Viega, Scott James, piping, pipes, water, press connection

Overcoming complexity

01 April, 2020

Scott James discusses the key aspects that need to be considered when designing pipework for complex buildings and the benefits of using a press connection method.

Spirotech, Rob Jacques, expansion vessels, water, hydronics

Unsung heroes

01 April, 2020

Expansion vessels are an essential element in any commercial heating system but ensuring you have the right one requires complicated calculations. Here, Rob Jacques discusses the complexities of this ‘simple’ technology and offers guidance on making the right choice. 

PICVs, Hattersley, Neil Gibson, valves

Hidden gems

01 April, 2020

Valves and actuators are largely unseen elements of a building services system, but as Neil Gibson explains, they can have a significant impact on system performance, occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

ATCM, tanks, cisterns, sprinklers, domestic water, water, HSE, WRAS

Fighting fire

01 April, 2020

The Association of Tank and Cistern Manufacturers (ATCM) considers the use of combined cisterns and tanks for firefighting and domestic use.

Tuv Sud, Raymond Kelly, water, system design, Legionella, legionella

Getting water right

01 February, 2020

Raymond Kelly addresses the importance of water system design for health and wellbeing, and highlights some of the legislation around this life-critical element.

Rehau, Franz Huelle, water, pipes, plastic, metal, water, legionella, WRAS

Material world

01 February, 2020

Franz Heulle outlines the trends in pipe materials in today’s market and explains why the choice is so important.

Cistermiser, Keraflo, Kevin Belben, water, tanks, twin tanks, water management, Tanktronic, Keir Construction, Garrett Anderson Centre, GAC

Twin trouble?

01 February, 2020

Kevin Belben talks about some of the problems that can occur when using twin water tanks – and he explains how to avoid them.

ATCM, tanks, cisterns, tank repair, water regulations, refurbishment

The Association of Tank and Cistern Manufacturers (ATCM) offers a considered opinion on whether it’s better to refurbish or replace aging equipment.

Antony Corbett, Geberit, multi-layer, pipes, installation

Multiple benefits

01 October, 2019

Antony Corbett explores the benefits of multi-layer piping as a solution for a wide range of project challenges.

Glynn Williams, Grundfos, Grundfos Pumps, pumps, BMS, controls, Internet of Things, IoT, cloud

Connected for success

01 October, 2019

Glynn Williams considers the increasingly connected world and highlights the benefits of being able to gather data from around today’s buildings and their services.

Toby Hunt, Guardian Water Treatment, water treatment, Hevasure, remote monitoring, water safety, water regulations

The water cycle

01 October, 2019

Toby Hunt discusses ways to reduce the environmental impact of data centres using water for cooling without compromising continued operations.

Boosting results

01 April, 2019

Stephen Booth explains how a variable speed cold water booster could be a better option for promoting a greener future.

Is reluctance to move away from traditional materials still holding us back when it comes to drainage pipes and fittings? 

In balance

07 February, 2019

Improving the performance of hydronic balancing valves requires accurate commissioning, says Paul Wightman.

Reach for the skies

07 February, 2019

Adam Cafer considers the complexities of water management in tall buildings

offsite, Glynn Williams, packaged, offsite build, OSB, Concurrent engineering, Grundfos Commercial Building Services

Off-site build (often abbreviated to OSB), has started to become more of an identifiable trend in a wide range of applications in recent years. Glynn Williams why this approach to building services is increasingly popular with engineers and installers.

Building Solutions at REHAU, District heating networks, heat interface unit, heat networks, HIU, Steve Richmondv

Putting in the groundwork

07 February, 2019

Steve Richmond addresses some misconceptions surrounding district heating pipes in the UK, and explains some of the key design principles for a scheme which is built to last.

Steven Booth, pipework, carbon steel, BSRIA, BG29:2012

Steel yourself

07 February, 2019

Steven Booth suggests that specifiers, building and facilities managers take a fresh look at carbon steel for pipework and its potential benefits.

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Improving The Digital Customer Journey With Empress

With the creation of Empress, Nortek aims to improve the customer experience of HVAC. Find out how. 

Richard Alger, MD of Fermod, Dies aged 78

It is with great sadness and regret that Fermod Ltd have to advise of the passing of their Managing Director, Richard Alger, after two years of poor health, having worked for Fermod for the last 47 years.