Currently only 2% of UK homes are connected to domestic heating network

Neil Saunders, Sales & Marketing Director at Vokèra by Riello, Carrier GCS Europe, elaborates on the UK’s current policy landscape surrounding the decarbonisation of heat, highlighting key strategies and technologies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with heating.

Hoval boilers in plant room

With combustion remaining a key source of heating for many buildings there is a great deal that manufacturers can do to mitigate associated environmental impact. Ian Dagley, General Manager at Hoval Ltd, discusses the opportunities. 

Faulty boilers

UK schools are ageing, and their heating systems have seen better days. Taking immediate action to refurbish them is vital to put these ‘hard-to-tackle’ educational buildings on the road to the future of heating.

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There is no planet B or C

23 February, 2021

Co-operation and unity of action are needed to achieve decarbonisation goal. 


With heat pumps predicted to play a central role in decarbonising heat in new homes as set out in the Government’s Future Home Standard, how can these systems be designed now and, in the years to come, to make the most of their environmental and energy-saving credentials? Steve Keaton of Vaillant looks at the factors designers and installers need to understand. 

Baxi Heat Networks

The Future of Heat

16 December, 2020

The way we heat UK buildings will need to change significantly if we are to achieve our 2050 net zero goal. What could the future look like for the UK’s commercial buildings? Tom Murray of Baxi looks at the options. 

Intelligent heating networks can revolutionise heating efficiency and reduce energy usage, says Neil Parry of Altecnic


As England heads into a winter lockdown, Baxi Heating’s Technical Director Andy Green offers pointers on protecting unoccupied buildings and their heating systems in the colder months

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CPD on temp accurate & limitless hot water flows for all commercial sites

Kevin Potter, Hamworthy, mixed-use, high rise, heating, hot water, decentralised, heating design

Hot property

01 March, 2020

As mixed use, high-rise developments spring up across our cities, Kevin Potter considers the challenges and options for designing hot water systems in buildings that include homes, offices, gyms and restaurants.

Tom Murray, Baxi Commercial Heating, heating, energy efficiency, controls, emissions, net zero

A balanced approach

01 March, 2020

Recent reports of energy waste in UK commercial properties highlight that more can be done to improve the efficiency of our existing buildings. Where heating is concerned, says Tom Murray, we must continue to tackle the low hanging fruit

Potterton Commercial, Novotel, Ibis, heating, heating refurbishment, Tech Asset Management

Room for improvement

01 January, 2020

How one hotel upgraded its heating to meet consistently high demand while reducing its energy use.

Remeha, Paul Arnold, offsite, prefabricated, heating, refurbishment, energy efficiency

Going offsite

01 January, 2020

Offsite fabricated heating techniques offer numerous benefits that can help resolve common refurbishment challenges, says Paul Arnold.

A radical strategy for decarbonising heat in the residential market could also bear fruit in commercial buildings, according to Liam Elmore.

Vaillant, Craig Dolan, efficiency, heating, hot water, Future of Heating, heat pumps, AroTherm

Heated debate

01 November, 2019

Hot topic of the moment is how to supply heating and hot water to buildings while meeting tougher targets on energy and carbon. Craig Dolan looks at the solutions available.

Future Homes Standard, domestic heating, decarbonisation, 2050 target, zero carbon, domestic heating, Part L, Part F, Building Regulations, legislation

The road to change

01 November, 2019

In October, government launched a consultation on the Future Homes Standard. Karen Fletcher looks at the proposals, with a focus on plans for domestic heating.

Ideal Boilers, Charlie Mowbray, boilers, heating, ErP, EcoDesign, Medium Combustion Plant Directive, MPCD, Emission Limit Values, ELV, Nox, SO2, air quality, IAQ, pollution

Looking at law

01 November, 2019

With the latest piece of emission legislation in place for over six months with little fanfare, Charlie Mowbray looks at the implications to both new and existing boilers.

 Baxi Heating, Tom Murray, water heater, hot water, offices, co-working, flexible working

Into hot water

01 November, 2019

Tom Murray explores some of the most important factors relating to water heater specification.

Remeha, Ryan Kirkwood, boilers, selection, specification, boiler design, refurbishment, replacement, older boilers, Old Bailey, Netherton boilers

Condensed wisdom

01 November, 2019

Ryan Kirkwood looks at how a combination of good boiler selection and efficient design can help overcome installation challenges in older buildings

Remeha, Ryan Kirkwood, specification, CHP

Condensing Your Design

01 September, 2019

As energy targets and legislative requirements tighten, low carbon equipment like CHP is increasingly integrated into multi-component solutions for compliance with Building Regulations. 

Alpha Heating Innovation, Daniel Sturch, cascade, condensing boiler, hospital heating, NHS

Warm front

01 September, 2019

The NHS spends huge amounts of money on energy each year. Daniel Sturch examines an efficient and effective way to battle these costs and provide heating to these vital buildings.

 Zehnder Group, David Simoes, radiant heating, comfort, schools, education buildings

Classroom comfort

01 September, 2019

David Simoes considers the importance of temperature in learning environment and looks at some of the heating options available.

Hamworthy Heating, Andrew Dabin, heating, boiler, no flow, hyrdaulic separation, buffers, low loss headers, open-vented heating system

Separate ways

01 September, 2019

Andrew Dabin explains hydraulic separation methods for heating system refurbishment and why they are so important to consider.

Baxi Heating, Tom Murray, whole life costing, WLC, procurement, heating

The whole truth

01 September, 2019

Tom Murray explains how a whole life costing approach to boilers leads to better choices for designers and end-users.

 Paul Arnold, Remeha, BEMS, zone control, controls, smart buildings, smart heating

Maximising use of on-board and cost-effective optional controls is a simple step that can enhance both boiler and system performance, says Paul Arnold

Drew Clough, Rehau, offsite, off-site, modular, prefabricated, heating, Tate Modern, preassembly

Drew Clough explains why contractors should be changing their business model to accommodate offsite construction and in doing so improve the efficiency and productivity of their business.

 Potterton Commercial, Andy Green, NoX, legislation, BREEAM, burners, clean air strategy

NOx alert

01 May, 2019

Andy Green outlines the current legislative requirements to reduce NOx emissions and how the commercial HVAC sector should continue to implement change.

 commissioning, heating, burners, water heaters, Lochinvar, Paul Mitchell

The habit of stealing time out of the commissioning period to make up for delays earlier in a project regularly undermines the overall design intent, says Lochinvar’s Paul Mitchell.

Beata Blachut, SAV, CHP, grid, electricity, prosumer, smart buildings, energy, renewables, capacity

As long as renewable power generation sources are weather-dependent, the UK will need to ensure sufficient back-up from other sources. Beata Blachut explains the importance of ‘prosumer’ buildings, ideally alongside 4G heat networks

gas fired, Steve Sherman, gas fired infrared heating, ErP, Schwank UK

The option of gas-fired radiant heating offers a solution for industrial and commercial projects.

heat pump, Ground Source Heat Pumps, GSHP, ASHP, Russell Dean, Mitsubishi Electric

Times are changing for the heating sector. Russell Dean maps out the route from harmful fossil fuels to clean energy.

Stephanie Gregory, Clean Air Strategy, greenhouse gas, GHG, CO2, Greater London Authorities, GLA, Etude, communal ground loop heat pump,Target Emission Rate, TER, Kensa Heat Pumps

Stephanie Gregory looks at the alternative approach to heating for a decarbonised future.

Climate Change Committee, CCC, UK Housing: Fit for the future?, gas grid, heating, Energy Networks Association, Biomethane, Hydrogen, National Grid, Industrial Strategy's Construction Sector Deal

The carbon problem

01 March, 2019

Government has pledged to cut carbon from the UK’s domestic and commercial heating system. It’s a noble objective, but one that poses a series of challenges, says Karen Fletcher

Chris Davis, GLA, Low Carbon Heat: Heat Pumps in London, gas-fired CHP, heat networks, Evinox Energy

How low can you go?

01 March, 2019

Chris Davis considers changes to the carbon emission factors in the updated GLA planning guidance will have for the specification of heat networks and selection of heat interface units.

Chris Harvey, low surface temperature, LST, radiators, Stelrad Radiator Group

Safe to touch

01 March, 2019

There are responsibilities that many building owners have for providing a safe environment. And safe heating is one of those obligations. Chris Harvey explains.

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Peak performance from Quickfridge

Calling it a Quickfridge might be stretching it, but charity fundraiser Daniel Fairbrother made the most of support from Beijer Ref in the gruelling 100km Peak District Ultra Challenge.

LIA launches its new Website, Online Learning Portal and Member Engagement Platform

The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) has announced the successful launch of its newly refreshed website, which went live on 2nd July 2024. This launch marks a significant milestone in the LIA's ongoing commitment to enhancing member experience and providing key resources for continuing professional development.