WR2 YHM range is a modular system with units that are 40% shorter and half the volume ratio compared to the previous models.

air curtain

Thermoscreens’ Designer PHV range of air curtains is aimed at architects and designers for specifications where aesthetics and performance are of the utmost importance. This range has been developed to provide enhanced performance, ease of use and energy saving. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically and are available in electric, LPHW or ambient variants.


Marshall-Tufflex has added pre-wired desk units to its Underfloor to Desk Solutions range. They provide a neat, safe and stylish method of delivering power to equipment on desks, such as computers and printers. Power can be delivered from Marshall-Tufflex’s plug-and-play 32 A power-distribution system or via the Series 507 or any other powertrack system.

CIBSE has launched a free online tool to help designers incorporate weather and climate-related data into building designs. Design Compass provides a clear methodology and a frequently updated database of advice. It focuses on the design of systems most affected by the external environment — such as heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting.


Titon has launched two more whole-house heat-recovery units that comply with SAP Appendix Q and EST Best Practice; they are the HRV2 Q Plus and HRV3 Q Plus. The company has also launched a mid-capacity version, the HRV1.5 Q Plus. These units are sized for loft spaces and are said to be much more compact than similarly performing units. They have low power consumption and a heat exchanger that is up to 91% efficient.


Creda has relaunched its extensive portfolio of commercial space-heating applications. The emphasis is on energy efficiency, reliable performance and convenience — and the entire portfolio is backed with comprehensive technical and design support services.


Hitachi Europe’s AG2B chillers, part of the Samurai range, are about 9% smaller for the same cooling capacity than previous models. The smaller size is due to modifications to the air-side heat exchangers and a redesign of the refrigerant distribution. They are available in sizes from 180 to 450 hp.


Packaged rooftop air conditioners form Walter Meier (Climate UK) combine high efficiency and performance with low life-cycle costs, ease of installation and competitive pricing. They can be configured to meet heating, cooling and air-handling duties — reducing total plant requirements. The range includes the Lambda Echos (pictured) and Gamma units, both made by Blue Box.


Advanced Engineering now offers the latest range of Robinair refrigerant hoses, gauges and manifolds to the British market for the first time. Robinair has served the US market since 1956. With combinations of 2-fold or 4-fold manifold sets with a choice of digital or flutter-free analogue gauges, the Robinair range covers most of an engineer’s measurement needs.

Pressurisation sets

08 December, 2009

Smedegaard’s WallPress Whisper range of pressurisation sets are described as ‘whisper-quiet’ in operation. There are three models. One achieves a maximum cold-fill pressure of 4 bar. Another is available in 3 and 6 bar versions with a single or twin pump.


Crane Fluid Systems has added differential-pressure control valves to its ProBalance range of commissioning valves. They are available in flow and return configurations in sizes from DN15 to DN50. They are PN16 rated from temperatures from -10 to +100°C.


Additions to the Econoflame range of commercial and industrial boilers from Stokvis Energy Systems extend heat outputs from 40 to 1190 kW. These premix, ultra-low NOx condensing boilers exceed the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations and qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances.


Concido 150 recessed downlighters from Riegens Lighting provide a stylish and energy-efficient solution to a variety of interior applications. They are designed for fast installation and available in three options — basic, socket or terminal block, or prewired. All are connected via a plug-and-play 3- or 5-pole connection system. Tri-arms enable them to be fixed into ceilings from 1 to 40 mm thick.


Glow-worm’s Flexicom cx range of high-efficiency condensing combi boilers is now available with a glide-down plug-in timer. One push and the clock glides into position. Having set the time, another gentle push conceals the clock within the base of the boiler.

Integrated Environmental Solutions has created an climate energy index system for its Virtual Environment software. This index provides designers with a simple and intuitive tool to assess the character of any climate and the potential it has to affect the use of a building. It enables designers and architects to easily analyse climate data for any location during concept design stages in a building-independent manner — helping to identify the theoretical energy needed to maintain occupant comfort and inform strategy direction.

UV air treatment

Extechnology’s EXE 12 UV-C technology offers a low-carbon solution to nuisance odours from commercial kitchen-extract systems. The UV-C tubes are mounted outside the ductwork, so they present no resistance to airflow. This system uses 12 tubes to control odour and grease by producing ozone, a powerful oxidant that interacts with most pollutants such as odour, bacteria, mould, mildew and grease.

Adiabatic humidification

HygroMatik has enhanced its popular adiabatic range of humidifiers with the launch of HDS Desk. These units operate at about 70 bar to create a very fine water mist that evaporates to cool the air adiabatically. This cooling effect can reduce cooling requirements during the summer by up to 35%.


Software to help architects and specifiers predict the effect of natural ventilation on a building’s thermal performance is available from Passivent. The company supplies domestic and commercial natural-ventilation solutions and worked with Environmental Design Solutions Ltd (EDSL) to develop the program. Called Passivent Airscoop Builder, it applies to Airscoop roof-mounted ventilation terminals.

Grundfos Pumps has launched a new range of horizontal, multi-stage, end-suction centrifugal pumps. The CM/CME range covers flows of up to 25 m3/h and heads up to 60 m. They are available as fixed-speed and variable-speed versions. Benefits of the new range include improved hydraulic and motor efficiencies, smaller size, WRAS approval, quieter operation and many customisable features.


Lindab’s range of Smart Tools is designed to cut costs and boost efficiency and safety in the ductwork industry. The range is said to comprise the first tools and accessories to be purpose designed for measuring, cutting and handling circular ductwork on site. The range includes the SR cutter, designed as a working partner for the self-locking Lindab Safe Click system, which dramatically reduces the need for special tools, screws or rivets when connecting circular ductwork and fittings.


Eaton’s Memshield 3 range of final distribution boards and associated circuit-protection devices for commercial, industrial and public buildings is described as breaking new ground in the range of functions it can perform. In particular, 125 A Type B boards are now offered with a 250 A option in the larger sizes, while 250 A boards can be used instead of MCCB panelboards for some applications.


MK’s Masterseal range of dust and water splash resistant switches are now available as self-powered wireless products that do not need batteries. This IP56-rated range can be installed indoors or outdoors in areas that are heavily exposed to dust and splashing water.


Air-source heat pumps from Dimplex are available with five outputs from 9 to 40 kW. The largest offers a flow temperature up to 58°C; it can achieve a COP of 4.5 with an air temperature of 7°C and a flow temperature of 35°C or 3.9 with air at 2°C and water at 35°C. Applications include communal systems for apartment developments and commercial buildings. Several heat pumps can be used in parallel for higher heating loads.


Ener-G now offers small-scale CHP in the UK following an agreement with Japanese manufacturer Yanmar. These units are available with electrical outputs from 4 to 25 kW. The largest unit is said to be capable of reducing carbon emissions by 66 t a year compared with conventional electricity generation.

Oventrop valves DPCV

Oventrop has supplied a wide range of valves for the new St Helens Hospital for St Helens & Knowsley Teaching Hospital NHS Trust and is also supplying valves for Whiston Hospital, due for completion in April 2010.The hospitals are part of a £338 million PFI project for the New Hospitals Consortium for the two Merseyside hospitals at St Helens and Whiston. The contracts includes TRVs, differential-pressure regulating valves and Aquastrom T Plus domestic hot-water service valves.

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Peak performance from Quickfridge

Calling it a Quickfridge might be stretching it, but charity fundraiser Daniel Fairbrother made the most of support from Beijer Ref in the gruelling 100km Peak District Ultra Challenge.

LIA launches its new Website, Online Learning Portal and Member Engagement Platform

The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) has announced the successful launch of its newly refreshed website, which went live on 2nd July 2024. This launch marks a significant milestone in the LIA's ongoing commitment to enhancing member experience and providing key resources for continuing professional development.